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Use the comment thread of this post to discuss Shay’s Story. And if you haven’t read it yet, GO ELSEWHERE.

I know what you’re saying. “But I’ve read the Uglies series five times. What new can I possibly learn?” Well, don’t forget that new points of view mean new information. Shay’s Story will reveal all sorts of previously unknown things!

And, as is traditional, we must always remember this comment from back in May 2006, in the Specials spoiler thread:

oh god, i read the spoiler section before i read the book. i would have read the book by now but the bookstore doesnโ€™t have it in yet! i got the first two before the sale date. why canโ€™t i do that now!? crap i canโ€™t believe i read the spoiler sectionโ€ฆcrap

Let these lamentations be a warning to you. And let the spoilage begin!

84 thoughts on “Shay’s Story Spoiler Zone

  1. I’m in the same boat as Shelby. Barnes and Noble didn’t have it so I had to order from Amazon. Hopefully it’ll be here by the weekend. So I won’t be back until then!

    I LOVED IT! it was so awesome! it was definately worth the wait.
    Where to begin? I loved the Special Circumstances tracking thing at the beginning of the chapters!
    Shay was just adorable. SOOO CUTE!
    I loved the Crims going to play the trick on the Pretties at the party. They were such bubbleheads (the pretties)!
    And David! We finally find out where he got his scar!
    Somehow in this book I didn’t like Tally that much. Her character just wasn’t as appealing to me as it was in the original series.
    AND HELEN-WA! THAT WAS JUST SOOOO CLEVER! i guess that’s where milli-Helens come from?
    The Smoke was so Smokey ๐Ÿ™‚ and i was right about Dr. Cable being in the library of the Smoke! I feel smart now ๐Ÿ˜›
    overall it was amazing! I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE SEQUEL!

  3. Scottsters – it was kind of amazeballs !
    zane and David STILL own my soul , and I absolutely loved all of the background on the both of them (even if David is an egomaniac !) . The Helen part was friggin awesome , Dr. Cable was absolute pefection , and I didn’t even mind the Jedi / Ninja / Specials . Can’t wait for book two:)

    BTW – It would have been honestly bubbly-making if you had a picture of Boss in there , but oh well …

  4. I agree, I love the special circumstances trackers at the beginning. Definitely sets it up for when SC comes down into the smoke and Shay realizes it had to have been Tally.
    And it was a very philosophical argument in my head when I read about the naked pretties party. The fact that they were brought back to their fundamental innocence (really a sense of amorality at that point) definitely emphasized how wrong the pretties operation really was to me.

    Very nice noting the Helen-wa thing Mia, I definitely didn’t catch that haha. That is darned clever.

  5. Oh, and I adored the fact that it gave more background as to Zane and Shay’s past relationship when they both decided to stay behind from the rest of their crims. Which, in a way made me dislike Tally more since she took both boys away from Shay (poor girl!) even though I love her because she is Tally and she really does have some good qualities. Although maybe I am a bit biased since I’ve always been a bit Shay-sided. But yes, I loved the insight into Zane and Shay.

  6. Hahahaha. I haven’t read Shay’s Story yet (although I fully intend to when it comes to the library or something), but I’ve learned from this comment thread already ๐Ÿ˜€ Except I kind of forgot what milli-Helens are… care to give me a reminder?

  7. I love it!!! Mr Westerfeld you are fully awesome!!!! I cant wait for the next book!!!! I love all the new background info that we didnt know before. I will now have to read all 4 books again!

  8. Did you guys know that when people know spoilers, they enjoy the book, movie, etc. even more than if they didn’t?

  9. Yay! Spoilage!
    Well, in the original series I liked David, but now I don’t. At. All.
    He was such a jerk in the manga.
    I also expected for Dr. Cable and the specials to look scarier. They just weren’t terrifying me…
    All the other characters were pretty much spot-on for me, though.
    I loved the little end bonus part where Scott had his description of the characters.

  10. (Hello, I am totally peeking around comments right now because I haven’t read the manga yet, but I figured this was the best place to ask because it was the latest thread!)

    Has anyone in Toronto or Canada in general been able to get Shay’s Story yet? Because it’s not in stock in any Toronto Chapters, Indigo, or Coles store, nor is it in World’s Biggest Bookstore or Book City. My go-to comic shops in Toronto (The Beguiling, The Labyrinth, and Harry Tarantula’s) don’t list it either.

    Seriously, I did a 100km radius search for any stores that might have it, and it just doesn’t exist in Toronto; most results for other major Canadian cities yield the same. I’m starting to get worried because this is a trend I’m noticing in a lot of books recently that are supposed to have the same release date for the US and Canada.

  11. So, no AZ. Can anybody tell me what the deal is supposed to be with his pants? And I think ugly Zane was way hotter than pretty Zane.

  12. Im with Libby too. I think the manga made me see David in at a whole diffrent angle. I was frustrated with him throughout the whole book >:/ how much he’d misunderstand things. I didn’t like him. As for having it Shay’s side of the story it made me sympathize with her situation, she was a great character.

    I can’t believe how quickly I finished it!!!! And now I’m bummed we’ve got to wait for the continuation :(((((((((

  13. Haven’t read it yet ๐Ÿ™ I have to say from the reveals I don’t think specials are scary enough.

  14. i haven’t quite finished it yet, but i’ve skimmed the whole thing, and i pretty much agree with you guys! Also- does anyone think its weird that Ugly Shay was better looking than Pretty Shay?
    DBL, i pretty much hate David now too, and i totally like Zane…weird.
    I’m really, really excited to see the Cutters, i’d skip Pretties altogether if i could just see Specials now!
    and does anyone know if there will be a manga of Extras? it would be so much fun!!!!!

  15. So how far does the Manga-Novel go in the original book?! Because if you see Shay as pretty, is it the whole book converted? Can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail!! It’s like a dream when fav novels get turned into manga! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Thank you MaisyMiaCat! I’ll check it out tomorrow if the physical shops in my area still don’t have it (I try to limit my online ordering but I will definitely definitely make the acception for Shay’s Story). Glad that it is showing up in Canada, though!

  17. I couldn’t wait for amazon to get off its butt and ship me my package, do I just went and bought another copy at Barnes and Noble who had just started shelving the comics (I just couldn’t wait any longer!).

    I really liked all the background story I got but I thought the pacing was a bit fast. And David came off as far more of a jerk than I remembered…but I was always partial to Zane anyway! LoL I also like the bonus pages in the back; I love seeing literal character development!

    I’m glad there’s a sequel in the works though! Definitely satisfied with my purchase XD And now I’m off to re-read it again and enjoy the artwork!

  18. I regret not re-reading Uglies beforehand, because as I was reading Shay’s story I’d wonder, “Well how’d that happen in the book?”
    While pretty Shay looked pretty enough, I thought Shay was very adventurous and very adorable-looking. No wonder Zane had a crush on her.

  19. At first David is such a………………. JERK!!! the note he left….What da heck?!?!?!?!?!?! “I know you love me” GRR this angers me!

  20. @9-sort of saying how pretty you are.. “Your new face is about 50 milli-Helens”

  21. OH MY JOLLYRANCHERS. If your reading this Scott, YOU’RE A STORY GENUIS! I received my official manga today and finished it in the same day. 1st I have to say. David was a TOTAL JERKFACE, I honestly wanted to slap him upside the head. In the first Uglies I got the image that David was like every girls dream. Sweet, funny, and NOT egotistical. Only you would go out of your way to keep us on edge. 2nd I loved the illustrations. Shay was GORGEOUS! And I always pictured Zane with short hair when I read Pretties. 3rd Well, to finalize I read the whole book in about an hour. WE NEED THE SNEAK PREVIEWS OF BOOK 2! NOW!
    And for the record. Dr. Cable did look awesomely scary and the tank where Shay was operated in was so fanastic. But if you were going for pretty, I liked the Dr. Cable with the long hair. Overall. AWESOME!!

  22. asdfghjkqwertyuhvc!

    It were amazing!!!! Even though the characters looked almost nothing like I pictured, they were still just as epic. My favorite panels were the one that showed shay’s reaction when she found out what would happen to the pretties in the crims’ little trick, ho’s face when he saw the pretties the first time, the part where it shows how Shay sat in her room the whole day, contemplating, where she was dangling off the side of the coaster, the whole page where Shay broke down and killed her room, how when shay was explaining the smoke to Tally, she kept wrapping herself in the blankets, Shay’s hair when she has Tachs on the board under her, the page where shay realizes that David likes tally, mostly her face at the end, and that whole part where the specials attack, and shay’s all “FIGHT THEM!” probably because I was writing this story where my character does the same thing…

    BUT MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PANEL was the very last one, where shay’s all pretty. She looks all expressionless and blank, like she had her brain removed and has no idea what’s going on, but like she doesn’t care at all. Very much how pretties had been described in the books. Also, I like her hair :3

  23. I didn’t pick up on Helen-wa’s connection to milli-Helens, that’s very clever! I don’t think that’s where the idea originally came from though, as Helen of Troy (allegedly the most beautiful woman in the world) was referred to as “the face that launched a thousand ships”.

  24. I’ve removed a bunch of Kony comments from this thread. I’m not in favor of kidnapping child soldiers, of course, but I am against spam. Also, the tactics of Invisible Children are problematic.

    If you want to read a balanced look at this, check out this post from Ethan Zuckerman:

    Feel free to discuss this matter here, of course. You guys can talk about whatever you want on these threads. I just work here.

    But spam gets deleted.

  25. I’m sorry, Scott. I read each and every comment and I havent read a word of the books! But I LOVE WHERE THIS IS GOING ANYWAY!
    I guess it’s really just my nature, I’m just such a big cheater…. I’m not sure if I told you this yet but, I read Pretties before I read Uglies, now the spoiler thread? I guess I just don’t like surprises… heehee my friend (immediately after I told her that) said she would throw me a surprise party just for that reason, and I told her that everyone would be like”SURPRISE!” and I’d pull out a gun, close my eyes and open fire… I don’t think I’ll be getting that surprise party ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. P.S. Scott, you know how earlier, I was begging you not to make movies of the Uglies series (I’ve accepted that you will now) and I said that I would clean the bottom of your shoes with my tongue? Well, my birthday is Monday, and I was wondering if I could have that shoe that you might’ve someday sent me. I will even send you a picture of me licking it, if you want. Please e-mail me about that, because that would make my life complete!

  27. @38: Yes, milli-helens is a reference to Helen of Troy. But Zane would have come up with it at some point, and why not when he had a girlfriend named Helen? So it merely broadens the tale.

    @41: I wish this was the weirdest thing a fan had ever said to me. But it’s not!

    Sorry that some of you guys are having trouble finding Shay’s Story. But if a book store doesn’t have something, you can always order it through them (no shipping charges), or at least let them know what you wanted.

  28. I just finished it yesterday and it was good! @36 I finished it the same day I got it too. And I hated David in this. I want to know when the next one comes out!

  29. Loki-
    The next one comes out this year, I think. So these aren’t as slow as regular books. Not sure about the third one, though.

  30. @36 I also pictured Zane with short black hair when he turned pretty. I think it was because of the book cover for Pretties. So I didn’t really like the long locks….

    Soooo happy to hear that we can expect to see the second one later this year!! I’ll be counting down ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. I cannot find the book ANYWHERE. I’m sorry, but this thread is the only thing keeping me from going insane.

    Scott-la, just out of curiousity, what WAS the wierdest thing a fan ever said to you?

  32. I was a bit frustrated with the art. I think the uglies were to pretty and that the pretties were kind of grotesque. I thought they looked to extreme for what the committee would allow. alsi, weren’t the specials all supposed to have black hair? I don’t know, Bobbe of the characters matched my image of them, though that’s to be expected.
    I really liked the orchid field. I wish we got a better shot of the hole in the wall. The story was great and I’m excited for the next one.
    Also, Davids hair was stupid. :p

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