Free Comic Book Day

I’ll be celebrating Free Comic Book Day here in Australia, so I hope to see some of you Sydneysiders at Kinokuniya on May 5. (Also known as MY BIRTHDAY.)

This is the first time I’ll be a guest at an FCBD, thanks to my first ever graphic novel, Shay’s Story.

I’ll be at Kinokuniya from 11AM to 4PM, in the Artists’ Alley.

Here’s the FaceBook page for the event, and here are the details:

Kinokuniya Bookstore
Lvl 2, The Galeries, 500 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Saturday, May 5, 2012

ARTISTSโ€™ ALLEY, 11am – 4pm
A great opportunity to meet some of our best local comic artists and writers.

Weโ€™re looking for the best Comic/Manga, Undead and Gothic Lolita costumes for both adults and kids. More details will be provided closer to the date.

See you there.

132 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day

  1. Hi! Fellow author (and fan!) K.J.Taylor here! I loved your Uglies series. In fact, after I read the first one (courtesy of our fellow author and my good friend Jack Heath, who gave me a copy for my birthday), I had so many recurring dreams about what might happen in the sequel that I rushed off to buy it at once!

    Anyway, I just thought you’d be amused to know that “Youngblood” is also a brand of cosmetics. Assuming you get to read this comment, but I suppose fellow commenters would be amused to know it too!

  2. Happy Birthday Scott!!!!
    I wish that I could afford a plane ticket to Australia but unfortunately, that is out of the question. (well out of my parent’s question, not mine. Does that even make sense? That’s a strange saying… out of the question. There never even was a question.)

  3. Why are most electronic sooo long? Stupid Pandora won’t let me skip anymore songs. I hate that!

  4. Person w/ hat do u like electronic songs? I love them!!!! Owl City does some really good ones.

  5. Hmmm… is anyone awake or do you have better things to do than sit here hoping for someone to post a comment?

  6. Yay! Middy Joe. Yes I sorta like electronic songs. I mostly like alternative stuff ( Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys)

  7. @61 Why thank you… sayings with no meanings are on my pet peeve list ( they are not aggreivating to make it onto my hate list though)

  8. My mom is in ALA, do I get to go to the conferences sometimes, but not usually. In 2015, there is going to b one in SF, which is near where I live, so I am definitely going to get to go. But I’m going to feel really cheated if Scott isn’t there, cuz I have to wait three years.

  9. Have u ever looked yourself up on google? I have, and I got a match that was actually me! It was a PowerPoint that I did in fourth grade.

  10. @64 Woah… I don’t know if I will even get to see Scott in person. Maybe cuz doesn’t he live in NY half of the year? I live 4 hours north of there…

  11. @66 hasn’t everyone? All it comes up with for me is some hotel that is the same as my last name.

  12. I have a burning question! when will the both the novel and non-novel s3krit projects be relvealed?!? i’m dying to know! it has been more than a month since it was announced that the s3krit project will be released in a month. i hope you will tell us soon. and happy 15 days early birthday! ( i’m pretty sure i counted that right…)

  13. I do wish you would reveal the s3krit projects. Well happy early birthday Scott-la, have a virtual dancer.
    0 / \ 0
    / l l \
    /\ /\

  14. I’m back! Who missed me? I went on a backpacking trip and I got BTSS. That is, Blisters, Tired, Sunburnt, and Sore. And, as a TOTAL yet AWESOME coincendince, I met my friend who just happened to be rock climbing around where we were hiking. And she’s not just any old friend- she’s also a Wester-fan! She read Uglies.

  15. I am like switching back and forth between last weeks FAF and this week’s. Why can’t we all just choose one and comment on that? Then it would be a whole lot easier.

  16. \. /\. /. |—– |—– ——– |—– ____ _____ |—– | |. |—|
    \ /. \. /. |—– —–|. |. |—– |. |. |. |—– |. |. |. |
    \/. \/. |—– |—- |. |—– —– ——-|—– | |___ |__|
    |. \ |

  17. Man!!!! That was SUPPOSED to spell “Westerfield”, but it’s all wacky. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD THAT WAS!!!!! And to think that I forgot that the comments are all “compacted” or whatever it’s called!

  18. I’m really sad now… My beautiful piece of art now looks like really complicated Morse code!!!! :'(

  19. You know I always get Spagbol and Steampunk Jedi mixed up… I don’t know WHY, I just do.

  20. Has anybody read “Love, Ruby Lavender” or “Each Little Bird That Sings” by Deborah Wiles? Each Little Bird That Sings is really sad.

  21. Greetings,
    to one and all. I do not comment much, so forgive any “Rules of Commenting” that I obliviously break- I swear in my honor I had no intention of doing so.
    Now then I would like to officially start this post by saying: Happy Birthday Maestro Westerfeld- and if your birthday is not satisfactory then you should get a refund for May 5, by which I mean that The Office of Miscellaneous Holidays should have it’s Birthday Investigative Association do a thorough look at your birthday. To those of you who say “BLASPHEMY! No such organization exists!”
    I say,”Are you truly so sure?” for in the past we have found things said to be nonexistent. In an effort to keep this short (which I have obviously not done considering that the little scroll bar has appeared on me and I can not see a squick of what I have typed above) I will simply state my opinion the matter of Free Comic Book Day- it is an absobloodylutely grandiose idea. Truly a shame that America does not have such a day.
    Now I bid you all Adieu.

  22. Middy Joe, you got the last 100. You deserved it because you didn’t even notice it was 100.

  23. I am posting too quickly. I need to sloooooow down, but I can’t! You can’t slow down in a race!

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