Fan Art Friday

I have had interesting news about my work in progress this week, but it’s all super secret. It’s pretty cool, though, and you will all hear it about one day.

One day soon? MAYBE. Maybe one day somewhat less soon. But one day. I PROMISE.

Let me just say that things they are a-brewin’.

In the meantime, it’s time for FAF! Let’s do this.

We begin with some cool 3-D projects. First is a Clanker lamp from Kirsten. Here it is, both in its raw form and with the shade on:

Like I’ve often said, one of my favorite things to come out of Keith’s illustrations is the sense they give of Clanker and Darwinist physical culture. Not just machines and beasties, but simple things like desks and lamps. So thanks to Kirsten for following that vision.

And here’s Haley’s cool Leviathan-wing ring:

The wing wasn’t entirely Keith’s creation. It was something that the designer of the hardback cover of Levaithan, Sammy Yuen, put together from pieces of Keith’s art.

Speaking of wings, here’s Kaitlyn’s cool shot of Deryn using her body-kite outfit:

Nice. Love the color scheme, and the fact that it makes Deryn look a bit like the shot of Lilit from Behemoth.

And here’s another one from Kaitlyn with that always favorite theme: hangin’ on the ratlines:


Okay. I think you were right:

And finally some Uglies action, a cityscape of New Pretty Town from Trenton:

What I love about this is that it calls to mind the classic Saul Steinberg image of how New Yorkers see the world:

Well, played, Trenton!

Thanks to everyone for a stimulating FAF.

790 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday

  1. There’s a girl at my camp who read Uglies. We constantly obsess over it together. It’s nice to have someone who can obsess over stuff with you! 😀

  2. I’ve got an evil plan and it’s making me so happy 🙂
    You know when you’re so happy it feels like there’s a laugh stuck in you throat? Apparently, being evil makes me feel like that!

  3. I will use my magical powers to being you back PWH
    Come…come, PWH, come baaaack…

  4. At camp this little girl wanted to have a tire swing but all of then were taken, exept for this one that was covered with cobwebs, so I dusted it off for her, and there was this HUGE spider right in the middle of it, and you know what I screamed?
    True story, not just for entertainment.

  5. Darn PWH still isn’t here. I guess I’ll leave. But I MIGHT check in about an hour, just so you know PWH.

  6. I’m wicked tired though so I may not make it. Such a tragedy. It’s getting wicked late.

  7. Actually it’s kinda good that you’re leaving cause I have to eat dinner like really soon

  8. I’m not going to any summer camps this year but I think I’m going to Canada for awhile… or Maine… or both.

  9. @680-Today I got my friend to sign in as Aleksander von Honenburg. He was completely clueless. I think he just liked the name.

  10. @684-Sign into what? Anyway, that’s pretty barking awesome.
    …is it the friend I was teasing you about? 😀

  11. @685- We have to sign in every morning when we get to school. I don’t know why I even tell you this, but yes, it was the friend you tease me about.

  12. Why do I always put projects off till the last minute. It’s almost 10 and I still have to do a project about Paraguay… or maybe it’s Argentina…
    I should probably figure that out 🙁

  13. @686-I do have more friends than him. I know it sounds like I don’t but I do. All my other friends are either boring or we spend most of our time laughing over inside jokes. And inside jokes wouldn’t make sense if I posted them obviously.

  14. Yay! YOLO! is here. Yeah, we’ve got to sign in to school cuz it’s a really small school and there are only 11 kids in 8th grade. The school’s in a house.

  15. @694-You only have eleven kids in your class? I have twenty four, and I thought that was small.

  16. @692- are you being sarcastic or do you really not know what an inside joke is? I’ll explain either way. An inside joke is a joke you can only understand if you know the people or things it’s about and/ or if you were there at a certain time when someone did something stupid.

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