First Aeronautics Art Reveal—A Vote!

Okay, the Manual of Aeronautics comes out August 21, a mere three months and a bit from now, so it’s time to start the art reveals!

In keeping with tradition, let’s have us a vote. I’ve chosen three possible pieces of art to reveal, so choose wisely.

Which would you rather see in glorious color?

1) The bridge of the Leviathan

2) A Sultan’s elephant walker

3) A fléchette bat!

Use the comments thread below to vote (by number makes it easier), or simply to cajole, convince and coerce your fellow commenters about how they should vote.

Sydneysiders! Don’t forget that Justine, Isobelle Carmody and I will be at the Sydney Writers Festival this Sunday. Come see us talk. It’s free!

A Neverending Story: Fantasy Worlds
Sunday, May 20

Scott Westerfeld, Isobelle Carmody, Justine Larbalestier, and Joy Lawn (facilitator)
Sydney Dance 4, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

From steampunk to the supernatural, from urban fantasies to dystopian futures, our love affair with speculative fiction is all-consuming.

Three authors who create imagined worlds explore our enduring fascination with fantasy and unpick the complexities of the genre. Isobelle Carmody, Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier talk to Joy Lawn.

Here are the online details for this event.

182 thoughts on “First Aeronautics Art Reveal—A Vote!

  1. umm…errgh…oh… well, i personally lean toward Clanker and would love to see #2, but the #1, the bridge, so exciting… as long as all three are in the Manual i guess i’m fine. and how’d Clanker stuff get into the British Darwinist Manual???

  2. #3! I wanna see what they look like close up, not just a black cloud in the background!

  3. I’m honestly stuck between numbers 1 and 3… those bats have always been very interesting to me, yet the bridge in color is as equally great.

    I think i’ll go with the bridge, because the majority (If i had to guess…) said #1.

  4. 1 please!!! ^ ^ My cat will eat you if you don’t vote for 1!
    ( O O )
    ( l ( ) l )~*
    O O O O

  5. 1 for sure! But it’s mostly because the other two pictures will mostly have only one object in them, but with the bridge we will get to see the whole internal anatomy of the Leviathan in COLOR!

  6. That’s a tough one >.< I'm going to say 1, but any of them would be awesome!

    I so wanted to go to the writers festival today but I was working 🙁

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