Russian Covers Crush All Others

I give you the Russian cover of Peeps . . .

Post-apocalyptic streetscape? Check.

Rock and roll girlfriend? Check.

Parasite-positive kitteh? Check.

Baleful moon of balefulness? Bonus check!

That is all. See you on Friday for FAF.

116 thoughts on “Russian Covers Crush All Others

  1. No, this is too much. Now I feel like crying. I want these covers too.

    My solution to this injustice: Print out all the Russian covers and paste them over my US cover. CLOSE ENOUGH.

    And yaaay! first comment! πŸ˜€

  2. Holy Crap!!!! That is the most amazing cover I’ve ever seen!!! If I could speak anything in Russian I would so get it! And Peeps is my favorite.

  3. The awesomeness of Russian covers strikes again. Hey! I’m learning Russian I should buy some of these awesome books to practice!

  4. Well this is just great. Now we need to see ALL the Russian covers.
    Scott-la you’ve awoken the beast.
    Seriously awesome cover. Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. yeah? this rocks, but i wanna see the last days cover too!!!
    yeah, and maybe for the rest of your books (though i believe weve already seen UGLIES, or maybe thats from my obsessive googling)

  6. oh my god I absolutely love this cover. And Peeps being one of my favorites of yours I’m so glad to see an update about it(:

  7. Wow. I thought I could never forgive Russia for whitewashing Jonathan FOUR TIMES. Guess I was wrong.

  8. Beautiful. Anyone know where I can get a copy in the US? I already searched the one Russian bookseller I have saved and they don’t have it. Also it’s interesting that the title reads as Inferno, I can’t guarantee that it translates that way, but phonetically that’s what it says. Since Russian actually does have a lot of cognates with English it might, but my Russian/English dictionary isn’t handy at the moment. lol

  9. i am speechless. the awesomeness of the cover cannot be described using mere words. now i must learn russian so i can go undercover and discover the secret of how they make such amazing book covers.

  10. What the hell I’ve missed so many FAFs!!! But don’t worry friends cause Ginny-la’s back! IM NOT DEAD YET!!!! Heehee I luv u Monty python

  11. YEAH GOLIATH IS AT BARGAIN PRICE ON AMAZON!!!!! The only copies of the LBG books are my moms and Im not allowed to bring them anywhere. So finally I can get my own copies!!!!

    Haymitch:DRINK ALL BEER

  13. Oh, my god! I absolutely love these covers! Russians are just awesome. They know what’s happening when it comes to cover-making. By the way, I LOVED Peeps, Ckott. πŸ˜‰

  14. to Ginny-la: THIS IS NOT PARTY OR CHAT ROOM. AND SCOTT WESTERFELD WRITES AWESOME BOOKS, NOT THE HUNGER GAMES. thanks! πŸ™‚ p.s. i know enough russian to get by reading the covers. and Scott, i went to a russian book store (don’t ask why) and actually got to hold a russian copy!!!

  15. and Isobel, that’s because (ahem, cue evil russian accent) in america, you can always find party. in soviet russia, party always find you. (normal) in other words, russians were pretty bad for everyone. trust me, i know my history books. maybe they got their inspiration from Mr. Tesla *wink* *Goliath tie-in*

  16. Why are people using this as a chat room? You guys know there is an actual forum for you know… chatting? That’d be a better place to take this.

  17. Some people read the hunger games because of the romance, or the action, but I read it because Katniss is so defiant. I LOVE defying people, for some strange reason. Even I don’t know why. Probably because it makes me feel important.

  18. In Social Studies I defied my teacher by not taking any notes on the Roman Republic and reading Catching Fire instead.

  19. Ginny-la, please don’t tell people to shut up. Off-topic chats are fairly prevalent on this blog, but it’s also polite to shift them to the Forum when you’re asked to.

    Lauren @41: if it isn’t bothering anyone, why shouldn’t we stay here?

    I agree with your point in principle, but it seems from tridecagirl’s and Scorpio-Ferret’s comments that you ARE bothering someone. (Like, are you saying that the people who are bothered don’t matter? They do matter.)

    This is how politeness works, everyone. Being off-topic happens, and is okay if it doesn’t overrun the comment thread, but when someone taps you on the shoulder and points it out, you should excuse yourself and move on. Otherwise you’re like those people who talk too loud in restaurants, then start yelling when anyone asks them to talk less loudly.

    It’s not a good look.

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