Russian Covers Crush All Others

I give you the Russian cover of Peeps . . .

Post-apocalyptic streetscape? Check.

Rock and roll girlfriend? Check.

Parasite-positive kitteh? Check.

Baleful moon of balefulness? Bonus check!

That is all. See you on Friday for FAF.

116 thoughts on “Russian Covers Crush All Others

  1. Ugh, the first time Scott ever acknowledges me is when he gives me a lecture…I want to cry… 🙁 EPIC FAIL

  2. The problem? Although I didn’t mean for it to happen, my love of Scott Westerfeld has been diminished because of a lecture. The solution? Curl up in bed, eat chocolate, and read Goliath.

  3. Great right after Scott tells me not to be mean I insult Scorpio-ferret. Smooth move.

  4. Wow…it says Forum right at the top of the page. I’ve been on here like, a thousand times, and never noticed that? ANOTHER SMOOTH MOVE FROM GINNY-LA… 🙁 I’m really beating myself up right now…

  5. Don’t feel bad, Ginny-la. We all say stuff on the internet we’d like to take back. (This MAY have happened to me once or twice.)

    I ABSOLVE EVERYONE OF RUDENESS. Now you can all go back to being nice.

  6. Wait…how come Scott has the power to absolve everyone of rudeness? I thought only God could do that 🙂 JK

  7. UUUGGGGHHHHH this has not been a good day. Even the fact that it’s a three day weekend doesn’t help.

  8. Scorpio ferret and tridecagirl can go back to telling me to stop randomly saying stuff again because I’m doing exactly that (saying random stuff)

  9. I HEREBY BANISH MYSELF FROM THE WESTERBLOG UNTIL I LOSE MY STUPID ABILITY TO BE MEAN WITHOUT KNOWING IT, HOWEVER LOMG IT TAKES. So….bye. 🙁 🙁 🙁 I might not see you for a while. I need to take some anger management classes.

  10. @ Ginny-la, cheer up. I can’t figure out how to work the forum so I just use the comments thingies (as do many others I see). There will always be someone on the internet to contradict you or snap at you, but hey, whatever, it’s not like I’ll ever see them in my life, well I assume I won’t. So yeah, also if these internet people want to waste their time being angry with you, it’s their problem, not yours. It’s not like we don’t talk about quality stuff in the comments, well for the most part anyway.

    Okay, all done being thoughtful and consoling…

  11. Wow… it’s already 11:15 am. I just heard Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me playing on the radio. Hmmm… how did I miss the passing of the lat few hours of my life?

  12. Mmmmmm… 99% cacao chocolate bars are better than I thought they would be. Delicious.

  13. I guess I have a breakthrough! Wow, those anger-management classes went by fast. 🙂 thnx, PWH.

  14. I think I’ll change my screen name to Franz cuz
    1. I love Franz Ferdinand (the guy and the band)
    2. I’m sick of person with hat, anyway it’s too hot out to wear a hat.
    3. Franz is actually quite similar to my real life name.
    So yeah, I’ll do that now.

  15. You know what’s weird? Two of my three best friends enjoy listening to me talk about Leviathan. The other one doesn’t, but HE’S the only other one who has read the book! He keeps saying that “It was a good book, but you BLOW IT OUT OF PROPORTION!!!”

  16. I have a map, and I marked each state where I know a Westerblogger lives. I know where Levi lives, and I know that PWH (sorry is it ok if I still call u that) lives on the east coast. And I know where I live. The reason for this map is so that if I ever want to try and meet another blogger I at least have a start. Not much of a start, but a start. Of course, I could always wait till Scott comes around (if he ever does) to california and then see of I could meet you guys.

  17. @79 some people will never fully appreciate Leviathan. One of my friends still can’t get past the whole flying whale concept.

  18. Ha. I wish that I could go to california. By the way, I live in New Hampshire. And I know all that crap about no telling people on the internet were you live but
    A) I don’t think you’re a stalker
    B) It’s this tiny town no one has ever heard of

  19. I hate to say this, but Uglies is a lot like the hunger games. 1 they have a female protagonist 2 it’s set in the future 3 the authorities are watching the protagonists 3 the protagonists have to pretend they are something they aren’t to protect themselves 4 the protagonists are ever-so-slightly in love with someone 5 the government is really strict

  20. @88-I’m twelve and I don’t have a cell phone. I barely know how to use email. Even if my whole family pooled their money together we can’t afford to go to New Hampshire. (we’re not poor we just can’t really afford it) Does that sound like I can be a stalker?

  21. I really want to meet you guys. I know, I really sound like a stalker when I say that. But even if I haven’t met you, barely know you, and have no idea if you could be a stalker, you guts are like my friends!

  22. HAHA YOU GUTS!!!! I meant you guys. YOU GUYS ARE GUTS!!! JK 🙂 that’s actually a kinda funny typo.

  23. @60 Scott- That has, unfortunately, happened to me more times than I care to speak about…

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