Fan Art Friday (At Last!)

It’s still Friday on the west coast of the US, so I give you Fan Art Friday, the technically not-late edition.

First, here’s a great video from Christina and Douglas, visualizing the Faceplay software from “Facing the Future” (Also known as Chapter 4 of Uglies).

Ugly to Pretty – WIP from Christina Hall on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, huh? I’ve always thought this would be a cool scene in the movie.

If my embed isn’t working for you, click here to check it out on Vimeo (and slightly bigger!).

And next, a very amusing cartoon from Soraia, riffing on the Perils of Pauline chapter in Goliath:

That whole chapter came about because I was researching William Randolph Hearst, and found out that he was behind the Perils of Pauline series of films, which began in 1914. So I decided to watch them, and discovered that in the very first one, the eponymous heroine gets blown away in a hydrogen balloon, not unlike a certain Scottish cross-dresser! So I just HAD to show Alek seeing the movie as part of his education that girls could do cool stuff.

Though I’d like to claim that I planned this symmetry between books 1 and 3 from the beginning, it’s merely a coincidence. But it proves that if you do your research, you will be rewarded. And coincidence or not, I’m super glad to see it pop up here in fan art form.

The dialog in this comic is quite funny, so click here to see it bigger and zoomable.

Here from Carly is some rare Midnighters fan art, showing Jessica at a certain climactic moment in Blue Noon.

That’s a scene that I had planned from back in book 1, as you will see if you look at chapter 4 of The Secret Hour. Sometimes I am good at first-shoeing things.

And here from MoonieBalloonie, a pensive-looking Lilit:

I always love how distinctive Lilit is, thanks to her cool Armenian attire.

And finally, from Victoria, some Dalek!

Okay, I’m headed to America soon, so I must go pack or whatever. (My only public appearance will be at Comic Con.)

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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  1. Damn I shoulda realized that I had 99 and COULD HAVE GOTTEN 100…but I was so defeated by my 18-minute failure that I was a total bum-rag and DIDN’T.

  2. Agreed with comment #79!

    And if Uglies does come out in november it’s comeing out close to my birthday, my SIXTEENTH birthday!!!!!!!

  3. I have a theory, what if Scott Westerfeld was really from the future and he was Dr. Cable’s husband or brother of a sort and he wrote UPSE to warn us about the future, to not let it happen that way and he just told it from Tally’s perspective ???? (:
    WHAT IF?!?!?!

  4. @103: The Hunger Games came out within a week of my birthday.

    @104: No comment

    @ 105: Yes, yes it is. (imagine it like phineas saying, “Yes, yes we are.”)

  5. That new Alice in Wonderland movie woth Jonny Depp came out on my birthday, but that was a few years ago…

  6. @ M@X
    That’s cool! Catching Fire will be close to my 17th birthday (:
    And you know it’s true !
    Loving the Phineas thing ^-^

    Lol, thanks!(:

    Just a little, I only went out cold after I said goodnight here lol

  7. My dad has been speaking to me only in french ALL DAY LONG!!! I need someone to communicate in english with! Pleeezz!!

  8. @114- I suppose speaking french almost fluently is useful but I miss hearing english speaking people. I’m going to have to comfort myself by watching youtube for awhile.

  9. It’s almost 1:00 in the morning and a car just drove by my house. I live in the middle of nowhere, 40 minutes from any reasonable population and a car just drove by??? A dunno, I guess I find this just the slightest bit creepy. AND THERE GOES ANOHER ONE!!! IT’S FRIGGIN 1:00 IN THE MORNING PEOPLE!! WHAT IS THERE?? SOME KIND OF NOCTURNAL CONVENTION GOING ON? Sorry, haven’t slept in over 24(ish) hours. I should probably get to sleep (finally!). Speaking of which (sorta) I think I’ll get a really good night sleep then see how long I can stay awake.

  10. @ M@X
    I’ve said it before -_- but I’ll say it one more time, I’m a Lifeguard.

    Well, I think cos you know, it’s summer, people you know, well I don’t know, take road trips :p just saying. Lol, sleepies time for you PWH! Nighty-night!(:

  11. @119- Okay so it turns out that you can actually over watch youtube, as I learned…

  12. Hey Zaliz-la! I’d stay and be sociable but I think I’m about to collapse from exhaustion. So yeah… Night!

  13. I had the awesomest night last night with my softball tesm! I love them to much 😀

  14. hhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee Softball tournament startting tomorrow!

  15. Wow, I’ve missed quite a lot. Since I’m too lazy to scroll up to find the comments I want to reply to, I’ll just reply to the ones I remember, without numbers or most likely who they’re directed at. Sorry for any inconvenience 🙂

    First off, I fixed the chapter on my blog. It’s all better now!

    As for the black coffee, no sugar, I agree. And with the 7 cups within an hour… been there done that. Several times…

    As for the “if you hate when people say they hate coffee then why’d you make Deryn say it?” thing, I’ll point out the fact that Deryn, as well as most of the people in LBG(O), like coffee, she just didn’t like it with yogurt in it, because she hates yogurt. And, yes, Alek was shirtless. Deryn would probably push you off an airship if you tried to steal Alek, but that’s just a guess.

    DUDE! It was supposed to be totally obvious that “Mysterious Someone” was me. *Facepalm*

    The Whistler seems to have been on lots of posts…

  16. The thing I don’t like about your name, YOLO! is it makes me look like I have punctuation issues. Did I say that before?? Maybe…

  17. There’s this creepy little smiley face right below the submit button. I feel like it’s watching me. Am I the only one who’s seen this?

  18. I’m trying to type thid without looking cuz normally I habe to look when I type akd I’m noy correcting anu mistakes I make. S0 yeah… I think I just used a zero for the “o” in “s0” and again. but it was an accident. Hmmm… I’m not as bad at typing as I thought I would be. I’m so proud of myself! (Not really).

  19. @137
    I know right ^-^
    Ooh!! And I just got my first paycheck 😀
    (even though I did only work 3days/16hours I got paid!) lol(:
    I’m still working though :p

  20. Have any of you ever heard of Dani Shay? I think she should be Deryn in the LBG movie! Even though she’s a singer/songwriter and would be way too old by the time they got around to making a movie… hahahaha Justin Beiber looks like her 🙂

  21. Haha! Did you guess “Hopeless”? Because it was partly that one, too. 🙂

    Do any of you remember when I did an art post on my blog way back when that included a drawing of a girl laying in the grass, which I’d submitted to a contest? Well, I got “runner up” for it, which is the same as second place. My school got some stuff and I got a bunch of random stuff (i.e. duck call, whistle, waterproof capsule thing, reusable cup with lid and straw, chapstick). I was excited about it. Lots of people submitted art, and for mine to have been chosen as second was really cool. Now I just want to see what first looks like…

  22. I just saw the 1st… and wasn’t impressed. Although, I’m probably quite biased on the subject. But, honestly, looking back at mine now I’m seeing lots of things I’d like to change.

  23. My brother just got a whittling knife for his birthday and he cut a huge chunk out of his leg within the first three minutes of opening the package.

  24. @147- Nice! 🙂
    My school doesn’t have art contests because it’s too small. Appearently, contests ruin the “community atmosphere” .

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