Fan Art Friday (At Last!)

It’s still Friday on the west coast of the US, so I give you Fan Art Friday, the technically not-late edition.

First, here’s a great video from Christina and Douglas, visualizing the Faceplay software from “Facing the Future” (Also known as Chapter 4 of Uglies).

Ugly to Pretty – WIP from Christina Hall on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, huh? I’ve always thought this would be a cool scene in the movie.

If my embed isn’t working for you, click here to check it out on Vimeo (and slightly bigger!).

And next, a very amusing cartoon from Soraia, riffing on the Perils of Pauline chapter in Goliath:

That whole chapter came about because I was researching William Randolph Hearst, and found out that he was behind the Perils of Pauline series of films, which began in 1914. So I decided to watch them, and discovered that in the very first one, the eponymous heroine gets blown away in a hydrogen balloon, not unlike a certain Scottish cross-dresser! So I just HAD to show Alek seeing the movie as part of his education that girls could do cool stuff.

Though I’d like to claim that I planned this symmetry between books 1 and 3 from the beginning, it’s merely a coincidence. But it proves that if you do your research, you will be rewarded. And coincidence or not, I’m super glad to see it pop up here in fan art form.

The dialog in this comic is quite funny, so click here to see it bigger and zoomable.

Here from Carly is some rare Midnighters fan art, showing Jessica at a certain climactic moment in Blue Noon.

That’s a scene that I had planned from back in book 1, as you will see if you look at chapter 4 of The Secret Hour. Sometimes I am good at first-shoeing things.

And here from MoonieBalloonie, a pensive-looking Lilit:

I always love how distinctive Lilit is, thanks to her cool Armenian attire.

And finally, from Victoria, some Dalek!

Okay, I’m headed to America soon, so I must go pack or whatever. (My only public appearance will be at Comic Con.)

Hope you all have a good weekend.

201 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (At Last!)

  1. @150. It wasn’t a community thing, it was a state thing. And, really? I thought competition was supposed to be healthy in reasonable amounts…

    @149. Oh, no! Is he okay? I hope he’s okay. Was it, like, out of the muscle, or just the fleshy part? IS HE OKAY?

  2. @153 & 154- Yeah, he’s fine. Clumsy, but fine. It’s only a flesh wound but it’ll leave a nasty scar. Luckily, the knife was very sharp so it’s a smooth, clean cut.

  3. @153- A state thing? That makes second place more impressive! My school is strange…

  4. @157. Yeah, a state thing. You can Google it if you feel ambitious. It was called “Take it Outside” and it was the 2012 contest. They have a Facebook page, and you can find the art in “Pictures” and then the first album it shows. You know, if you feel ambitious πŸ™‚

  5. And I found out that there were, like, two honorable mentions awarded and then “Best use of Theme” and “Best use of Color” and “Most Creative”. I was only honorable mention, but I thought the other winners in my category were kind of… eh. Best use of Theme looked like something I did in my third grade language arts class. No joke. Wow, turn the letters into other stuff and color it in with marker… sooooooo cool. *sarcasm overload*

  6. @161-AH HA! You live in my timezone! Or I did my math wrong… Or it was almost 11 a.m. Maybe I already knew this and I forgot.

  7. @162. Yeah, I don’t really care.

    @163. Actually it was only 10, but my computer’s clock was an hour off. And I got up early today to run a few miles. (Hehe Miles πŸ™‚ ) And I usually try to be in bed before then, especially if I have a busy day ahead, which, if I’m not mistaken, I do. Plus, my bedtime was 8 until fifth grade, so 11 o’clock and on are pretty late for me.

    @164/165. Well, that stinks. But at least you qualified! Does that mean you get to go on, or is ‘kicked out’ very final?

    @166. Sorry, it was only 10, but my clock was off. You live on the east side of the country, then?

    @167. Ha ha ha! (No, I don’t say “lol”)

  8. @168- Yes, I live in New England. The thing that bugs me most about New England is all the tourists that come up in the fall to see the leaves turn redish yellowy orange brown. Our main tourism attraction is death??? Really??? On a different note, I was up until 3:00 last night… and the night before… and the night before. Not a great idea πŸ˜‰

  9. @169. I believe that your main tourist attraction is vibrant colors with death as a side effect πŸ™‚
    And at what time to you wake up?

  10. @170- Yes, I suppose the vibrant colors thing makes sense but if they want to see vibrant colors why don’t the go to their local paint store? Okay, I understand that they want to see the beauty of nature or whatever. Even I appreciate nature. I guess tourists just annoy me. They seem to have an obsession with moose and black bears. Actually, it’s the manufacturers of the souvenirs that have an obsession with moose, black bears, etc. I’m over-thinking this.

    I got up at 8:30 but I would’ve slept longer had my mother not woken me.

  11. Okay, I have a question for you all concerning Dalek week on DeviantArt. One of the categories is “Roaring 20s”, and I’m trying to decide if Deryn would wear a flapper dress. I think she would, but she’d look totally B.A. while doing it. I put her in the classic Bonnie Parker (from Bonnie and Clyde) position, leaning on the front of a car. I just need to find a casual wear dress for her to wear… all the stuff is, like, for going to a dance club. And then you have Alek wearing a sweater…
    but anyway. I think that by her late 20s, Deryn would have gotten rid of her disguise, you know?

  12. @171. Yes, I assume that tourists/souvenir manufacturers would get annoying. I wouldn’t know, as the only tourism we have are the Sprint Car Nationals, and that’s a bunch of drunk people that I avoid by staying out of town… but gas goes up and traffic is terrible. That I know. My grandparents have people camp in their yard every year, and some of the people that come in are quite the characters… in good ways and bad. But, yeah. Our souvenirs are expensive tshirts, and that’s about it.

  13. @173- Oh, we have every moose/black bear/racoon product you could ever want, or you know, not want. Tee shirts are among the many avalible souvenirs. Shot glasses, bobble heads, little New Hampshire license plates with your name on it, and even little bags of chocolate covered raisins claiming to be the feces of various species of local wildlife. All of these delightful, unecessary products are of course manufactured in China. Well, this is what you find away from the coast. On our sixteen miles of coastline you may select from the same varieties of products with the difference of featuring sea creatures and tie dye rather than fuzzy mammals and olive drab. I’m sorry, this is like the fifth night in a row I’ve been up too late. It’s 1:26 and I’m fairly sure I won’t be sleeping anytime soon. πŸ™

  14. @174, I’m sorry to hear that. Really. About the tourism blues and the not being able to sleep. I know how the latter feels, but not several days in a row.

  15. @175- Thank you. I think I may sleep tonight seeing as I’m at a sleepover (I know that’s kinda reverse logic but I didn’t sleep at all last night).
    Also I told my brother that some random person on the internet hopes he heals soon. He asked who the random person was and I told him it was Middy Miles. I love confusing people πŸ™‚

  16. @169- The leaves change color here in California too! They change color everywhere! So what’s so special about NH?

  17. “Volger, of course. The man was allergic to sleep.” HAHA lol πŸ™‚ I haven’t read Leviathan for a while cause my moms been hoarding it so all the old jokes are still funny!
    Right now I feel like I’m allergic to sleep. It’s 10:28. And dont say that’s not late, cause I think I’m the youngest person here, so it’s late for me.

  18. I think the reason I can’t sleep is because a bunch of bum-rags are setting fireworks off right outside my window….EVEN THOUGH FIREWORKS AREN’T ALLOWED INY NEIGHBORHOOD. *stamps feet* what a bunch of barking daft no good filthy little…..
    Ahem. Sorry bout that.

  19. @185 That last paragraph didn’t use very good grammar. It’s not late because I’m the youngest person here. Since I think you are all older than me, ten o’ clock seems later for me. You guys think that ten pm is the new five pm.

  20. @183- I have no idea…
    @185-That happened to me for about a week straight except with me I stayed up until about 3:00 every night … or morning… Whatever πŸ˜‰
    @186- My parents have taken us to Canada. We left on the forth of July so I didn’t even get to see fireworks.

  21. Ha ha! I figured out how to put the German s thingy in my typing!!
    Ich heißen Superphantastic!
    Ich trinke Champagner und Lachsfisch!
    Ich heißen Superphantastic!!!
    And that is the extent of the random unuseful German I am going to put you through today πŸ˜‰

  22. ARGH. Not German again. By the way, my friend taught me how to say “No sh*t” in German, but I don’t know how to spell it. It’s something like “Nye Shwiza”. Yes, that makes me look like an idiot, but that’s how you pronounce it. Help? No, it’s not rainyish.

  23. @194- It’s spelled nein scheiße. I think… All the German I know I’ve taught myself so I’m not always completely accurate. It’s not rainy? Huh…

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