Manual Art Reveal 2

It’s time to vote again for the next art reveal from The Manual of Aeronautics, the four-color all singing and dancing art supplement to the Leviathan series. This time we’re going Clanker!

Here are the three possibilities:

1) The Sultan’s elephant walker

2) An interior cutaway of the Stormwalker

3) And for you cosplayers, Alek’s and Count Volger’s uniforms in full color!

Use this comment thread to argue and discuss all you want, but please vote by number.

Other News

If you’re age 18 to 25 and live in Queensland, Australia, the State Library is running a Young Writers Award competition that you might be interested in. It has a first-place cash prize of $2,000, and also lots of runners-up prizes, including a 12-month youth membership to Queensland Writers Centre. Any story length of up to 2500 words is acceptable.

You can find more info by clicking here.

Vote early and often!

207 thoughts on “Manual Art Reveal 2

  1. @94-If your name has an L in it, the extension is -wa. If it has no L, it’s -la. I think it’s just a Pretty nickname thing.

  2. #3.
    im curious to see what Volger’s uniform looks look. For some reason I feel it should look weird.

  3. As an otaku, I would absolutely love option number 3! Cosplay all the way! xD

    And speaking of which, I love it how you tie in little things about Japan in some of your books, like, with Extras and in the Leviathan series when they went to Japan. That was SO COOL and it made me feel special x3

  4. i want 2
    plus, i will like to see a new picture of denry in females clothes and how will be alek’s and denry’s children

  5. Number 3. For sure. I mean, come on. Alek and Volger’s clothes? That’s just awesome. (Do we get to see the mustache in full color? The mustache is important.)

  6. Elephants all around!!! Number one!:D Though what I really want would be a copy of the book in my hands now, it doesn’t work that way. 🙁

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