Russian Last Days

Because we’ve all been enjoying my Russian covers lately, I want to show you one of the paintings without any clutter, like my name and the title.

So here’s The Last Days (sequel to Peeps) from our Russian brothers, pure and unadulterated:

Not sure how YA this looks, given how much it ups the ante on the bondage-y look of the first cover. And points are subtracted because no cat, but that’s made up for by Brooklyn Bridge bonus points!

Here’s the cover with the title and stuff, which for some reason I can’t find except in low-res form.

If anyone finds a bigger version with type, please let me know.

And now, three other things:

1) If you want to check out more of my foreign covers, Michael Grimm is building a site with all the Westerfeldian foreign covers he can find. It’s not done yet, but it has a ton of covers, including ones I’ve never received copies of. (Serbia, I’m looking at you!)

Click here to check it out.

2) Team Human, the next book by my lovely wife Justine and Sarah Rees Brennan, just got it’s third starred review, this one from Publisher’s Weekly.

“This smart and entertaining novel—part Nancy Drew with vampires, part thoughtful and provocative story about assumptions—fully blooms in the second half. Themes of honest friendship and freedom of choice mix with zombies, accidental romance, a diverse and complex cast, and sharply funny dialogue to create a thoroughly enjoyable read with a core of unexpected depth.”

Here’s the rest of that review. And click here for more reviews of TH.

3) Sticking with Justine, last year she gave a Guest of Honor speech at Sirens, a fantasy lit conference in Colorado, about monsters, feminism, and Elvis. (And about being raised on an aboriginal settlement, being a fan of problematic songs, movies, and many other things.) She’s just turned it into a lengthy post on her blog, which can read by clicking here.

Okay, that’s it. No FAF this week, because we are on the fortnightly schedule at the moment. But I’ll have a new Manual of Aeronautics art reveal voting thread up soon!

91 thoughts on “Russian Last Days

  1. These covers make me envious of Russians. And their alphabet is so cool.
    Oh well…

  2. It’s still written as “Inferno” as the title. But the subtitle seems to say “Last Days” if I read it right. >_>

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Scott.

    For those who might check out the website, you should know it’s not done yet. However, you can check out covers by country. Still working on the By Series section.

  4. I totally agree about the YA-ness of it all, I mean, I hate to say it, but if I saw that cover on the shelves of Borders, I would totally disregard it. I am a total “judge a book by it’s cover” reader. Now, in my defense, if I see a book with a cool cover and I read the back and it is not my type, I won’t read it, but if something has a lame cover, and if someone hasn’t recommended it to me, I probably won’t read it. (Woah. Really long run-on sentence there…) Which is the main reason I never read the Artemis Fowl or Magyc series.

  5. I have got to say. Of all the covers I saw, the Korean ones were, by far, the best, and the US LBG ones, completely sucked.

  6. No FAF…. 🙁
    I guess the awesome-ness of Russian covers makes up for it… somewhat.

  7. Scott, I really don’t mean to nag you, but I really want to know: Will there be Leviathan Legos?

  8. I’m listening to Franz Ferdinand again! It’s “Take Me Out”, if you want to know, PWH.

  9. @10-No Artemis Fowl? No Magyk????? Im recommending them to you RIGHT NOW, girl. I mean, how do you SURVIVE not reading those???

  10. Also, it’s not the Magyk series, it’s the Septimus Heap series. Believe me, the first one is actually pretty crappy, but the rest are AWESOME!

  11. @Ginny-la weird I’m listening to Viva la Vida as I read your comment.Oh and I love Muse too

  12. My orchestra playing Viva la Vida in our spring concert last year….And now that I’m thinking about it, we play a lot of non-traditional music (especially rock) in orchestra.

  13. I just looked through all of the foreign covers, and I must say I find it interesting that for certain books, the covers are very similar country to country, and for other books it’s completely different.

  14. The cover does have a certain amount of sex appeal on it which is a little alarming. (I thought the US was responsible for aggravating the sex appeal out of teens?) Regardless, I think this cover is still really cool. The bridge is really something. Plus I love the character’s boots. I want them…

  15. My friend let me play her violin! It was the first time I’ve ever played one. Now I really want to take lessons.

  16. Maali,

    Thanks for the links! Those covers are awesome!

    I’ll try to get them posted tomorrow, and add a contact on the website.


    OK, not really, but it would still be totally barking awesome.

  18. I’m watching Whisper of the Heart! Aaaaannnnnddddd posting stuff at the same time.

  19. Bum bum da dum bang boom de da de bum CRASH bum ba boom ba ba da de do ba bee bum CRASH!

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