Uglies Manga 2, Cover reveal

Yes, it’s time to reveal the cover of the sequel to Shay’s Story!

But first, I’m doing two appearances in the near future, one in the real world and one online.

The first will be a chat on I’ll be chatting with Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan, co-authors of the upcoming book, Team Human. We’ll be discussing collaborations in general, and what it’s like for experienced novelists to work with other writers.

I don’t have a link yet, but it will happen at 8PM US Eastern Time on Sunday, July 8.

My second set of appearances will be at Comic Con. The panels aren’t set yet, but I will have a signing on Sunday:

San Diego Comic Con
Sunday July 15th
Autograph area AA09 in the Sails Pavilion

Lots of other writers will be at this signing, but I’ll reveal those details later. Also, I will probably have another signing on a different day. Stay tuned.

So, without further ado, here’s the cover to Uglies: Cutters . . .

Hope you like it.

54 thoughts on “Uglies Manga 2, Cover reveal

  1. Does anyone know when it’s coming out, cant wait to get it! Love the front cover Scott-la, just hope its as good as Shay’s Story

  2. May someone please let me know when the; Uglies: Cutters will be coming out? Thank-you.

    I’ve enjoyed all the previous novels in this series, and extremely enjoy the grapic novel of; Uglies: Shay’s Story. Scott Westerfeld is an wonderful author, and I enjoyed is other’s books he have written.

    e-mail address:

  3. Oh my goodness I’m so excited for this story!! I’m very excited to see Shay’s side and what Tally looks like as a Special. A friend and I made a video on Special’s for a class we had, so I’m super obsessed with Specials! Hoping to be able to pre-order the book soon!

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