Fan Art Friday!

Sorry I’ve missed the last two Fridays, but at last FAF is BACK!

Okay, so Dalek Week is approaching over at Deviant Art. It runs from July 8 to 14, and is a seven-day challenge, each day with a different Deryn-and-Alek-y theme. (Click here for more details.) So I thought I’d start with a couple of entries from last year’s Dalek Week.

First here’s one from the estimable PrinceofParties, which reminds me of a certain schoolyard taunt (containing the line, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G”).

So romantic.

And here from Sorcaron, a sorta metaphorical image of Darwinist and Clanker angels:

Those wings of Alek’s have an interesting story behind them. When Keith and I were first conceptualizing the series, Keith wanted to start with portraits of Alek and Deryn. (Those portraits appear in the original Leviathan trailer, and will be in the Manual of Aeronautics, along with newer ones of Barlow and Volger.) He spent a lot of time on frames that signified the warring powers, and which began the notion of two distinct Clanker and Darwnist aesthetics. Then Sammy Yuen, the designer for the original Levaiathan cover, used Alek’s Clanker wings on the cover. Since then, that visual motif has become the symbol of the series. So it’s great to see it here in angelic-Alek form.

And here’s Deryn doing some Clanker stuff, and I have no idea whom this is from, or where it was created. Help me!

Update: It’s a Poptropica screenshot that reminded someone of Deryn in a walker, and rightly so.

And now some Japanese fan art! Thanks to Brita O. for sending these along.

Both from I don’t know who did them, because the whole site’s in Japanese. But they’re really cool.

This one’s called “Thinking”:

Link to original.

And the text here says, “There’s no way jellyfish balloons can be that cute!”

Update: No it doesn’t. But supposedly some text somewhere around this picture did.

Link to original. Kawaiiii!

And now a great Deryn poster from SarahD:

And finally, here’s some rare So Yesterday fan art from Camilla. It’s called “French Revolution,” which will make sense to those of you who’ve read the book.

Okay, that’s it for this FAF. Now I have to pack for visiting my dad in Savannah and San Diego Comic Con. Can’t wait to see some of you there.

Don’t forget our Team Human chat on Sunday!

Okay, let’s see Max on more time:

And make sure to watch the sequel, because the next time I see Rick Riordan, I’m totally going to call him “Rick RiorDAN.”

127 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday!

  1. The Deryn in a clanker suit is actually just a screenshot of someone playing Poptropica….

  2. Very cute art, as always! FYI, though, I’m a professional translator of Japanese, and the text in that second image actually reads “Leviathan” (in green) and “Whale(s) and Steam Engines” (in red). Not sure who gave you the jellyfish interpretation, but it’s…wildly off-base. Sorry!

  3. I have no idea who did the one you can’t identify but it’s from Steamworks island on Poptropica. I was obessed with Poptropica a few years ago until I found better ways to spend my time… like on the Westerblog… 😉

  4. The sequel to that video is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on youtube along with Charlie Reads Twilight!

  5. ARGH! I’ve been drawing Manga art since I was SEVEN and NONE of mine could compare to that. Phail. *headdesk*

  6. …buuut I love it anyway.
    And I’m happy cause I’m going to a friends house and that friend has read Leviathan!!!!

  7. Wonderful art! I like the first one a lot. But what’s Poptropica, anyway?
    That video cracks me up! Off to the sequel.

  8. @10- Poptropica is a website on which you complete different missions or quests on different “islands”. Each island has a different mission. That screenshot is from Steamworks island in which your character discovers the island completely inhabited by steamwork machines and then tries to find what happened to the people who once lived on the island. I think… It’s been a year or so since I played.

  9. When I saw “Dalek week” I thought it was referring to the EXTERMINATE variety. While Alek and Deryn are fantastic, for a split second there I was hoping for a random spurt of daleks on this blog.

    But that would be, indeed, VERY random.

  10. Oh, I LOVE theprinceofparties’s “Such Great Heights”! Actually, I adore everything by her that’s Leviathan related….

    Have you seen her other Dalek Week 2011 art? theprinceofparties, I mean. “A Place to Belong” and “Faith” are tear-jerkers….

  11. I just bought a copy of Leviathan in french! But why is it 20 or so more dollars than it is in english? Anyone have an answer?

  12. Hello, all! I haven’t been on in a while…
    If you would please click on my name and read my Dalek week submission for “Parents” to see if you can find typos/something wrong, it would be much appreciated.

  13. Thanks, YOLO! Like I said, trying to be creative. I was originally going to have it as a drawing in comic-like form, but that would have taken too long and I have four things left to do before tomorrow, so I wrote it instead. It was fun 🙂
    I only have to finish writing “obsession”, do “blindfold” (I have a great idea for that 🙂 ), and “Summer afternoons” and “Generations”, which I have no clue on. Yikes.

  14. And isn’t Prince of Parties awesome? I love her work. Have you read “Gender bending squirrel” and “Leviathan Comic Superdump”? Hilarious.

  15. asjkghiuwrygiusgf no one’s ever called me ESTIMABLE before ;u; I had to look that up, actually XD

    Oh my god thank you; I didn’t expect this at all!

  16. @20- It was good! And a little suprising when it was Volger and Barlow that were like the parents.

    @21- Hahaha, that’s almost exactly what I thought but what I thought was a little… em… dirtier. 😉

  17. I finally uploaded stuff to my deviant account!! Not dalek week stuff though
    🙁 . I have nothing ready so it may be a bit too late…

  18. I LOVE PrinceofParties’s artwork. So beautiful. I also think “Thinking” is neat as it seems like the different nation’s flags are represented. (or maybe not because of Alek’s colors don’t seem to match.)

  19. Wait a second… I have a question for YOLO!. On the last fan art friday which we were still actively commenting on until july 7th or so, you wrote a comment that said “the higgs bosun partical rules the world!” at the time I thought “okay whatever. That’s a little random but that’s what we do here…” But then today I got back from Canada when it occured to me to check if any of the people I subscribe to on youtube had uploaded any new videos and there was one from Hank Green called “The Higgs Bosun Partical” or something like that. So this is my question/declartion: Was that a coincidence? Of course not, you don’t go randomly talking about particals on the same day Hank Green makes a video about the very same particals (which btw was also my brothers birthday). Or maybe you do go around talking about particals, I dunno, I’m not you…

  20. There should be Dalek and Daleks! I’d do it, except I can’t draw xP Unless there already is some. And, in that case, I would love to see it.

  21. @26. You don’t have to do one every day. So if you were to do some of the themes for later on in the week, like summer afternoons, obsession, and generations, you’d be ay-okay.

  22. @31-Thanks! Maybe I will…
    Also I’ve been thinking of adding either my figment page or my deviantart page for the website thingy so my name will be clickable but is it actually possible to link it just to my page?

  23. @32-Yes, dirtier I guess is the only word to use there. Now either I could go right out and say what I thought or hint at it annoyingly until everybody is too ticked off to bother guessing.

  24. My neighbors are so loud that I can hear their conversations from inside my bedroom! 🙁

  25. @34. Hint away, my internet friend….
    @36. Is that so? I would have no idea what that would be like as I live a mile away from my closest neighbor…

  26. @37- I don’t live in one of those places that the houses are smashed together and no one has any personal space but I do have neighbors in view of my house… and then it turns to woods… for 20 miles straight.

  27. I to live in the country. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. My nearest neighbor (meaning house, not just building) lives about a quarter of a mile away. There used to be an rmpty house directly across the road from me, but they moved the house to another area and so then there were just some buildings and a little trailer house for workers to stay in some times. This year they moved the trailer, took down the buildings and built two grain bins.

  28. I love poptropica !! (: I waste my life on that website xD

    And Ian so agreeing with M@X about the commenting thing -.-
    We seriously need to step it up about 50 knotches. Maybe 70.
    I wish I could comment more often but yeah…I get pretty busy.

  29. You’re right. This really is sad. A whole week and not even 50 comments? 🙁
    I would be on more, but I’ve been busy with Dalek week stuff.
    Oh, and, sorry, but I haven’t even started the next chapter of Orion yet… I will try to soon, though!

  30. I haven’t exactly been busy, in fact, I’ve done nothing all week so I have nothing to post. You know, unless you want to hear about the excessive amounts of youtube I’ve been watching or the swimming in restricted areas. I could talk all the brilliant ideas I get but they’re… I dunno… Unshareable might be the word…

  31. Random: Does anyone else here play Spore? Designing on it works pretty well, but detail is crippled by the “complexity meter.” Maybe I should leave art to the artistically talented. There’s plenty of those kinds of people.

  32. 50!! Not 100, but still 50!! We’ve reached 50 comments now! (we’re usually into the upper 100’s around now, but maybe we’re slowing down. 🙁 )

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