Art Reveal 5(a)

I have officially declared the voting for the Manual of Aeronautics art reveal to be over, and to be a tie between #1 (portrait of Dr. Barlow and Tazza) and #2 (rigger’s uniform).

SO YOU GET THEM BOTH. Now, we just need to vote again to see which one to show first . . .

“Um, but that would be stupid,” you say. And you would be right. So instead I shall flip a coin.

*flips coin*
*realizes hadn’t chosen which side was which*
*flips coin again*

We start with the rigger’s uniform!

compressed air rifle: check
rigger’s knife boot sheath: check
safety harness and clip: check
steampunk goggles: check

I don’t know how Keith remembers all this stuff, because I never do.

Oh, and I also promised you the rank and specialist patches that go on the shoulders:

There you have it! Enjoy, cosplayers! PLS SEND PIX 4 FAF.

I’ll be posting the portrait of Dr. Barlow in a couple of days, and the new and astounding cover for the Chinese edition of Leviathan very soon.

(Usual blah, blah: You can pre-order the Manual from Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound. Or support your local bricks-and-mortar store by buying it on Tuesday, August 21.)

65 thoughts on “Art Reveal 5(a)

  1. :c << Just sad face because I really wanted the boffin's portrait.

    :D<< Because we are still getting both!

    You <3 us! (:

    Looking at the outfit in detail. Those suits must weigh a ton! They look super heavy-duty!

  2. MAN I wanted Tazza!!! I don’t cosplay so yeah. Scott, quick question. Have you read A. The Alchemist (the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel) or B. Skulduggery Pleasant (the scepter of the ancients)?

  3. At least you guys GET Dr. Barlow and Tazza! I really wanted the message lizards! 🙁
    Oh, well. The rigger uniforms are awesome!
    Hey, Scott, did you know that not only the Uglies series but LBG are on NPR’s list of the 100 best-ever teen novels? Congrats!

  4. excuse me but as awesome as that was Scott you said BOTH. where was Dr. Barlow in that? oh well. only 13 days left. and i do appreciate the humor.

  5. how DO i send fan art? I clicked the “contact scott westerfeld” button on here but it wants me to open it with gmail or yahoo and i dont have that

  6. That’s awesome, it makes me want to skip the next few days until the manual comes out, but that mean skipping some of the few days of summer left…

  7. Person with Hat, i totally agree! and Roxanne, thanks for reminding me. i just woke up and was confused. the time stamp doesn’t tell you that, but now, later, i can fully appreciate the amazingness.

  8. Here goes: (Good ol’ copy and paste)
    My comment didn’t post a while ago. GRR.
    Anyways, I like the uniform. Looks pretty heavy duty, albeit hard to lug up and down the ratlines. That little air tank must have a lot of pressure to fire the rifle well.

  9. Yay! Snippet #2:
    @8: I’m pretty sure it’s ammunition: How would a zipper in an odd place like that work? Would you squeeze out like a snake? But I do agree that it looks a lot like a giant diagonal zipper.

  10. Sorry for the confusion everyone. My computer’s acting up. I had advice for nerezza-la: Right click the contact “click here” and copy the email address. Get an email service if you don’t have one. Gmail’s good.

  11. Looks pretty good for cold weather, which you probably get a lot of up on the spine. Can’t wait to see Tazza and el (or la in this case…) boffin!

  12. Ooh, I love the patches! I can’t wait for Dr, Barlow and Tazza!

    Also, on a completely related note: Thank you to you and Justine for your NaNoWriMo tips of 2009! They’re so helpful! I read one everyday before I start writing…
    (For those of you who don’t know, CampNaNoWriMo is going on right now. NaNoWriMo, but in the summer. ^^)

  13. Am I the only one intrested in weapons? Will there be a page of weapons in the MOA? I’m seriously going to make a replica, if not, a Leviathan-themed weapon. (Prop weapon, don’t come after me, cops)

  14. Wow. That suit looks so…..warm. I don’t think I’d like to be wearing that in 86-degree heat.

  15. @32: Gosh. Must be some hidden air conditioner in there. Or it’s always frigid way up in the air, which I believe is more likely,

  16. To everyone who thinks the suit looks warm: it gets super cold at high altitudes. I mean, when the Leviathan flies over the Alps in book 1, it would be colder than the top of the Alps. Which is pretty cold.

  17. the suits don’t look that warm to me, but then again I have been known to wear a jacket on really hot days

  18. I saw this and thought I should show this to my family . Mom: that’s cool Ronan . Sarah: thats cool Ronan . Dad: that’s cool Ronan . Tiernan : GET OUT OF MY ROOM I DON’T CARE .


  19. Boo-yeah!
    Awesome work Keith. I’m gonna get you to illustrate my novel when I get round to writing it (will you still be illustrating when I’m 20-something?) 🙂

  20. Dear America,
    You idolize superheroes in tights and sparkly vampires.
    We idolize 900-something-year-old time lords who take young women on adventures in a police box.
    WE WIN!!!!!!

  21. @ 44, you’re genious! difficulties: 1) do you live in the same general area as Keith,
    and 2) how old are you? these are for you to consider. good luck!

  22. T-Minus 11 days until I walk into B&N and demand my copy! =]

    Despite having a Kindle, I am adamant about getting every single one of your books in hard copy to display proudly on my bookshelf.

  23. @35: Yay, I was right! (I said it was more likely, but close enough.) Thanks Scott for clarifying!

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