Chinese Leviathan Cover

My inbox just received this boo-ti-ful image. It’s the painting for the Chinese cover of Leviathan. The artist is Li Tao. (Li is the surname, and the artist is male, just so you know.)

Click here for the bigness, because the bigness is bigger.

Needless to say, I love this cover image. It has a wonderfully exuberant forward motion to it, not unlike this Chinese propaganda poster. Or this one! (I mean, it’s just dying to be remixed into a poster, IF THAT SHOULD OCCUR TO ANYONE.) I also really love the styling of the Leviathan overhead, and the Hapsberg seal. So much heraldry!

Can’t wait to see the final version with text and my name in Chinese on it. (Just to be clear, this is the simplified Chinese version, for the mainland.)

Dr. Barlow portrait from The Manual of Aeronautics coming soon!

59 thoughts on “Chinese Leviathan Cover

  1. Oh good gravy. This is probably one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. *drools upon it*

    I desire it for myself.

    *tears self away, mournfully*

  2. 1) I’m gone for two weeks on vacation and this is all you have?!?!?!?!?! Sad! (faf).

    2) MM: You knocked me out?
    2b) By Newkirk, I mean, it was a cheap blow, but still!
    2c) NEWKIRK STOLE ZEUS! How dare you.

    3) Rigger uniform= awesome possum!

    4) Come on, all foreign covers are awesome!

    That is all.

  3. Hohohoho I’ll be seeing this soon in local bookstores in Hong Kong~~ And don’t worry Scott, I’ll recommend this to all my friends who refuse to read English books!!! But seriously. This cover alone is enough to attract readers 😀

  4. Wow!

    I can’t wait to add this to the Books of Scott Westerfeld site. I’ll have to create a new Chinese (Simplified) section now that there will be more than one title in that language.

  5. This is amazing! I love how Deryn’s pose reflects her energy and personality and Alek’s pose reflects his nobleness. …Amazingness…

  6. I LOVE THIS COVER! It is gorgeous! I love all the colors and everything. I would absolutely love a poster of this, how do you get one?
    (Although, can I just say Alek kinda looks like a girl?)

  7. It’s super pretty but I have to agree with Roxanne on the Alek looking like a girl part. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this lol.

    At least now he is literally the “boy” he always wanted to be xD

  8. This is just…. EPIC! Not nearly as epic as the Russian cover(s), but pretty darn close. Go foreign covers!!!

  9. i’m just asking the foreign Leviathan fans here, why do you have to be so awesomely epicly amazing/

  10. Meh…this is okay. But it’s still better than us Anerican’s measly, boring covers. I agree with Scorpio-Ferret; all the foreign covers are so AMAZING!!!

  11. WOO! my first comment, and I’m doing this to say that I went to Shared Worlds, and met Naomi Novik because I first herd about it here, so thanks Scott Westerfeld, for being the reason I went to Shared Worlds and wrote a story that got reviewed by Karen Lowachee!

  12. Ginny-la, i think the American cover and the Australian cover are the same thing. don’t be mean to Scott. our covers are still good, right?…just not as good.

  13. by the way it’s good to know at least one fellow isolated, hard-to-come-by American fan!

  14. Why does the walker have a head and “eye”? Why is the cannon on the left instead of the right? Why does the walker have arms and hands?… :/

    Anyway’s good drawing.

  15. So this is where everyone dissapeared to! I was getting lonely over at art reveal 5a. Anyway… Awesome cover. Makes me feel sad to be stuck with these unbreathtaking american covers. The french cover, or at least the french-canadian cover, is the same as the american one. Though the french canadian cover for City of Bones is waaayyy awesomer than the american one.

  16. Gah! I accidentally posted that PAY NO MIND TO IT!!!
    I meant to say:
    I have a MAJOR sunburn and it’s KILLING ME……ugh….

  17. PWH! Finaly, someone I’ve comunicated with before on here!

    Anyway, Scorpio-ferret, at one time American posts dominated this blog. We’d usually post over 500 comments a week, but after a year we’ve started to slow down. Not that the book isn’t still awesome, we’ve just shared our thoughts so much on the book that anymore would make it creepy. One creepy thing I know is that there used to be at least three other Iowa citizens who were regulars, one californian, and someone else from the central time zone.

  18. And so the old share with the new a dimond in the rough left for others to enjoy, may you have as many laughs, crazy arguments, and great conversations as we have had.

  19. Awesome! But the Stormwalker looks a bit more golden and futuristic than I’d remembered. I think it’s the smashed up scene (or maybe the Stormwalker grew graspers and an eye), but it looks more shiny even that way. A few creative liberties to create a completely epic cover are wholly acceptable, though. Why can’t our covers look like this? 🙁 Li Tao did a wonderful job!

  20. I would buy this if it was a poster. That’s how much I love it. I’d hang it in my dorm room. I’m sure my roomies wouldn’t mind a bit. 🙂

  21. @42: I’m actually relatively new to this blog (if half a year is short). I think everyone not here has just lost interest. 🙁

    Oh, and I’m from Coruscant. 😉
    (That wink means I’m joking, by the way. In case you were wondering how I hacked the Internet from Coruscant.)

  22. @44- yeah, I’ve only been on the blog since March or April or something. So about half a year.

  23. Well, to clarify, I’ve been reading the blog since last October but being the scared little person I am, I didn’t comment for another half year.

  24. @PWH: I think I just read for a while too, then I accidentally insulted the first person I tried to chat with on this blog, in January. Not a good start, but now I just try to avoid that by being relevant to the subject(s) at hand (if I can be, of course 😉 ).

  25. I’ve been on since about the beginning of this year…maybe. ?-? I remember the good ol’ days when I was still Midshipman Joseph…

  26. I’ve been on since before Goliath came out. Back the I was “angry but dedicated.” (I was angry the book was taking so long to come out, then it came out and I became M@X.)

  27. @49: That was about the time I first came across this blog. I think I was quite lucky to read the Leviathan series after all the books were out. Only just after, but that was nice to not have to wait. I have done that with other series (Series’?) as well. It helps keep some anger from forming, I think. I was lucky, though.

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