Fan Art Friday (Frequently Fortnightly)

Welcome to FAF(FF), my sorta-weekly series of fan art, farinaceous treats, and fun.

But before we start, next Tuesday (August 21) is when The Manual of Aeronautics comes out! On that day I’ll be doing one last art reveal. As per tradition, it will be the endpapers from the Manual, which I think you’ll find quite fabulous.

And now for FAF(FF)!

Let us begin with cake, because the world needs more cake.

This edible artistry comes from the tumblr feed of jaberwockyx, and was made for a school project. (It won first prize, obviously.)

I like that it has both a walker and a whale on it, which brings to mind the book’s tagline: “Do you oil your war machines, or eat them?”

Not to be outdone, Uglies fandom also has a cake this week:

And just in case you think this is a cake with the words “special” and “extra” randomly on it, i have proof of its Uglies-relatedness:

Thanks for sending me the pix, Bea-la!

And now some whale love from Catherine P.

Not cake, but very kawaii.

And here’s some cosplay (and photoshop-play) from both series. First Jennifer B being a Special . . .

And Lauren being Deryn:

Two pencil works from peanutbuttergoddess, of Lilit and Deryn:

I like their half-smiling expressions a lot.

And to round out the lurve triangle, here’s Alek as drawn by sleepy pilot:

He’s not smiling, but he means you no harm!

That’s it for FAFFFFF. See you Tuesday for the book birthday of The Manual of Aeronautics! I am excited to hear what you guys think of the many arts in it.

To pre-order the Manual online, go to Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound.

65 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (Frequently Fortnightly)

  1. Oh man, the last thing I need right now is another picture of Alek that looks sexy yet isn’t supposed too.

    …don’t ask.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! the cakes look soooo good! i should have the uglies cake one for my bday
    the girl dressed up as a special is pretty cool, too

  3. Heh! The picture of Alek just SCREAMS “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to!”
    If only I had gotten here about two minutes ago I would have gotten my first first.

  4. I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing
    Roman Calvary choirs are singing
    Be my mirror, my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field
    And for some reason I can’t explain
    Once you’ve gone, there was never
    Never an honest word
    But that was when I ruled the world

  5. Whoops, he messed up the HTML at one point. Hence the italics.
    But man, how do you cake? How do you art? How do you? How?

  6. YAY my art is on here! That just made my day that much more awesome!
    And those cakes look deliciously amazing…

  7. Oh yeah! Love the cakes.
    Today was the most akward day of my life. I was on a bus, with my friend, by the bay.
    Me: Ew! They bay STINKS!
    Friend: It smells like someone having you-know-what.
    Me: .-. And how would you know?
    Friend: •’-‘• ummmm

  8. I wish I had cake making skills like that! And the drawing of Alek… wow, that’s pretty amazing. I never can draw people looking forward.

  9. Wooooowww thank you so much Scott-la for posting my alek picture!!!
    You are so awesome and amazing!!!!!!! 😀
    But yes, he probably WILL hurt you, if you lay a hand on Deryn that is! Thats who I kept in mind when I drew it XD

  10. I think we’ve seen that picture of Deryn before. The cakes were cool, but i have this really cool fan art to send in. Anyone knows how i go about doing that?

    also- where was the loris with mustashe picture we were promised would be in every FAF(F)?

  11. I know I pretty much say the exact same thing every FAF, but let me reiterate once again:
    I LOVE LEVIATHAN AND DALEK!!!!! *happy sigh*
    I want themed cake. It seems like it would just taste better than normal cake. 🙂

  12. Scott-The Leviathan tag line is actually “Do you oil your war machines, or feed them?”

    I don’t want to eat a beastie. That’d just be weird.

  13. @21-That’s the joke, Ginny-la. Do you oil your war machines, or EAT them. You know, like a cake, cakes are eatable… usually.

  14. first reaction: oh my god you all are freakin’ awesome artists, and of extremely varied media.
    next: oh wait, i can sorta do most of that type of stuff too.
    finally: oh Scott, why can’t you post my art? please? for once?

  15. by the way, i think Alek usually isn’t that cool with holding a gun. if he’s holding one, he’s fighting. and if he’s fighting, he’s angry. not overpowering enough that he can just go around holding a gun.

  16. This is weird and random but…
    I love Kaito and Len as a couple!!!! They are sooo cute together!!!! BUT THEY’RE BOTH GUYS…..heeelp meeee… cute yet so akward….

  17. I just went to Barnes & Noble this morning, and they already had the manual on the shelves…

  18. Arrrgghh!!! I just had this major swearing explosion at 10 at night cuz I missed Ginny-la by 14 minutes AGAIN!! I think I woke up my entire family. I get too emotional over this.

  19. I don’t usually eat my war machines, though I do use Olive Oil, and feed them to my friends…
    Evil Laugh
    ‘These have gotta be the worst pies in London….’

  20. @29-I wasnt talking to you
    @30-Whoa even I dont do that
    @31-SO JEALOUS
    @32-HOW EVIL OF YOU *shunning* even though I cant REALLY shun you.

  21. @33-Yeah, I realized that a while ago. I meant to say something but I wwas tired and kept misspelling stuff so I just gave up.

  22. Yeah the Manual’s already on the shelves of Barnes & Nobles. Weird, huh?

    Plus, they don’t have the fricking Herkules or Beowulf from the first book. what’s up with that? those were like the awesomest things in the whole series besides Bovril and the wasser-wanderers.

    Also, how do you send fan art?!

  23. @36- Haha! First to answer your question! To send fan art you click on the contact button on the right hand side towards the top. And from there it’s pretty self explanitory.

  24. Some one should make a fan art museum with different wings dedicated to different authors/ tv shows/ whatever else.

  25. Oh my gosh! My deryn cosplay pictute was actually posted on here! I FEEL LOVED.
    And might I say those cakes look marvelous and absolutely delicious. I would eat them in an instant.

  26. Ginny-la, sorry if you think i’m a bit of a party pooper. i guess my Mum’s handed down a bit of her perfectionism…hopefully she doesn’t see this.
    @ 39, that’s a fabolous idea! if i could i would help you.

  27. i thought it was “Do you oil your war machines, or feed them?”
    you dont want to eat them

    Sorry I’ve been gone! I’ve had loads of family stuff going on and haven’t had time for the internet. (and I now have my school laptop back, so I don’t have to fight for access of the computer. Also, be expecting more frequent Orion updates!!)

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