The Manual Is OUT!

The full-color, slightly larger format, all-singing and all-dancing art book to the Leviathan series, also known as The Manual of Aeronautics, is OUT NOW. Actually, several people have found them on store shelves over the weekend, but today is the official release date. (Well, tomorrow morning in the United States. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN . . . )

You can go buy the Manual with your monies! Or ask your librarians for it, or get it online at Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, the paperback of Goliath also came out today!

One of my favorite features of the Leviathan series is that each of the books has a splendid color endpapers by Keith, and the Manual is no exception. Which means I get to follow my tradition of revealing the endpapers on publication day.

As a wrap up of the series, Keith and I wanted to do something that encapsulated the whole series, with pretty much all of the characters in it. Also there was a certain piece of fan art about Deryn and Alek posing for the cover photo on Goliath. So we thought it would be cool for Keith to create the photo shoot for the Clanker/Darwninist Co-Existence Treaty signing!

Most likely, the image below wouldn’t really happen in the world of the Leviathan. I mean, all these characters wouldn’t all get credit for what they did to end the Great War (and all of those machines and beasties in the background would be a bit of a mess). But think of this as a visual confection, a collage that reveals the themes of the book (not unlike the frontispiece of that OTHER Leviathan).

So this is what we went with, and from this humble idea Keith created this awesome image:

Click here for the HUGE and zoomable version. And then see if you can find all the amusing (or sad) details.

Feel free to comment on the Manual in this comment thread, given that there aren’t really spoilers for an art book. (Or are there? Hmm.)

So I guess this is KIND OF THE END. You know? I mean, I’ll certainly post about the Leviathan series again, and people will go on talking about it and cosplaying it, and as new people are born and taught to read, they’ll discover it for the first time. Also, it’s completely possible that someone will make graphic novels or movies or interpretive dances of it, or that I will do more work in that universe someday.

But that doesn’t change the fact that with the Manual finally out, the Leviathan series is kind of . . . over now, at least in its original flavor version. *MAKES SAD FACE WITH TINY TEAR*

It’s been a great five years of working with the awesome Keith Thompson, who really threw his genius into this project, making it much better and bigger and realer than I could ever have hoped it would be. (I’m pretty sure I’ll be working with him again. Steampunk card game!)

It’s also been great having so many voluble, passionate, opinionated, and ridiculously creative fans. Thank you for coming along for the ride, and especially for all the amazing fan art. You are the best.

Seriously. Barking spiders to all of you.

235 thoughts on “The Manual Is OUT!

  1. hey Keith so now that i know you read the comments i’m gonna be annoying. every post, from now on(if i can remember) i’m asking you if you offer drawing lessons. i am in desperate need of help. and @98, i searched the sites and there’s a bunch of other Steampunk-y shirts, too.

    B: NOOOOO! THIS CANNOT BE THE END!! DDD: I love Leviathaaaaaannnnn *sobbage*
    C:: A new friend of mine at HS is reading this series and reviewing the Manual for the school paper! :DD It’s my fault. ^u^ (Thought someone might care for some reason…)

  3. @85: If that is really you, Mr. Thompson (I’m terribly sorry, but I am rather skeptical) then I’m glad you read the comments and I love all the art you’ve drawn for Leviathan. You have amazing skill.
    @88: Me either. It almost seems to good to be true.

  4. @96- Passionate. My brillaint self just realized the word is passionate. Not “passionful”.

  5. you really should continue on with a new storyline maybe in world war two it would be awesome to see the darwinism and clankerism move farther forward in twenty years

  6. I was supposed to have the Manual ship to my house today but it didn’t come… 🙁 WHY GOD WHY

  7. so my copy of the manual says “Coexistence Peace Treaty 1915” instead of 1916. Explanation???

  8. Oh, 110! So I’m not the only one who noticed the 1916/1915 thing! Yes, please! Explanation!
    Also, the behemoth is absolutely terrifying.
    So I put together all my Leviathan books and everything Leviathan has influenced me to do and–barking spiders–you should see the state of my desk. A German-English dictionary, decorated English notebooks, books on Austria and the Hapsburgs. That doesn’t even include my Deryn-inspired haircut!

  9. I JUST GOT IT AND READ IT COVER TO COVER AND IT’S SUPER AWESOME. I’m not going to lie, though, I really wanted some new beasties and general longer-ness. BUT I STILL LOVE IT. And I will certainly use it for my fanart/fiction.

  10. Regarding 1915/16

    When Keith sent me the final art, it said 1916. But then I was, like, “The war probably ended in 1915, given that the series ends in December of 1914. So change it!”

    So he did for the book. But I guess I still had the old file around. Fun game: Check to see if there are any other changes!

  11. scott,
    The fact that the series is over 🙁 doesn’t mean that the characters are dead (thank you for teaching us that Ms. Funke.) Their stories still go on (metaphorically, as they are after alll fictional characters), and it is your job to chronicle those stories.
    The gauntlet has been thrown down.

  12. I start school tommorow… 🙁 ….on the other hand I guess I’m happy cause this will be the second school year when I’m on the Westerblog, so I guess it’s kinda like a really weird anniversary….?

  13. I’m going to memorize this manual, just like Deryn did. <3 It is my most precious textbook.

  14. Can we all appreciate the clanker and darwanist the background meeting each other to shake hands? FEELS.

    Also the Tesla portrait and the pidgeon made me laugh xDD Alek and Deryn are looking at each other QAQ

    These books are simply AMAZING and whether you revisit these beautiful characters or not, the series will live for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

    Am I the only one who would love to see Leviathan performed through interpretive dance?

    UGHHH WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THESE FEELS??? (Logical step would be to make more fanart and I’m a pretty logical person >:D )

  15. @126: I’ve thought of turning Leviathan into a ballet (because that’s the only form of dance I know XD), but I think it would make a better musical, something on the scale of Les Miserables, but perhaps not constantly singing.
    And of course a totally awesome film….three part film….
    Anything would have to be in three parts to fit in all the gorgeous details. ^^

  16. Can’t believe the series is over. 🙁

    I won’t know what to do with myself now.

    So happy that it’s finally out at the same time.

  17. Never know what to do when one of your series is over, but can’t wait for more books! Love you first comment too, haha.

  18. Scott’s second post made me cry. Sigh.
    Uglies still has first in my heart, but this will always have a place too.

  19. @117- I’m really sorry Middy Joe but i have to say this: HA! You guy were making fun of me when I still had school and you were all on vacation! I still have two weeks of vacation!
    I really am sorry for that outburst, it had to be said. I’m sorry you have go back to school. At least you have the manual to look forward to.

  20. As soon as I get the manual I take it outside to read, and my brother manages to spray it and me twice with a hose. Of course, “accidentally.”

  21. @132- I think my brother has done that on several occasions, luckily never while I was holding the manual.

  22. My mother refuses to buy me the manual! 🙁 I will somehow get it though.
    @130 I so agree. I read 3 of Scott-la’s series before this one ( the first being Uglies,) but Leviathan will ALWAYS have a place in my heart! 😀

  23. ok, i’ve pretty much got the entire beastie section memorized, on to the Walkers. Semaphore is gonna take me a while. am i just really weird, or is anyone else doing this?

  24. of course this is pretty hard to do when my little sister is staring angrily at me insisting that i put down the Manual and/or get off of Westerblog. i’m sorry Scott, i guess not all ages are able to appreciate your work and your total awesomeness. *sniff*

  25. @135&136: Don’t worry, you’re not weird at all. I am going to memorize this manual as well….Except I also I have to give it to my sister because she wants to look at it….
    She always read these books first, but I know them WAY better than she does because, well, I stole all of them. XD They’re not really mine, they’re my family’s, but I made them mine. ^^ So, yeah, I grabbed the Manual when it arrive in the mail….No one else has touched it. Back to memorizing now….

  26. Scott,
    If you change the awesome Clanker/Darwinist design of this blog, I will never talk to you again. Just saying….
    (Actually, not really, but I will be very upset.)

  27. On an unrelated subject, I just found out that we have Team Human! When did we buy that? And how has it been sitting around under my very nose? Sigh….
    Well, if it distracts my sister long enough, more Manual time for me!!!!! Muhahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  28. Will we get another FAFFF tonight, Scott? Please say yes!

    And I STILL don’t have the Manual. Stupid UPS. >:(

  29. Hey Scott, I have a question. Before Charles Darwin came along, the Darwinists used machines just like the Clankers, right?

  30. @143, supposedly yes. according to history, Britain helped lead the Industrial Revolution in the same general period of time as the Leviathan series. i’m a bit confused to, because if they were industrial then Darwin would’ve been an absolute radical and a whole country just entirely changes.

  31. and Midshipman K, i’m slightly curious. are you a fellow hard-to-come-by American fan? i’m just hoping i can find some in my general region so we can dominate, and then take on the world. naw, j.k. more like have fan(club) meetings.

  32. but U.S.A. rocks. i recently read the Scott Facts thing in Bonus Stuff, and i’m so proud that we’re finally able to produce a decent author.

  33. I would LOVE to meet a fellow houstonian Scott-la lover! But I’m not sure if their are to many.

  34. @146&147 (Scorpio-Ferret): Yes, I am American. Could you tell by the time stamp? I would love to meet other Leviathan fans! But the US has several regions, so for all I know you could be on the other side of a continent.

  35. YES! you just made my day. in case you haven’t read all of my comments i live in Boston, Massachusetts. East Coast. @Sarah-wa, i’m sorry i don’t live in anywhere near you. but Midshipman K, pleasepleaseplease live near me. i can access pretty much all of the greater New England area.

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