Voting for Art Reveal 5

The Leviathan series artbook, The Manual of Aeronautics, comes out on August 21. That’s just two and a half weeks from now, so it’s probably time for more art revealings.

Here are the previous art reveals, in case you missed them:
The Bridge of the Leviathan!
The Cyklop Stormwalker!
Clanker uniforms!
Flechette bat!

Shall we vote on this? We shall.

Would you rather see . . .

1) A portrait of Dr. Barlow? (with bonus Tazza!)

2) A rigger’s uniform? (with various specialist/rank patches)

3) Or the message lizard? (carried over from round 4)

And all of it in glorious color!

Please vote by number. As always, use this comment thread to wrangle, browbeat, and bludgeon your co-commenters into agreement. They like it when you do that.

Let the voting begin.

You can pre-order the Manual from the usual online joints: Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound. It will land at your local bricks-and-mortar store on Tuesday, August 21.

163 thoughts on “Voting for Art Reveal 5

  1. oh my gosh, what’s happening here? all you Tintin fans, can’t this happen on Facebook instead please? and Random Alien, i hope you’re just being funny because you better not be dissing Tazza.

  2. Voting is closed now, because it’s AN EXACT TIE between 1 and 2!

    (My counting may not be great, but work with me here.)

    So we shall see BOTH numbers 1 and 2. (I am benevolent and wise, and too lazy to recount.)

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