Voting for Art Reveal 5

The Leviathan series artbook, The Manual of Aeronautics, comes out on August 21. That’s just two and a half weeks from now, so it’s probably time for more art revealings.

Here are the previous art reveals, in case you missed them:
The Bridge of the Leviathan!
The Cyklop Stormwalker!
Clanker uniforms!
Flechette bat!

Shall we vote on this? We shall.

Would you rather see . . .

1) A portrait of Dr. Barlow? (with bonus Tazza!)

2) A rigger’s uniform? (with various specialist/rank patches)

3) Or the message lizard? (carried over from round 4)

And all of it in glorious color!

Please vote by number. As always, use this comment thread to wrangle, browbeat, and bludgeon your co-commenters into agreement. They like it when you do that.

Let the voting begin.

You can pre-order the Manual from the usual online joints: Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or IndieBound. It will land at your local bricks-and-mortar store on Tuesday, August 21.

163 thoughts on “Voting for Art Reveal 5

  1. Scorpio-Ferret:
    You are lucky! I start school on the same day the Manual
    comes out! Same as my brother, and I have cousins who started today!
    School kind of sucks here in Mexico????????
    But it’s akward. I mean, I don’t want the summer to end but I want to see all my friends. That always happens…

  2. #2 because we already have the message lizard on here. Dr barlow is one of my more favourite characters, but i feel like color isn’t going to bring a huge revelation for what she looks like, since we’ve seen her pretty detailed in black and white.

    what i really want some reveals for is Cutters. Do we even have a release date yet?

  3. Camila, that’s awesome! i honestly really want to visit Mexico! sorry for my being a bit daft, but i kinda forgot that you can get books anywhere worldwide and that fans aren’t necessarily in the U.S.

  4. Instead of voting, can I just sit here and be smug that I managed to snag a copy at Comic Con? Haha, beg him for scraps, peasants!

  5. Hey Scott, can you PLEASE put some more stuff on the Bonus Stuff page???? There’s like NOTHING, for about a YEAR! It’s supposed to have bonus stuff galore! Come on! 🙂

  6. Excuse me, #126, but I am the biggest Tintin fan ever. Period.

  7. AHEM, but I am THE biggest Tintin Fan in the whole wide world, and let that be the end of it!

  8. #129, we all know that I’m the absolute biggest Tintin fan in the UNIVERSE, so lets leave it at that, shall we?

  9. Whoops, #130, or should I say, #130 AND #129! You’re just the same person! You just made a mistake, and know that PROVES that I am the biggest Tintin Fan ever, because Tintin would NEVER cheat like that to prove he was a bigger fan!

  10. Uh oh, now I’ve really stuffed up. Now everyone knows I am just the SAME PERSON!!!!

  11. Tintin would never pretend to be 3 people and argue with himself as to who’s the biggest fan! He wouldn’t even have an argument, he’d just leave and say ‘Whatever, I don’t care, goodbye,”. You suck!

  12. Well duh. All of these past ones since #124 are just the same person being bored, including this one and the last one.

  13. In the MULTIVERSE, man! Anyway, this is a Manual of Aeronautics poll, not a random Tintin forum. We, I, should probably go.

  14. Anyway, sorry for wasting your time. Unless you found it funny.
    Bye now!

  15. @124-144-U ROCK!!! 😀 Hey, if Scott didn’t find that funny, don’t worry, cause I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. And I’m not just saying that.

  16. Hello, Earthlings. I come in peace. What is this strange custom you have here? Voting, hm. For what? Something called the Manual of Aeronautics? Sounds interesting. I think I shall partake in it. Number 1 please. I should like to see this creature you call “Tazza”.

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