I know you’re all busily enjoying The Manual of Aeronautics, but it’s the time for Fan Art Friday Fortnightly! And as a bonus, this FAFF is actually a fortnight after the last one. (Tiny w00t.)

And so we begin with this from Sandra G:

Somewhat larger w00t!

Thanks to you all for your comments and enthusiasm. It’s been really fun seeing the book out in the world.

Next, we have this pissed-off Leviathan by Nicole Marquez (AKA adventaim on DeviantArt).

I like it when the airbeast can haz all the feelings, even when the foremost feeling is hey-I’m-going-to-kick-yer-butt!

And speaking of emotions (masterful segue!) check out this lovely pencil work of a laughing Deryn from Lauren S:

I like how happy Deryn is in lots of fan art. It was really important for her to be a joyful person, given that Alek was depressed all the time. Of course, as the series progresses, the two of them switch places to some extent.

This piece by jurodo was part of Dalek Week, which we’ve already covered, but I missed it. And it rules! So here it is a few weeks late:

And here are two more Spore pieces from Oskar, a message lizard and a monoplane, because everyone likes message lizards, especially when they have big kawaii eyes that seem to say, “Please give me a message, I’d love to take your message somewhere!”

Nice monoplane too. The Spore stuff is all so friendly.

And finally, in honor of the Uglies quartet boxed set that just came out with the new covers . . .

Alert! Shameless advertising in the middle of FAFF!

. . . here’s a remix of all four covers by Hannah A:

Those are pretty cool. I wonder if a time will ever come when we all just put our own covers on books, because they’re either all print-on-demand or electronic or something. That would be cool.

Okay, that’s it. Hope you’re all having a good end of summer. It’s the first day of spring here in Sydney, because we do it all backwards and on the first instead of the 21st of the month! (Wait. You do your seasons backwards? And offset by 21 days? Isn’t that, like, one thing too many?)


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  1. I’ve noticed on another site’s blog that if you say FIRST on first comment people vehemently shun you, but I’m glad it’s not that way here. 😀

  2. @95, i think you are the first person to convince me that my savings account has a purpose in life. Leviathan LEGO sets, i’m waiting for ya! come on out! and by the way, check this out:

  3. @102-I think this is the first time I’ll agree with you. Scott, WE WANT LEVIATHAN LEGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OHMIGOD I was just reading about the story behind the Vocaloid video “Alice of Human Sacrifice” and it’s even CREEPIER than the video itself!!

  5. Thanks Scorpio-Ferret and Middy Joe for agreeing with me! WE MUST HAVE LEVIATHAN LEGOS!!!!!!!!

    And Scorpio-Ferret, that walker is wicked. It almost looks alive. Not quite a Stormwalker, but maybe we’ll get there. 😀

  6. and notice how some of it is from BOSTON dynamics. i’m so proud! go Boston! maybe i’ll work for them someday… although i’m very anti-War.

  7. OMG!!!!!!i totally heart doctor who!!!!it is the most amazing thing on earth!but, i have to say, harry potter is still like the best movie ever.even if the hunger games and twighlight totally took over peoples minds.

    sorry, i am totally bad at spelling

  8. go middy joe,scorpio-ferret,andsteampunkjedi for thinking we should have leviathan legos!i mean there will someday be them,its just a matter of when……..

  9. The world has been an awsome place ever scince Scott Westerfeld came along.Like, were would we be if he hadn’t come along?We would probebly be sitting in our rooms thinking of why we ever exsisted.

    O, and yes leviathan legos would be cool even though I see no reason for legos.

  10. You guys know each other!? That is like so awsome!!!:) I know your not suposed to post stuff like this online, but does any one here on the westerblog live in California?I would really like to meet one of you awsome people in real life.*smile*:)

  11. @126
    sorry, but i don’t live in california. but still, at least we know each other on the internet

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