I know you’re all busily enjoying The Manual of Aeronautics, but it’s the time for Fan Art Friday Fortnightly! And as a bonus, this FAFF is actually a fortnight after the last one. (Tiny w00t.)

And so we begin with this from Sandra G:

Somewhat larger w00t!

Thanks to you all for your comments and enthusiasm. It’s been really fun seeing the book out in the world.

Next, we have this pissed-off Leviathan by Nicole Marquez (AKA adventaim on DeviantArt).

I like it when the airbeast can haz all the feelings, even when the foremost feeling is hey-I’m-going-to-kick-yer-butt!

And speaking of emotions (masterful segue!) check out this lovely pencil work of a laughing Deryn from Lauren S:

I like how happy Deryn is in lots of fan art. It was really important for her to be a joyful person, given that Alek was depressed all the time. Of course, as the series progresses, the two of them switch places to some extent.

This piece by jurodo was part of Dalek Week, which we’ve already covered, but I missed it. And it rules! So here it is a few weeks late:

And here are two more Spore pieces from Oskar, a message lizard and a monoplane, because everyone likes message lizards, especially when they have big kawaii eyes that seem to say, “Please give me a message, I’d love to take your message somewhere!”

Nice monoplane too. The Spore stuff is all so friendly.

And finally, in honor of the Uglies quartet boxed set that just came out with the new covers . . .

Alert! Shameless advertising in the middle of FAFF!

. . . here’s a remix of all four covers by Hannah A:

Those are pretty cool. I wonder if a time will ever come when we all just put our own covers on books, because they’re either all print-on-demand or electronic or something. That would be cool.

Okay, that’s it. Hope you’re all having a good end of summer. It’s the first day of spring here in Sydney, because we do it all backwards and on the first instead of the 21st of the month! (Wait. You do your seasons backwards? And offset by 21 days? Isn’t that, like, one thing too many?)


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  1. second comment again! and by the way so long for the weekend. i’m off to no-internet-land. hopefully i won’t miss out on anything ridiculously awesome.

  2. *laaaaa!* Thanks for pimping my art AGAIN- I want to cry tears of happiness everytime I see a feature on your blog.


    Love all the other works- great job y’all!

  3. I love the covers too. It would be really cool if we could print out books on demand with a host of covers to choose from, especially if anyone could submit their own art for cover designs.

  4. Yay! My stuff was posted! (I would have made the eyes smaller, but that’s the smallest they get.) And I love the angry Leviathan and the covers.

  5. I think we could (and should be able to) do our own covers for e-books. I have some books on my reader with either generic plain covers or really embarrassing swoony covers. I know you can only see them when the reader is off, but still. Customising those would be cool.

  6. oh. my. gosh.
    those covers are AWESOME! (or bubbly)
    also, I just noticed a small smiley face at the bottom

  7. I feel so cheated. I spent TWO HOURS-that’s t-w-o (2) h-o-u-r-s, people- clicking and clicking to find the oldest post on here so I could comment something like “Haha! I’m commenting on the oldest post ever!” But when I FINALLY get there, I discover that you can’t comment on it! What the hell?????

    Sorry about swearing. But believe me, I feel like using swear words MUCH WORSE than hell.

  8. Scott, do you get mad at me for commenting so much on here? I really don’t have anything better to do, but if it gets annoying, then…

  9. @16-Because I just like doing that. My science teacher made our class a blog, and I did that. It’s one of my *many* quirks. 0.0

  10. I loooove the Uglies covers!!! I need to make some of my own…
    I feel proud…I just drew the best picture of Rue (possibly the best picture of anything) I’ve ever drawn!!! Now I’ll do one of Tally and send it in.

  11. Just close your eyes
    The sun is going
    You’ll be alright
    No one can hurt you now
    Come morning light
    You and I’ll be safe and sound

    That song always makes me cry <3
    Scott, have you read/seen The Hunger Games?

  12. It’s bloody late, but I had a moment of fanfiction-y inspiration and decided to share it with you guys!!! Aren’t you just thrilled?
    WARNING: Extremely depressing.

    The bullet wound was fatal. They both knew that. Alek lay with his head in Deryn’s lap. He felt no pain now, just a dull throbbing in his chest, like his heart was beating heavily.
    “If I die right now, I’ll get to see my parents.” Alek said quietly. “Aren’t I good enough for you now?” Deryn asked, softly. “Of course.” Alek whispered as his eyes fluttered closed. “Say hello to my da at least, kay?” Deryn said, tears rolling down her face. “Ja, liebe, Ja.” The prince took one final shuddery breath, then lay still.

    Hm. Barking sad, but I like it.

  13. Yay! I have a three-day weekend!
    @29-Everybody always kills Alek in their fanfictions. Where’s the Clanker love, hm? Deryn needs to die sometime.

  14. So this is where everybody disappeared to! I love the art (as always) but there is something in fan art that makes it better. Devotion I guess would be the word.

  15. As for fanfiction, there needs to be more about Jaspert. For all I know, there could be loads of fanfiction about Jaspert. I don’t exactly go looking for Jaspert fanfiction. I suppose I could write some.

  16. FINALLY BACK FROM NO-INTERNET LAND! @29, that’s a little too depressing. and i appreciate the fact that you used correct German.

  17. and @30, i think that with thousands dying in the War, that’s enough dying alright? i don’t like this thing of just killing off main characters simply for a plot twist. i mean, who does???

  18. oh, and i guess no one’s looking at this anymore, but going back to the Chinese Leviathan cover, i just noticed the Austrian Eagle. and it’s holding the hammer and sickle. since when was Austria communist???

  19. To follow the communist comment: I was wearing a ring made out of a russian coin from the sixties (it said CCCP and had the hammer and sickle on it) during the pledge of allegiance. No one else noticed, but I found it both ironic and awkward.

  20. i just re-read all of the text in this FAFF. so Scott, i think if you are both originally an American citizen and live in both Sydney and New York, that’s no buisiness calling anyone’s seasons “backwards”. but seriously, how DO you deal with that? i mean, that’s hard to adjust to, right?

  21. public school that just seriously expanded+super overwhelmed principal=what i just managed to get out of. it was madness.

  22. @34-God i’m sorry but it really really really really really really really really really really really bugs me when you have to find the bad in stuff.
    On the other hand, it was supposed to be depressing (cuz I’m such a depressing person, actually, once you get to know me), so I can’t really blame you.
    On the other other hand, you have a sort of history of always not liking my comments, so if it had been anyone but you saying that, I would have not minded.
    On the other other other hand, thank you for thanking me about using proper German. I actually don’t know that much but I really want to learn.
    ON THE OTHER OTHER OTHER OTHER HAND, it really pisses me off when people insult (or sort of insult) me, then give me a compliment. I get all like, SO DO YOU HATE ME OR NOT????
    Okay. That’s enough hands right now. I mean, no one even has that many hands….

  23. @40-44-Currently pissed off math&science teacher+ALWAYS pissed off SS teacher=godimsogladitstgeweekend.

  24. Oh…has anybody heard of Mr.Pearl, the corsetier? I’m a HUGE fan of him. Not that I wear custom made corsets or anything…heh…

  25. @47-I guess it kinda was.

    I have a confession. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just being totally and completely honest. If my honesty bothers you, well, deal with it and get on with life.
    I really do not like Scorpio-Ferret.
    Yes, I know I’ve never actually met them. But like I said, if it bothers you, too bad.
    Good-bye now.

  26. Well, since the mood on her has been KIND OF depressing/aggravating-with-lots-of-discontent, I will now lighten the mood significantly by telling you that
    Click on my name. As usual.

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