I know you’re all busily enjoying The Manual of Aeronautics, but it’s the time for Fan Art Friday Fortnightly! And as a bonus, this FAFF is actually a fortnight after the last one. (Tiny w00t.)

And so we begin with this from Sandra G:

Somewhat larger w00t!

Thanks to you all for your comments and enthusiasm. It’s been really fun seeing the book out in the world.

Next, we have this pissed-off Leviathan by Nicole Marquez (AKA adventaim on DeviantArt).

I like it when the airbeast can haz all the feelings, even when the foremost feeling is hey-I’m-going-to-kick-yer-butt!

And speaking of emotions (masterful segue!) check out this lovely pencil work of a laughing Deryn from Lauren S:

I like how happy Deryn is in lots of fan art. It was really important for her to be a joyful person, given that Alek was depressed all the time. Of course, as the series progresses, the two of them switch places to some extent.

This piece by jurodo was part of Dalek Week, which we’ve already covered, but I missed it. And it rules! So here it is a few weeks late:

And here are two more Spore pieces from Oskar, a message lizard and a monoplane, because everyone likes message lizards, especially when they have big kawaii eyes that seem to say, “Please give me a message, I’d love to take your message somewhere!”

Nice monoplane too. The Spore stuff is all so friendly.

And finally, in honor of the Uglies quartet boxed set that just came out with the new covers . . .

Alert! Shameless advertising in the middle of FAFF!

. . . here’s a remix of all four covers by Hannah A:

Those are pretty cool. I wonder if a time will ever come when we all just put our own covers on books, because they’re either all print-on-demand or electronic or something. That would be cool.

Okay, that’s it. Hope you’re all having a good end of summer. It’s the first day of spring here in Sydney, because we do it all backwards and on the first instead of the 21st of the month! (Wait. You do your seasons backwards? And offset by 21 days? Isn’t that, like, one thing too many?)


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  1. Thank you for changing the message lizard message, Scott. Because the Manual is AWESOME!!
    @50: YAY!!!! I’ll read that now.

  2. Um, Nobody Owens, Scorpio-Ferret, and Middy Joe, I think that when Scott decided we could comment on his blog, he meant for us to simply comment on what he posted and not fight.
    BUT since I really love fighting I’ll take Middy Joe’s side. I went back and tried to find evidence of Scorpio-Ferret and Middy Joe’s previous fights and did. Middy Joe, your previous name WAS Ginny-la, right…? Cause if it was, then even Scott himself is taking Scorpio-Ferret’s side, hence him telling you not to tell people to shut up. So if Scott and Nobody Owens are all on SF’s side, you need a partner.

  3. Hi Scott! ah I think we had a bit of a mix up haha! I emailed you those covers (: the Uglies series covers, but my first name is Ashley and my MIDDLE name is Hannah!

  4. @45, i’m really sorry. not trying to get on anyone’s nerves. @47, thank you very much. @50, that was awesome! totally out of context, but i guess i need to start reading your stuff.

  5. and @52, can’t this all just be over? no more sides, okay? i wasn’t TRYING to start a fight. although i do find it interesting that Scott’s “on my side” . hehehe…

  6. @Middy Joe- Is this because of the incident a few months ago when Scorpio- ferret was a bit rude to you and asked you to leave the comments or something like that. Scorpio-ferret made the point that the comments were for commenting on what was posted, not for communicating with other people. In fact, Scorpio-ferret reminded you that there was a fan forum for that (which I still haven’t figured out how to work, btw). I believe there was another person who said something similar to you on the same post. They may have been called tricadegirl or something like that. ANYWAY, you told them you could do what you wanted and then SCOTT sided with them and gave you a lecture. Now when Scorpio-ferret reappears a few months later and starts commenting like the rest of us, you Middy Joe, can’t help but to scream the word hypocrite. And when you and Scorpio-ferret don’t get along well anyway…This is at least how I interpret it. Now was that confusing or what? Not that I have any hard feelings against anyone.

    On a different note, I got a kitten!!! She is sooo cute!

  7. @58, aww! i’m still attempting at putting pictures in comments (just out of curiosity) so if you know how, can you show us your kitten? and tell me?

  8. @most of the above: Well, that escalated quickly….

    Anyway Scott-la I see what you did there with your last sentence. “Isn’t that, like, one thing too many?” Hahahahahahaha

  9. sheesh i havent been on in weeks.
    well guess what i FINALLY WENT OUT AND BOUGHT? the manual.
    i know im such a bad person, not getting it sooner.
    please scott, could you throw us another chapter every once and a while?

    and also
    i know ive asked a billion times but..
    like detailed instructions please. whats the best way to load it on to my laptop? is there anyway to change the email its sending from? if anyone has a mac here you know that it goes to the whole mail thing but mines all messed up… is there any way around that?
    thanks so much

  10. @ Rue. I can’t help you on the technology front, but in my experience the easiest way to get a picture from a sketch book (which is where all of mine are-again, technologiclly disabled) to a computer would be to take a picture of it. If you have a camera or a phone, you could take a picture and upload it, or if you have photo booth, that works too. And if neither of those are applicable, you can always use iMovie (I’m just assuming you have a mac, as it is mentioned above) and take a screen shot, then drag it into iPhoto and crop it. Hope all (or any) of it helped.

  11. Man, no more fighting? I really wanted a good fight. YES I KNOW I PROBABLY AM GONNA GO TO HELL CAUSE I LIKE SINNING but deal with it God. Plus I don’t really believe in that kind of stuff.

    There. Maybe me being an atheist will cause a fight.

  12. @69: You could take a picture of it and then attach it to an email. I think you could scan it, too, but I’m not sure about that.

  13. @71- do we HAVE to get religion involved in this? because what you said was offensive, since i’m a christian

    I won’t say any more. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.
    That would hurt though…i’ll just cross my heart.

  15. Just as the angel called for slaughter
    Abraham’s daughter raised her voice
    When the angel asked what is your name?
    She said I have none
    He asked but how can this be?
    My father never gave me one

  16. why are we arguing over religion? there’s like a million of them, widely known or simply small and tribal. let’s not go saying anything that can hurt people’s feelings, alright?

  17. and one thing that’s true in pretty much all religions (minus the Romans, but they don’t count) is that we make PEACE. that’s the OPPOSITE of fighting. so if the rest of you are REALLY committed, you will be trying to STOP the fighting. thank you!

  18. @71- Careful, it seems risky to encourage arguments… despite their entertainment value.
    And I’m not going to argue with you over religion because
    1. I’m an atheist too so there is nothing to argue with you about.
    2. There is NOTHING that annoys me more than fights over religion on the internet.
    3. Westerbloggers seem to be accepting and for the most part, respectful people so I’m sure we’ll all just get along (wow that was painfully cheesy for me to type).

    Soooo, I may be over-thinking it a bit but whatever.

  19. I feel like getting up every morning at 5, dragging myself through 7 hours of school, 1 hour of bus ride and 2 hours of homework only to have all that progress erased the next morning at 5 is a waste of my life. It will eventually drive me crazy. Not that you care but I need to tell my opinion on school to someone.

  20. hey, i hear ya! totally boring, right? i mean, that’s only different from my schedule by about 45 minutes!

  21. and i think we can agree that i’m not a robot. although i do like the idea of robot-Westerbloggers. maybe that’s what happens to the present-day Clankers! so involved in mechaniks that they BECOME machinery! ooohh, i sense an epic FanFiction! thanks for the idea, Person with Hat!

  22. @ Cammie-wa, i just read that link, and it’s awesome! how’d you find that??? and with those, everyone will look like Extras heeheehee!

  23. @87-I agree completely. Our teachers claim that knowing what a linear equation is, knowing the period of time Charlemagne reigned, and knowing what an ion is are “life skills”, but seriously, how??? How???? Like, wouldn’t “life skills” be knowing how to defend and take care of ourselves and stuff?

    To me it seems kind of like our teachers are stupider than we are. And please let’s not have an argument over this (hint, hint, Ivy-la). I just needed to get it out of my system.

  24. @93: It depends on what kind of career you wish to go into. I guess it would make more sense to only take classes on what you’re interested in, but I like the diversity of subjects in school personally. And at my school there is an “L.A.” teacher that just talks about random stuff and doesn’t actually teach language skills. A few of my classmates call what that teacher discusses “life skills.” As stated, it all depends on your perspective.

  25. Sheesh. We’ve sure gotten off topic. So Scott, please write more Leviathan books! Or direct a movie about the series! Or license Leviathan to Lego! (That last one would be most awesome 😀 )

  26. @93- I think at a certain point, before college, education should be specialized to a person’s intrests. For example, if I want to be an artist or a youtube volgger when I’m a bit older, I don’t want to have to spend an hour and a half of every day hearing about what we should learn from the mesopotamians. I also have a major issue with health class. I don’t need to spend an hour and a half every day listening to a fat old man tell me not to get pregnent tomorrow because I wasn’t planning to anyway. I also have heard the “don’t drink for the sake of getting drunk” speech enough to drive anyone mental. I’ve also been advised not to do drugs. I WASN’T GOING TO. At this point, I don’t know who I’m shouting at.

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