At last it is time for Fan Art Friday Tri-Weekly plus Fan Tea Friday!

You may have noticed a paucity of blogging lately here. That’s because I’ve been either ill (much better, thank you), lazy (incurable), or working hard (new novel!). But I haven’t forgotten you guys, I’m just trying to get stuff done and letting you talk amongst yourselves. Which you are good at.

Speaking of talking, I’m having a meet-up over at the Westerforum. I’ll be there to answer your many, many questions. Here are the details:

October 20, 2012
7PM Eastern US Time/4PM US West Coast

I’m actually not sure about the Australian or UK time for this meet-up, because the clocks are all changing these days. But Sunday morning in Oz and around midnight in Greenwich Mean. Hope to see you there!

Okay, it’s been too long without any fan art. But let us start with some fan tea.

That’s right, there is now a line of Leviathan teas by Callie Segotta. It’s from Adagio, a site that lets you mix your own teas. Like Cafe Press, but tea. Here’s the label for Dr. Emma Nora Barlow Tea:

There are also teas for Alek, Volger, Deryn, and Lilit:

Click here to check them out.

Continuing with the Leviathan theme, here’s a young boy (who’s name I don’t know, because Twitter sent it to me) with the self-confidence to cosplay Deryn! Awesome, dude.

And here’s a great redux of one of Keith’s illustration from book 1:

And here are a couple of very vivid Uglies images, complete with hoverboards, by Laura Ramie:

Pretty cool.

Okay, that’s it. Hope that you’re all enjoying getting back to school, or just the end of summer in general.

Ciao for now, and hope to see you at the meet-up.

142 thoughts on “FAFT + FTF

  1. Wow, love the Uglies art. I might actually log into my account for the first time in almost a year just for the meet-up…

  2. I’ve never actually been on a meet-up on the Westerforum before. I’ll be there if I can this time.
    I’m not much of a tea fan, but those teas are very awesome and clever! I love all the art a lot. And the cosplay, of course.
    Excuse me, did you just say enjoying school? What a preposterous notion. It’s actually been a month now, and I suppose working is better than doing practically nothing at home, but I would never enjoy the thing. I’m great at it, yes, but I prefer laziness.

  3. To who ever made those teas: you certainly have a future in marketing. Even if I didn’t already love tea and Leviathan, I would want to try all of those teas.

  4. oh my gosh the teas are REAL!? so bubbly
    btw i did my oral book report on specials today…i went over the time limit


  6. I LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! I wish I could draw like that…….. *sigh*
    I can’t wait for the meet up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals a little*

  7. oh, man. i’ve got to sign in to the Forum. does anyone know if you can do that simply as a guest? if i have to i’ll create an account or whatever. not enjoying the fact that summer’s over, though i suppose it’s just starting for you! wait, it doesn’t really get cold in Australia, so it’s always summer… moving there ASAP.

  8. rrg my last comment got cut off. well, Callie Segotta has convinced me to try tea. can we actually order those, or are they just for show?

  9. @10 You can order them. Click on the the link underneath them. (They’re out of Alek and Volger, though.)

  10. YAY!!!!! Meetup!!!!!! 😀 I am so excited!!!!!! If I can’t make it I’m gonna be so sad! I’m really feelin’ the exclaimation points today! 😀

  11. The teas looks awesome! Another thing that’s totally unrelated to anything in this blog post, but totally amazing, my favorite of your b

  12. The teas looks awesome! Another thing that’s totally unrelated to anything in this blog post, but totally amazing, my favorite of your books is So Yesterday, and I guess I talk about it quite a bit. Anyways, one of my friends got me a wifi-detecting watch as a graduation gift because I was always talking about Jen’s bracelet. 🙂 That is all.

  13. Awesome! I can’t wait for the meet up in the Westerforum! Cool Fanara too! I’m actually working on some fan art myself, but im not sure how to upload it/send it in/whatever. :/ Glad you’re getting better!

  14. the teas are awesome and go the unnamed kid!!!
    who’s going back to school? gees… its still holidays.

  15. LEVIATHAN-THEMED TEAS!?!?! AN UNNAMED BOY DRESSED AS A GIRL WHO WAS DRESSED AS A BOY!?!?! *BOOM* That was the sound of my mind being blown

  16. Who cares about the Leviathan stuff…

    I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE the Uglies art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMFG it is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right down to all of the details, everything: the roller coaster, the ruins, Tally, David, the locket, Tally’s sweater, the crash bracelets, the grippy shoes, their surroundings…..amazing! They look EXACTLY how I pictured, not kidding. Please make more, Laura Ramie! I wish that you were illustrating the current graphic novels. 🙂

  17. Okay I just looked this chick up, and I’m guessing those are actual acrylic paintings? Even better….I LOVE your art so much it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!

  18. New novel? How come I haven’t heard about this at ALL? What’s it about? When is it coming out? How far are you into it? Spill, Mr. Westerfeld!! Please tell me!!

    (Sorry. Caps lock overload. But STILL)

    Hello, everyone. How are you? Yeah, I know it’s been a while. Yes, I have a reason for not being on hardly at all: It’s called being busy. I am making some headway on chapter 32, though! You have all read 31, right? It’s on my blog…

    thats like saying “oh yeah, i know what happens in the next season of Awkward, SO ABOUT THAT OTHER THING I WAS GOING TO MENTION…”
    (*** The Fault In Our Stars anyone???)

    JUST NO.

    so im expecting a copy of this “new novel” to be mailed to each and every one of us before you even pick of your laptop and start to write it, just because we are such dedicated fans and we deserve to be completely filled in on every aspect of your author life.

  21. @23
    i totally agree. because scott-la is so dedicated to us, we should really get copies before he een finishes them. there could be a contest where we could write our own alternate ending and everything (of course our would dull in comparison)

    can we at least have a name for the new novel?

  22. The boy looks like a boy I know…wonder where he lives…
    I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE BLACK BUTLER!!!!!!!!!!! The but let’s name is Sebastian. Maybe he’s Fitzroy, because no other airship would accept him cos he’s EVIIIL so he got a job working for Ciel. Hmmmm.

  23. Today I discovered your blog. I’ve just finished the Uglies series (short of Extras) and read Leviathan and Behemoth (apparently, I have a thing for not reading the last book. I swear this is not my fault, but everywhere always seems to carry every book except for the last one in your series’!)

    But, I just wanted to say, this is seriously awesome. I loved you as an author, and now that I see that you keep a blog and interact with people and post fan art… I think I just died and went to heaven.

    Keep on rocking!

    …also, I agree with number 23, Scott-la. We the readers deserve to know more than just “new novel.” That’s like throwing a boomerang at us and expecting us to just stand there and be hit and floored by it! You have to help us catch it!

  24. The evil people are always named Sebastian. WHY ARE THE EVIL PEOPLE ALWAYS NAMED SEBASTIAN????????? That is a very important question.
    Actually the but let’s not evil (well sorta) he’s just creepy.

  25. I just realized I missed PWH by two minutes. TWO BLOODY MINUTES PEOPLE. WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THAT?????

  26. wow in the mortal instruments there’s a bad guy named sebastian sorry if i spoiled that for you..

  27. wait….new novel?? WHAT? Well, the question of the meet up with be what is this new novel. ahahah and we will bug you and bug you just as much as when we wanted to know about croy 😛

  28. i’m reading a pretty awesome book (though it’s weak in comparison to Scott’s writing) called The Beyonders: A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull. anyone heard of it? even though it’s totally different from what Scott does he and Brandon need to co-write something epic. once Scott’s done with this title-less “New Novel”, of course.
    btw check it out: mmm,…?

  29. nooooo! my Pi won’t post! i mean really, who doesn’t like Pi? fine then.
    mmm,… 3.14149265358979…

  30. @28. I see what you did there. And it makes me feel totally awesome and honored.
    And I love how that’s been continued within the rest of the thread.
    I love TMI. But I already don’t like the movie. THEY MADE JACE LOOK LIKE A GIRL.
    (Jamie Campbell Bower is girlish and none of the actors fit their characters.)
    Always eat pie at 3:14.

  31. @45, eat pie on March 14, 2015 at 9:26 and 5:35. pie day in the year 1592 (waayyy in the past, sadly) must’ve been crazy awesome.
    i want a time machine so that i can go back to 1592 and go to Greece and scream HAPPY PI DAY EVERYONE!!! hopefully the Greek scientists and mathematicians would get the joke.

  32. @47- At my old school we celebrated pi day on march 14 and the whole day revolved around pie… And pi

  33. @45- There’s a quote from Jace on the wall of my school Library. I don’t really like Jace though… He’s to emotional.

  34. Has anyone read the Prequels to Mortal Instruments?
    All I can say for them is Will… Will… Will… Will.
    Goddamn you Jem!!!

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