At last it is time for Fan Art Friday Tri-Weekly plus Fan Tea Friday!

You may have noticed a paucity of blogging lately here. That’s because I’ve been either ill (much better, thank you), lazy (incurable), or working hard (new novel!). But I haven’t forgotten you guys, I’m just trying to get stuff done and letting you talk amongst yourselves. Which you are good at.

Speaking of talking, I’m having a meet-up over at the Westerforum. I’ll be there to answer your many, many questions. Here are the details:

October 20, 2012
7PM Eastern US Time/4PM US West Coast

I’m actually not sure about the Australian or UK time for this meet-up, because the clocks are all changing these days. But Sunday morning in Oz and around midnight in Greenwich Mean. Hope to see you there!

Okay, it’s been too long without any fan art. But let us start with some fan tea.

That’s right, there is now a line of Leviathan teas by Callie Segotta. It’s from Adagio, a site that lets you mix your own teas. Like Cafe Press, but tea. Here’s the label for Dr. Emma Nora Barlow Tea:

There are also teas for Alek, Volger, Deryn, and Lilit:

Click here to check them out.

Continuing with the Leviathan theme, here’s a young boy (who’s name I don’t know, because Twitter sent it to me) with the self-confidence to cosplay Deryn! Awesome, dude.

And here’s a great redux of one of Keith’s illustration from book 1:

And here are a couple of very vivid Uglies images, complete with hoverboards, by Laura Ramie:

Pretty cool.

Okay, that’s it. Hope that you’re all enjoying getting back to school, or just the end of summer in general.

Ciao for now, and hope to see you at the meet-up.

142 thoughts on “FAFT + FTF

  1. I was really excited to read the Mortal Interments (and the prequels), but was sorely underwhelmed. You can literally take a lead character from one series and match them with another lead from the other one. It’s like the author took the original manuscript and changed the characters’ names, setting, and a couple of personality traits. They’re supposed to be in the same world, not the same characters.

  2. uh I’ve read beyonders but its not as good as uglies
    JACE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE I GIRL and mangus is taiwanese!
    and i just finished reading clockwork angel and will is SO MEAN
    I mean, I though jace was bad, but will is WORSE
    don’t spoil anything for me though cuz I’ve only read the first book
    also my old school had pie day in 5th grade and we ate really yummy pie
    that was A LOT of typing

  3. @54- Oh my god I LOVE MAGNUS. He’s got to be the best character for anything ever. I also love Will. He’s one of the only book characters I’ve ever had a crush on. I just don’t have words for how much I love Will.

    They’re rebuilding Tesla laboratory in New York.
    Is anyone else not happy with me? Like, considerably not happy?

    Okay, and one other thing….WHAT IS TMI AND TMI DOING ON THIS BLOG?! Alright, I’ve read them. I used to seriously love them. That was before Leviathan, but only by a few weeks. That was a time when I was very young and naive and I thought the characters were awesome. Now, the only characters I can stand are as follows: Alec and Magnus (mostly just because my friends and I chose characters to cosplay from TMI and we just kept calling each other by our character names….I’m Alec. ^^)

    Anyway, yeah. Magnus and Alec. Although you don’t know how odd that name is….with a ‘c’. Everyone and everything else just annoys me now. That is my opinion! Have a nice evening everyone! I have ALgebra II homework to do….

  5. @23: You know AWKWARD?! Sorry, but my cousin’s girlfriend is in that! THAT IS ALL I’M SAYING. She’s awesome. ^^

  6. oh no there’s algebra TWO!? i hate growing up
    @56- sorry, but i don’t like magnus…and will
    but i hate will more

  7. Here’s my full opinion on TMI. The plot is meh. The romance is kinda cliched. But I do really like some of the characters. Will and Magnus for example. Simon is also alright.

  8. @59 THEY’RE REBUILDING TESLA’S LABORATORY??? where’d you find that out?? BARKING SPIDERS THAT’S AWESOME! is there a website for this that you could post, please? ooh, i sooo hope that it’s not in the part of New York that’s too far from me. wait, NYC or the State? sorry if that was a few too many questions…

  9. I love Grell Sutcliffe soooo much. But I don’t know of they’re a guy or a girl. I thought they were a guy dressed up as a girl, then I read the second book of Black Butler and thought they were a girl dressed up as a guy. THEN my friend told me they were a guy dressed up as a girl who was dressed up as a guy. Anime is SO CONFUSING BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! And Grell isn’t the only confusin part of Black Butler..

  10. A GUY! GRELL IS A GUY!! And oh my god, Finny’s a guy too!!! What? I thought he was a girl!!!
    Okay seriously, is there ANYONE on here who reads Black Butler?

  11. “I’m just trying to get stuff done and letting you talk amongst yourselves. Which you are good at.” Wow, I’m suprised you didn’t put “hint, hint, Middy Joe!” after that!

  12. @ 63: I learned about it through the newspaper….San Francisco Chronicle, if that means anything. I don’t know anything else, sorry!

    By the way: Newspaper? Yes. It’s an actual, physical newspaper that gets thrown at my house everyday. XD You could probably find the article on the website, though, and if I remember correctly that’s sfgate.com. I think…. The last time I used it was in Environment in 8th grade….

  13. @ 62: *looks over shoulder to see if sister is looking–coast is clear*
    I AGREE. Except, I don’t really like Will. I just can’t really stand Herondale angst. Right now, angst seems childish to me….Or, at least, YA paranormal-magic-angels-demons-fake curses angst. TMI and TID are just sort of….cliche, like Twilight and all that crap. That’s why I read Leviathan! Isn’t that why we’re all here? Because we love these characters for not being cliche and boring?

    And, if I may pose the question, why are we all criticizing another author’s work in these comments? I’m starting to feel kind of guilty…. Guys, the internet never forgets!

    But I meant what I typed….And now I’m going to stop with negativeness!

  14. @67&68, thank you so much! i have actually found the Chronicle online before, now it’s a matter of finding it again… yes, i know what a newspaper is. my parents aren’t ready to go totally e-papaer.
    i haven’t read this other books series everyone is so hyper about, but i agree that the whole paranormal/ cute vampires against cute werewolves thing is kind of, well let’s just say i agree with everything in your comment 68. i’m lazy, and it’s too much typing.

  15. Scott, I really, really, really want to know of you have read The Book Thief and if you have met Markus Zusak. Please tell me because you and him are both awesome authors and you guys should meet if you haven’t!

  16. @72-It is seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read. It seriously was one of those books that puts a whole new perspective on everything, like Uglies. And I learned most of my German from it. *sly smile* Like saukerl!!! Tee hee, I called my friend that the other day and she had no idea what
    I was talking about.

  17. The Book Thief now? Talk about an amazing book. Talk about crying my eyes out in the back of the car while my family gave me weird looks…. I absolutely love Death’s voice. It’s quite a stunning book.

  18. @73, now you’ve got me. i’m reading the Book Thief. any adventure-y type book is enticing, but with German it has got to be good! and i’m not trying to be a downer, but my only conflict with learning German from text is you usually don’t learn pronunciation. but niiice, you called your friend a saukerl! hahaha! and btw, i have the opportunity to take German next year in school… i want to so badly.

  19. well the book thief is like a CLASSIC, right? that’s why I didn’t read it but if u say its good then i’ll do my stupid book report on it

  20. @ 77: Actually, The Book Thief was published in 2005. I think that’s actually one of the reasons it’s so popular. It was unlike any other modern book. But really, read it anyway. It’s one of those books you can’t die without reading.

    And as for a classic, I suggest Les Miserables. However, while that would probably impress a teacher, it is over 1100 pages long and spoons up many unanswerable questions about justice, redemption, conscience, and identity. But I think it’s barking brilliant.

    Or you could read Cry, the Beloved Country (which was surprisingly good), To Kill A Mockingbird (who doesn’t love that book?), or A Tale of Two Cities (which my sister raves about; I haven’t actually read it yet).

  21. Oh my god! I LOVE The Book Theif! I was, like, 8 the first time I read it and I’ve read it twice since then the last time being 4 months ago. I made it through the book theif 3 times without crying but that’s because I’m weird and I laugh when others cry (which can make for some awkward situations).

  22. I am friend with A REAL LIVE EVIL GENIUS! He talks like you would imagine Artemis Fowl to talk but without the Irish accent. I love him. He’s like my best friend.

  23. @ 81: Haha, yeah, sorry to be really weird and nerdy there. I’m reading an odd amount of classics right now. (The Great Gatsby is surprisingly short XD)
    And now it looks like I’ll have to read Artemis Fowl too….

  24. @ ummm everyone

    I’ve totally read the book thief. And loved it.
    Also read the mortal instruments series. I didnt like that thought, the storyline wasn’t original enough for me. But in the authors note at the end the author makes a shout out to SCOTT WESTERFELD

  25. @ 84: Um, Valerie? Is that the counselor’s name? I’ve only actually seen one episode because I don’t get the channel. 🙁 But she’s the guidance counselor who’s bad at her job….XD

  26. grrr, classics. curse ye. that’s like my entire mandatory reading curriculum. and i don’t care for classics, at least not until Tolkien and J.K. Rowling and James Patterson and Brandon Mull and obviously above all Scott Westerfeld become truly accepted classics. of course by the time they’re classics and we’re crusty 90-something-year-olds, it’ll all be so out dated that no one will care for them anymore. how tragic.

  27. hey Scott-la!
    Would you consider Valeria Lukyanova (please look her up on google) a successful pretty?

  28. @89- oh my god! She’s terrifying! She looks like a barbie doll and she’s all out of proportion! Why the hell would anyone want to look like that?!

    Also: Real live evil genius? That should be my name. You guys just don’t know it. *evil laugh*

  30. @89-I think she’s actually pretty. She looks like one of those manga-head people from Extras, doesn’t she?

  31. I loved Catching Fire. The thing about last books in series is that they’re so unlike the first and/or second books that I just don’t like them. This is how Mockingjay is turning out.

  32. @94- I haven’t actually told him that I think he’s an evil genius.

    And isn’t your name Sofia or something? Not real live evil genius
    Or was that not the point…

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