Hungarian Leviathan

The Hungarian edition of Leviathan is totally interesting. It seems to be a huge propaganda poster of Alek steaming along under its own power.

This image is mysterious to me, but cool also. I want to become a Hungarian teenager for, like, ten minutes, just to briefly feel what this means.

So how was your weekend?

122 thoughts on “Hungarian Leviathan

  1. Such a cool cover!
    And I got my permit this weekend (after being hit by a school bus while parked on during my first driving lesson… yeah… stuff like that happens to me), thanks for asking!
    Oh! And first comment! Again! Woo!

  2. That is REALLY a weird cover….
    @1-Congrats! 🙂 I have four more years till I can drive…I don’t want a car, I want a TARDIS!!!!

  3. @2- Thank you! I’ve been looking for a TARDIS and can’t find any TARDIS dealership! I’m gonna have to resort to “borrowing” one from somewhere!

  4. The cover is pretty great, though it feels a little “Big Brother” to me. Or am I thinking of a sort of Chairman Mao reference? At any rate, it has a historic feel to it. Very cool!

  5. I love the gigantic wings in the background. That gears-with-wings logo is my favorite motif that you guys used throughout the series. Something about those sharp metallic wings felt so amazing to me.

    I’ve been good, thanks for asking. How’ve you been?

  6. I love the wings, too, but I want Keith to come up with the Darwinist equivilient, so I can balance out all the doodles I do when I’m supposed to be taking notes.
    Also, that cover is awesome and cool and some-what creepy. It seems very militaristic, facist, and really overbearing (all words that school taught me at least four years after I had been using them successfully).
    Plus, when someone manages to hack UNIT and finds TARDIS blueprints, call me. Or, you know, just when somebody finds out where I can get one.

  7. Awesome cover! 😀

    Hey Scott! You said you’d come to mine and Bagpipeheadache’s wedding if we named our first child Deryn, right….
    Well this weekend, after becoming the mommy of a cantankerous 3 week old kitty (That we’ve named Bovril), I’ve decided I don’t want kids. 😛
    Will you still come to our wedding?

  8. Like the cover… Don’t really understand it though…

    My weekend was excellent. Planning on building a Tardis bookshelf! So Excited! (F.Y.I. A Tardis is a time machine that looks like a phonebox)

    Anyways… How was YOUR weekend?

  9. How was my weekend? Well, I had allergies, and was sick with a runny nose, and then more allergies, and now I have an ear infection, and am half deaf.

    But on the bright side, I got to pick an essay topic for my AP Comp class and it was your YA books, Scott. XD …All of which I’ve read except for The Last Days. I’m currently writing about the Leviathan universe and WWI, and for once I can’t wait until my next essay. XD

    How was your weekend?

  10. Whoa….I am totally confused and intrigued by that cover….

    And guess what? I got Scrivener!!!!! Yay!!! And my weekend was filled with homework of extraordinary quantities. My life will be forever filled with homework, it seems. Don’t you just hate it when teachers give you schedules for the homework for the next month? They think they’re doing us a favor, but I just feel like I’m drowning….in a water-walker off the coast of New York….

    My library has Leviathan finally! I read a bit of it everyday….It has an awesome cover “Alek and His Stormwalker” I believe it’s called. Or that’s what I call it in my head. But the paper and ink is slightly different, so the illustrations are not as beautiful….BUT IT’S STILL AWESOME. <3

  11. Oh, that cover. 🙂 I saw it yesterday on the publisher’s FB page… I fell in love and I can barely wait for Christmas – this is sooo gonna be my present, no matter what. 🙂
    My weekend was slow and boring and I should study instead of surfing on the Internet.

  12. The cover looks….umm….weird……but otherwise really cool! Your books get the best cover designs, Scott!

    Well, My weekend was sort of uneventful. Mostly I just worked on school stuff that isn’t due until two weeks from now, so now I have no homework. Yay!!
    Wish something cool happened to me. Like getting a Tardis. Anybody sees one, let me know.

  13. My weekend? Spent about 10 hours at a swim meet (split between two days) tired as heck and school isn’t helping. Thanks for asking.

  14. it is a very cool cover- it reminds me of nazi propoganda. it sort of makes me wonder if the people who designed it (who does design all these covers, anyways?) know that the book is about WW1 not WW2.

  15. totally cool! so, maybe i’ve missed something big, but what’s TARDIS? is it still science fiction or does it actually exist? nothing relevant happened in my weekend, thanks for asking though.

  16. and Scott, could you please post updates as frequently as physically possible, because Westerblog is a good place to spend time doing stuff other than homework 😀

  17. That is a really cool cover. I like it better than the American one. Actually, I liked the very first cover the best, the one that only had all the gears and stuff, but then it kind of got ruined when they put that kid at the top…

    And god I feel old…I drive, like, all by myself with no restrictions…..

  18. @23 and whoever else mentioned TARDIS: i guess i need to keep up with stuff more. @11 and 24, if this makes you feel any better, i’m not of the common age here, either. that makes three of us.

  19. @26, this is where we differ. compared to most of you here, i’m very teeny-tiny. i guess Joo Dee and i will have to be little children together. sorry.

  20. OH that cover… just… *explodes from awesomeness overload*
    AND as for the subject of driving, I get my permit in like 6 months (hopefully).
    I hadn’t really thought about it but that really snaps things into perspective…

  21. pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;””””””””””””””

  22. Oops, sorry about that. I spilled yogurt on my keyboard and somehow my process of cleaning it got posted.
    Speaking of yogurt, there is a frozen yogurt place in my town called YOLO… yeah…

  23. The first time I heard the phrase ‘You Only Live Once’ in popular culture was on a Dr. who episode. Figured I should mention that.

  24. Why is everyone talking about driving? I don’t even want to get my permit because it depresses me that I won’t be piloting a walker. There’s so many places I would like to go, too, but my mind can’t even comprehend ‘plane’ anymore. [No airships? :(] AND I KNOW WHAT A TARDIS IS!!! Because I watched, like, the first two episodes of Dr. Who. XD It’s so odd.

    Also, why are so many people caught up on the Hindenburg? It kept coming up today. It’s like the Titanic of airships, only people still use ships, don’t they? Why not AIRships? sehivhjsklvnsdlkvnlks This world….

    (It came up because in English class we had an assignment to draw some sort of contrasting settings. I chose the air and Darwinist vs. Clanker flight. I used the most awesome Manual as a reference. Was I allowed to do that? I gave full credit where it belonged!)

  25. OK this whole age thing is kind of embarrassing so I’ll get off…but in my defense, I started reading Scott’s books (and following this blog) in middle school.

  26. @39- I’m 13. Hurray for “little kids”! Weird I don’t mind that here but when my parents call me that I get really angry. Hmm…

  27. MY SISTER IS SOOOOO LUCKY….for her birthday she got an “I heart Dr.Who” T-shirt, a sonic screwdriver, and a plush adipose….SO F*CKING JEALOUS

  28. Everyone’s talking about age now….I’ll just say I’m Deryn and Alek’s age? Ja? People understand? I don’t want to turn a year older because then I’ll be older than them….Even though they’re born in 1899*….And this was the awesome magical age of me cutting my hair like Deryn’s. (Sort of; mine is curly XD)

    *Actually Alek could be born in 1898 depending on if his birthday is in the end of the year or the beginning because in Leviathan I believe it was once said that he was almost sixteen around June 28th. I wish Scott would actually say when their birthdays are. (HINTHINT) Please?

  29. @37 same! of course that means 1 year ago i found out about the cool books and website… yep, in 7th grade now.

  30. @45- I’m Deryn and Alek’s age too! I also tried to cut my hair like Deryn’s but it didn’t really work.

  31. Not to be critical, but isn’t the flying thingy to the mid-left not appear until the second book? Why is it on this cover?

  32. @45, yeah, I know how that feels, not wanting to be older. I still remember the day I realized I was probably too old to play Tally. Very sad-making, indeed.

  33. @48, i think you’re right. looks like the Sultan’s Air Balloon-thingy is headed straight for Alek’s nose… or maybe it’s escorting it… never mind that last bit.

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