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  1. ok, so who’s going to live another hundred years with me so we can all say we’ve been through TWO 12/12/12s? let’s DO this!

    still singing alternate Some Nights…
    ~This is it boys, This is War!
    What are we waiting for? Why don’t we break the rules already?
    All I ever heard was Clanker hype-but Darwinist girls really are my type!
    I think it’s wrong but I still could be right
    Here Volger comes again, to jack my style…

  2. 251- seeing that I’m already dead and now a zombie from the world ending, I will be around for the next 12/12/12. Not living, just… Undead lol

    ~I am aware, I’ve been mislead.
    I disconnect my heart and my head.
    Don’t wanna recognize when things go bad.
    The things that you accept,
    Except that I am
    Finding the words,
    To say I’m Ready.
    I’m ready to drop.
    I’m ready.
    I’m ready so don’t stop,
    I’m ready so don’t stop.~

    Hehe, there is the song of my life! As of right now, next week it will be totally different.

  3. @251-OMG that’s great!!!
    Me and my friends made some Black Butler parodies today, but you guys don’t read it so you wouldn’t get them…


  4. @253: It turns out I was thinking about that on 12/12/12! It would be surprising if any of us lived that long, I think, but that would be cool!

  5. @255, all parodies are awesome unless it’s by a jerk, which i know you aren’t. i’d love to see your parodies!

    @257, another cool thing would be to have lived in 3 centuries. anyone born before 2000 already has two, and my goal is living until 2101. now who’s with me? long life and good health!

  6. @255- I’ve got a friend who is obsessed with Black Butler and talks about it all the time. She has a crush on someone named Sebastian, I think…

  7. So yesterday (on the 14th) I got an anonymous call, in which someone just whispered “seven days”. Way to be original, guys.
    So, quite frankly, someone is trying to put me under the impression that the world will end on the 21…. Or I’ll see the little girl from The Ring in my room. Aren’t both options just wonderful?

  8. @all of you who like Fun.- are any of you them going to see them in concert near the end of January? If you do, their opening act (Andrew McMahon) he was the lead singer of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin and now a solo career is underway. I would go, but the Michigan show is sold out. Someone who goes should yell “GO ANDREW!” for me (: tehe

  9. Hey, you know how I said I think it’s amusing and sweet that everyone comes on here when they’re sick? (Okay, maybe you don’t know.) But guess who’s sick nooooooow? XD

    @251: That made my day.

    But you know what made my year–maybe even my life?


    Guys, I’m not kidding. I have been waiting THREE YEARS for this movie. (And then they split it *sob* which is why it hasn’t totally made my life yet)


    And they have the absolute most perfect Bilbo. And we got to see more of Rivendell! And Elrond was my idea of Elrond, like before he had a human son. (Because I am one of those people who believes he sort of ‘adopted’ Aragorn as his son even though Tolkien writes that his mother was still alive; it’s a Mellon Chronicles thing.) ANYWAY Imladris was priceless….

    (Aragorn’s born ten years after The Hobbit for anyone who was wondering. Bilbo had the Ring for 60 years, then Frodo actually had it for 17 years before Gandalf came back and told him what it was, though you can’t tell in the movie. 60 + 17 = 77 and Aragorn was 87 at the time of LotR, so ten years after The Hobbit. He just doesn’t look 87 because he’s one of the Numenor. He lives to be 207. Thank you.)

    We were the first people in line, too. I didn’t get to see the midnight show, though. 🙁 Thus there were people who had not read the book and that laughed at serious moments, but at least everyone clapped at the end. Who wouldn’t?

    I loved the riddle scene, too….Why is this turning into a review? XD And we got to see Thranduil, too! Okay, okay I’m stopping. I won’t spoil things. I probably lost you guys a long time ago. (I hope not though)

    One thing: If anyone sees it and thinks the Necromancer thing is weird (which the reviewer said was making too much out of a small book, but I never agree with him) it is in the book. It’s just not talked about a lot because a) Bilbo wasn’t a part of it and b) it’s what Gandalf was doing when he left them at Mirkwood. But it is part of it.

    Wow, what a ramble….

    (Why do reporters get paid to give their opinions on movie adaptations of books when they haven’t read the barking book? I swear….)

  10. @262- my mom read the book, and went to see the movie just because Aiden Turner was in it as Pele (I’m not sure if I spelled any of that right, I didn’t read the books or see the movie). He was one of the only dwarfs without a beard! Lol

  11. @263: I think you mean Fili or Kili? None of the other dwarves have an ‘l’ like that….Kili didn’t have a beard as I remember….I think….I’m not sure about Fili and I don’t know the Dwarven actors’ names. *bows head in shame* I’m sure I soon will….

  12. @261- They are playing a concert like 50 miles from my house on January 17th but it’s sold out which makes me VERY ANGRY. So yeah… And i think they are going to Japan or something after that, so no fun. for me.

  13. @262 – I went to see it yesterday!! I thought it was pretty good, they cast it really well. I also finished re-reading the book yesterday, because I didn’t remember much of the story. But that didn’t really matter, seeing as how they split it into 3 🙁

    I thought the Necromancer thing and Azog were a bit far-fetched, but then I was leafing through the book again and found that it is mentioned, just not much. Well, they had to add something if it’s going to be three whole movies.

    My favorite scenes were the riddle game, and the beginning, with the story of Erebor (the setting was just AWESOME).

    Oh, and I read in a magazine that they made a giant statue of Gollum and put it on the ceiling of the Wellington, New Zealand airport. That looked weird.

  14. Oh yeah, I saw a video on the premier in Wellington. That statue was so freaky. And the premier was just….out of this world. If only I’d been there….

    Yeah, the Necromancer thing wasn’t in the book as much because Tolkien didn’t know the plot or existence of The Lord of the Rings at that point. It wasn’t until later that the Necromancer became Sauron, etc. I think they were just trying to tie The Hobbit in with LotR more than Tolkien himself did.

  15. Oh my goodness, haven’t checked back here in so long. I feel out of the loop.

    I love how South America counts as a city. (jk, we all know what you mean)

    Aaaand, apparently my two-year-old has the hand vac and is Bovril-ing it. I must go rescue him…

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