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  1. @150- that’s what I always wonder. It’s like we have all the same classes, and if anything I’m more productive than you, and I still have way more homework than you. How does that work? I think that’s one of those questions to whip out at the math teacher when you’re upset. The other question being “when will I ever use this in real life?” (most of them just say “on the quiz” :P)

  2. @151 I actually came up with an answer to that eternal “will we ever use this math in real life?” question. The answer is yes, if you become a math teacher.

  3. @147, i might get that to work… wait- lightbulb!
    or were you just recommending the song because you like them??? 😉

  4. @152- I’ve never met anyone who wants to be a math teacher when they grow up. Unless they hate children. Haha.

    @153- kinda both…. Wait, you remember that day so long ago when I was going on and on about that? Lol that is impressive (:

  5. @154, while i’d like to claim i remember, my time on Westerblog actually isn’t that long. you’ve all just gotten used to me. no, i had a hunch, as they’re a Boy-Band with long-haired blue eyed guys. so what’d i miss on that long-ago day?

  6. @155- they are not a boy band, just a band.
    I went and spent two hours on YouTube watching their music videos and then posted the lyrics to a few of their songs on here… And how’d you know about the blue eyes? Are you a fan too?

  7. @151-I’m noooot productive…at all…i just sit there and read while everyone is doing their homework then do it all later that night…maybe thats my problem

  8. @157- ah, I see. I have a really short attention span. I didn’t know that until I had Michigan history, but trust me I do. Lol

    So I just found out that my piano is 115 years old. That is epic. Lol

  9. So, since most of us here are Leviathan fans, I am going to assume we all know the significance of an airship called the Hindenburg. Today at school, I got to see 1930s newsreels of its crash. In history class, you ask? No. In chemistry.

    Oh, yes. I got to see a gigantic, hydrogen-filled airship burst into flames. My chemistry teacher (who is awesome, nothing against her) was trying to illustrate a point about hydrogen being extremely reactive. My classmates are the kind of stupid people who are like, “Cool, action movie!” Then she showed us another video so we could see people jumping out of the gondola. Now worse: they thought it was funny.

    Then we went back into the lab, created a chemical mixture that released hydrogen, and set it on fire. And that was my first period. Brilliant way to start the day, aye?

  10. And since I haven’t been on here is SO BARKING LONG, I’m going to say,

    @150: I’m not in all honors and I somehow have so much more time consumed by homework than all honors kids. I feel your pain. (Actually, I’m supposed to be doing homework right now….)

    @143: My friends and I were recently discussing that backstage. It’s hilarious, but also sad. Sometimes I wonder if people know that when they text it’s between electronic devices, not telepathy.

    (Backstage? Yes, I had a Nutcracker-filled weekend; my legs hate me right now. I kept wondering what Deryn would say about (literally) dancing on your toes. Another thing I don’t understand about the world is their conception of ballet, but I won’t go into that because then I’ll just be rambling. Like I’m not already. XD)

    I love how everyone comes on here, even if they’re sick….Feel better, guys! (If you don’t already.)

  11. Oh! And a few more things:

    My APEuro and English classes are sort of under the impression that I’ve read Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes because I was carrying around Leviathan (by Scott-la, guys) last week. Because I would totally read such a boring book….(meaning the one by Hobbes). And I was carrying it around because I had an Algebra II test. It’s my safety blanket. XD

    Also, I have a friend who has read the Leviathan trilogy, but a long time ago. We were talking about something to do with the Hapsburgs in P.E. because we had an APEuro test and she asked me why I cared so much about the family….

    It took her a moment to remember who Franz and Sophie were, and then how they were connected to a boy named Alek. Then she proceeded to not remember who Deryn was, and I began to explain the entire plot and how it was connected to history. She didn’t even know it was alternate history! *facepalm*

    I wasn’t angry, though; it was actually really amusing, because I proceeded to spout out summaries of those helpful author’s notes….LOL I’m such a history nerd and these books are such an excuse to go nuts.

    Okay, I think I’m done rambling this time. I think.

  12. Okay, okay, one more thing. One of our Lord of the Flies vocabulary words is ‘leviathan’. I’m done now! I swear! XD

  13. @156, no, i’m no fan. this is the first time i’ve heard of them. actually, i was an obedient person and looked up the song on YouTube and watched the music video along with it… why not? and every so often this guy with scarily pale eyes stares up at the viewer…

    @162, Lord of the FLIES? what kind of book is this? my first reaction was to think: weird. if it’s actually good, no offense.

  14. @163- yup, that’s Tyson Ritter for ya lol
    And lord of the flies is an extremely twisted book where these kids get stuck on an island and kill a pig to eat and eventually eat eachother, I think… I wouldnt know, my brother read it, not me.

  15. Hey, Scott! I’ve finished read your book Uglies and I just loved it! I’m from Brasil and really was surprised to see this post! It means so much. I’ll read the other books soon and I truly hope you continue to write this way.

  16. So I just found out that my piano is about 115 years old. It’s in decent condition, but could really stand to be refinished. The company was sold to Yamaha, but they totally ignored me when I posted my question to their facebook page! That is just upsetting…

  17. @162 – According to my English teacher we’re going to read Lord of the Flies next year. I already read it, and it was good, it sort of got really twisted at the end and I didn’t really get it.
    I wanted to read The Book Thief, by Markus Zuzak. Has anybody here read it??

  18. Well. I finished my homework. I’m still ticked off about my piano. But my cat…. He’s crushing my foot. Hehe, silly chubby kitty.

  19. Woah… That’s a lot of comments. I read them but I don’t remeber them well enough to respond to them so… sprechen wir von etwas Interessantes, ja?

  20. @170 sadly, I don’t speak German, so I have no idea what you said. But my plan in life is to become an exchange student to Germany (like my art teacher!) and learn to speak the language fluently (again, like my art teacher). Then I’ll be fluent in two languages and semi-fluent in a third.

  21. Vielleicht wenn der Raum leer ist.
    Vielleicht wenn die Flasche die volle.
    Vielleicht wenn die Tür brachen wird nach unten kann die Liebe zu brechen in
    Vielleicht wenn ich mit den denken fertig,
    Vielleicht können Sie mich für ganze
    Vielleicht wenn ich mit Endungen fertig bin kann beginnen. 
    Bin kann beginnen.
    Bin kann beginnen.

    Sie können meine Punk-Rock-Prinzessin. 
    Ich werde Ihre Garage Band König sein. 
    Können Sie mir sagen warum Sie nicht nur in passen. 
    Und wie willst du etwas sein zu können. 

    Vielleicht wenn Ihr Haar wird dunkler. 
    Vielleicht wenn ihr Augen weiten. 
    Vielleicht wenn die Wände sind kleiner wird es mehr Raum. 
    Und vielleicht wenn Ich bin nicht so müde.
    Vielleicht Sie können eintreffen.
    Vielleicht wenn Ich Suche Dinge die ich nicht ersetzen kann.
    Ich nicht ersetzen kann.
    Ich nicht ersetzen kann. 

    Sie können meine Punk-Rock-Prinzessin. 
    Ich werde Ihre Garage Band König sein. 
    Können Sie mir sagen warum Sie nicht nur in passen. 
    Und wie willst du etwas sein zu können. 
    Wenn ich Ihre erste echte Herzschmerz sein. 
    Ich würd es immer wieder tun. 
    Und Sie können meine Punk-Rock-Prinzessin.
    Ich wurde Ihre Heroin sein. 

    Ich hätte nie gedacht du würdest davorn. 
    Ich habe nie geträumt würden sie. 
    Sie lass dein leben vorbel,
    Sie fragen ob sie sollten. 

    Sie können meine Punk-Rock-Prinzessin. 
    Ich werde Ihre Garage Band König sein. 
    Können Sie mir sagen warum Sie nicht nur in passen. 
    Und wie willst du etwas sein zu können. 
    Wenn ich Ihre erste echte Herzschmerz sein. 
    Ich würd es immer wieder tun. 
    Und Sie können meine Punk-Rock-Prinzessin.
    Ich wurde Ihre Heroin sein. 

    Whoa, du weißt, du willst mich brennen meine Brücken. 
    Whoa, wissen sie, man kann einfach nicht lassen sie es auf sich wirken. 
    Sie können meine heroine sein. 
    Sie können meine heroine sein. 

    I just Said something along The Lines of
    Maybe when the room is empty,
    Maybe when the bottle’s full
    Maybe when the door gets broke down
    Love can break in.
    And maybe when I’m done with thinking.
    Maybe you can think me whole.
    Maybe when I’m done with endings
    This can begin.
    This can begin. This can begin.
    If you could be my punk rock princess,
    I would he your garage band king,
    You could tell me why you just don’t fit in,
    And how you’re gonna be something.

    If you want to know the rest, put it into google translate. Mind the typing errors and the drug reference. I didn’t write the song, I just love it. I do not endorse drugs, nor does the man who wrote this song. It’s Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate if you wanted to hear it.
    Thank you.

  22. @171- that would be so cool! Hehe as seen above, I just know the lyrics to my favorite songs in German 😛 wish I knew somethings other than those because one holds a drug reference and the other is just completely unrelatable lol

  23. @166, whoa, so you’re piano was from the late 1800s? that’s awesome! which also means it survived WWI AND WWII! wow!

    @170, ja. 😀

    @171/172, now i’ll have to look up the English lyrics and i’ll have a bunch of new German vocab to study! yay! now this is how teachers should teach foreign languages- play a song for the class that they’ll like, and then say “well you liked it so now go find it in English” but they don’t give you the song title.

  24. @174- yeah, it’s pretty cool. Just to think that my dad had been planning to burn it makes me…. Urg.
    Yes! Lol I’m a genius! I have developed a new way to teach foreign languages! ^-^

  25. @175, that’s how i got interested in German, and learned some of my first vocabulary. so i can’t hold a meaningful conversation but i can ask if you know what a capacitor is… 😉

    @TrueUgly’s Dad: no. you. don’t. you take one step closer with those matches and i virtually attack you. that piano is an important piece of history, man!

  26. @176- haha, well he won’t now. My grandpa did that to my grandma’s piano though, so it kinda runs in his family. Lol

  27. @72- That looks cool, I’ll check out the song. The only song I know in German is 99 Luftballons (I wonder if I wrote that right..), even if I don’t know exactly what it means.
    I’ve actually been thinking about reading a book in german, even if I know almost nothing. I guess I would have to go around with a dictionary too.
    That’s what I used to do when I was learning english and reading Harry Potter 🙂

  28. @167-OH. MY. GOSH. The Book Theif is the most amazing book you will EVER read, besides Leviathan. It is funny and sad and exiting and…just read it now! It’s great, I swear!

  29. @163: The title Lord of the Flies is a reference to the devil. Anyway, it’s about school boys stranded on an uncharted island in the middle of a fictional nuclear WWIII. The point is to explore the psychological causes for violence through these boys to show that any one of us has the capacity to become Nazi-like. (The book was written in response to William Golding’s (the author’s) experience in WWII and books like Coral Island.) It’s actually quite fascinating and extremely disturbing. My favorite character is going to die, I just know it….

    @167: There are a lot of books that should be read in school but aren’t, and many books that are taught and shouldn’t be….I LOVE THE BOOK THIEF. Everyone must read this book before they die.

    @170&172: *hangs head in shame* Couldn’t you talk about food or household items? My vocabulary sucks….

    @176: Ja, because of Leviathan I can say weird things in German, too. XD

    @178: Reading Harry Potter and learning English? That would be so awesome! Too bad it’s my first language….But I do have the sixth one in Spanish. And what I’m pretty sure is a biography (from my grandparents’ house; I think it’s over 100 years old) in German. But what I really want is Leviathan in German….Especially to see how they would’ve put “Clanker-talk” from Deryn’s point of view since she couldn’t speak German in the first book.

  30. @181, wow, at least Harry Potter in Spanish is useful and makes sense. my Latin teacher found all of them, i think, in Latin. although all the spells are direct Latin. not even derivatives.
    Nox! Exspecto Patronum! Oppugno! Lumos! J.K. Rowling even got the cases, uses, person, number, tense, all that stuff right!

    as for German, i am very limited. if it’s not a LBG quote, chances are i can’t spell it. but i will try:
    (person) Spricht du Deustch?
    (me) nein… ein bisschen… Weißt du, was ein Kondensator ist? 🙂

  31. @180- I know right! Me too. Every time I read it. Poor Zane ):
    @181- hey, I translated part of mine. Its simple enough. But google translate might mix the words up a bit lol

    So I found someone to look at my piano. I have no intention of getting rid of it, but it’s missing like 13 hammers, so it could use a fixing. It would be epic if in like WWII someone hid like millions of dollars in it and there’s currently a pile of cash within my piano. But I’ll find out soon lol

  32. @179 – Yeah, it’s just so well written! When I was reading I couldn’t believe that I had not heard about this book before. It’s simply a masterpiece. Everyone here: go read it. NOW.

    @181 – Spanish is my first language, and well, it was pretty tiring carrying a dictionary all day, but when I asked my parents what a word meant, they didn’t know either! So there I go with my dictionary 🙂
    The book I would like to read in german is Fearless, by Cornelia Funke. The book will come out in english next year, but it would be so cool to read it in the original language, but I guess I would have to go around again with a dictionary!

    @184 – Barking spiders!!! How on earth could you read that book without crying!!???

  33. @185, wait, Cornelia Funke is German? whoa, i never knew that. she writes some cool stuff! thank you for informing me.

  34. @184: HOW. COULD. YOU. READ. IT. WITHOUT. CRYING? (I’m not mad, just stunned. Maybe I’m too wussy, but I don’t think I could ever read it without crying….)

    @187: I’ve only read the Ink trilogy, but I couldn’t finish Inkdeath because I got annoyed. There wasn’t enough of Dustfinger and Farid….But I liked the first two books. ^^

  35. Oh my gosh! it’s the 10th (in austrailia) and I still don’t have a Chritmas tree. or any decorations, for that matter.

  36. I’m in Michigan lol
    So I have a story for all of you

    So last night I got out of bed and went to the washroom. As I walked in I saw my makeup case, which I rarely ever close the zipper on, looked it had a piece of fuzz in it. Now, since I have two dogs, lots of fuzzy dog fur is not exactly a rarity, but I still thought it was a bit weird that there would be some in my makeup, but didn’t think much on it. I opened up my makeup case, about to reach in and pluck out this little fuzzball but instead of a fuzzball I find… A GIANT SPIDER THAT HAS WOVEN A SUPER WEB ALL OVER THE TOP OF MY MAKEUP STUFF! what a jerk!

    I look at him, he looks at me. I then say, “good spider, you seem to have made your home in a place that is inconvenient for me which will result in the ruination of your web at least once a day. It would be best for both of us if you moved.”

    He looked at me for what seemed a very long time. Then, suddenly, he drew daggers and leaped at my face. I got my shield up just in the nick of time, and drew my sword. It was a good fight, he was quick, but I had training.

    Back and forth it went, neither of us giving quarter. Until he made a fatal mistake; when he should have cut right, but he cut left and onto the treacherous slope of Tenggelam. This was my chance! I swung and, as agile as he was, I clipped him, sending him sliding into the cavern below. Although bittersweet, victory was mine. I took a moment to rest, it had been an arduous fight.

    I looked down into the chasm, he was climbing up the slope! I admired his determination. I didn’t know what to do, I hadn’t wanted to fight him in the first place and there was no way I could kill him now.

    All of a sudden, thunder rolled overhead and rain began to fall into the depths of the rift. Soon the cliff side was slick and he was no longer making progress; just clinging to the side with all his might. As I watched, his grip loosened and finally he fell. Back down into the abyss he slid, a lone cry of despair rising above the thunder.

    …I found a spider in my makeup case last night and washed it down the sink.

  37. I’m doing a science project; we had to choose an animal and learn about its scientific classification. I thought hard about the animal, and I finally picked the red slender loris. It has these HUGE eyes and I found a picture of one, went up to my friend, showed her the picture, and then said “it’s waaatching yoooou!” in my best creepy Gollum-ish voice. She shreiked and ran away (the coward! it’s just Bovril’s cousin!)
    Sad fact: In 1900 there were 50,000 of these bug-eyed mammals, now there’s only 4,000. 🙁
    Also, they were researched by the Zoological Society of London. 🙂

  38. @Middy Joe-haha, yes! Thank you.
    And that is sad. I love small creatures with huge eyes. Especially lorises (lori?) but that would be extraordinarily creepy lol

  39. @194: You totally freaked me out for a second, then I was just laughing. Excited for The Hobbit, are we?

    @197: Aw, cute. ^^ I wish I could research something fun like that….

    And on my German Learning Game App they’re finally teaching me verb conjugations! <3 Since Spanish class, I have a strange love of verb conjugations….Probably because they're easy….And actually make me feel like I learning the language, not just vocabulary. And cases, too, which are actually incredibly hard in German, until I noticed a pattern that I should've noticed a LONG time ago….Dummkopf me….

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