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  1. Well, Spanish for me only got easy in my fourth year, because I had an awesome teacher…. Now languages are pretty easy for me, if they use the Roman Alphabet….(Teaching myself Korean hasn’t been going so well because I’m still on the alphabet….) It used to be quite frustrating though. Like French. I can get some French because of my Spanish, but my sister has a whole magazine in French with an article about Harry Potter that I CAN’T BARKING READ. It’s so annoying.

  2. @202 I have a friend who speaks fluent Spanish(he from Costa Rica) and we talk about languages a lot. He did this international trip thing once and met some Italians who didn’t speak English or Spanish (or French, which he also speaks) so they spoke Italian and he spoke Spanish back and they understood each other just fine.
    Translation: if you speak Spanish, you can basically communicate with someone speaking Italian.

  3. @203: Oh, I know. That’s why I could read Portuguese (mostly; not the whole Bonus Chapter). But your friend also knows French and there’s actually a considerable part of Italian that’s more like French than Spanish, as I learned while writing my NaNoWriMo novel. “No grazie” is a lot like “No gracias”, but “fromaggio” is a lot closer to “fromage” than “queso.” (No, my story was not all about cheese. XD And I hope I spelled all that right….)

  4. I’m completely lost. I speak a little German, and can say “Yes, I love the donkey!” in Spanish.(don’t even ask. I’m not even sure how I know that) the only other thing I can do in a foreign language is count to ten in Korean. I feel boring compared to everyone else lol

  5. @194- ew spiders my mom was sweeping my room this morning when i was still in bed and she said there was a spider in my room

  6. whoaa i didn’t realize there were so many comments
    @194, that story is epic! what a battle!

    @195, that’s exactly what i was thinking!

    @197, it’s Science Fair project time for me. i don’t know if your school does all this, but here in Boston where all the geeks are, everyone has to participate at their school, and then if you qualify for City-Wide that’s great, and high schoolers get to try for Nationals and Internationals. but the lorises are awesome.

    @199, you have a German Learning App? please tell me what it’s called! i finally have an Apple product of my own and i plan to go hog-wild on the apps.

    @206 if you’re nice to spiders the spiders are nice to you.

  7. @204 – you know, spanish is my first language, and though you can kind of understand italian, I for one, found it easier to read the bonus chapter in portuguese than other stuff I’ve tried to read in italian.

    I also know how to count in japanese 🙂

    Oh, I just remembered something! I was talking to a friend the other day about how I want to travel the world when I grow up, and all of a sudden she says “yes, no, thank you and I don’t understand”. I go like “hmm…what are you talking about?”. She said that of you know those four things in every language, you can go anywhere with no trouble. I guess you could 🙂 😛

  8. Ahhh…i know at least one word in a couple languages…
    @208-I used to know the Japanese way to multiply

  9. @207: The app is called Mindsnacks. They have lots of languages and SATs. It’s all games, really, but it’s actually very addicting and I’m actually learning the words. Getting the first level is free, but to get the next fifty, you have to pay $4.99 (at least where I am; I don’t know about you ’cause I know things are way more expensive in places like Canada (coughbookscough)). I thought it was an alright price, though….

    Although, your slug avatar does get progressively worse, starting with a baby. You’d think it would get smarter along with you. XD (CAVEMAN?! REALLY?! And then a DUNCE CAP? XD)

  10. I wrote a poem about the slenderman! It’s amazing:
    There once was a man named Slendy

    He lived all alone

    In a little hovel

    A cracked and dirty home

    No one like the Slenderman

    No matter how he tried

    Everyone who saw him

    Guess what? They all died!

    Slendy tried to hide it

    He felt really bad

    But one day he went crazy

    Absolutely mad!

    He went on a rampage

    Through cities Slendy ran

    He kidnapped all the children

    Is it safe for any man?

    Watch outside your windows

    Sleep with one eye open, my friend

    Or you may meet the Slenderman

    And you will meet you end

  11. @212 that’s a great piece of poetry! it’s so true! but i’m reading this late at night so of course now i’m totally terrified. maybe i should go to sleep now…

    @210 thanks for the app name! yay now i can learn languages!

  12. @213-Thanks! And I just watched a video where someone was talking about actually seeing Slendy and they were all like “it’s no joke…i may die soon…help me please!” and they showed a picture, so now i’m REALLY freaked out and getting paranoid…

  13. @212: That is a nice poem. I can’t write poetry to save my life. I admire you greatly!

    @213: You’re welcome. ^^

    @214: WWDOAD? XD That’s not so catchy, but it’s supposed to be What Would Deryn Or Alek Do?

  14. Also-WWDOAD? Ummm…Deryn wouldn’t be scared in the first place, and Alek would count on Deryn to rescue him if he saw Slendy.

  15. So i’m looking back at the Forum Meet-Up Transcript and i notice two questions i didn’t notice before. And all i can think is:
    Scott??? NOT a nerdfighter??? You, John, and Hank are my role models!!! You guys INSPIRED me to be a nerdfighter!
    And also, Scott, you don’t know who Slenderman is??? That’s…too bad. Everyone should know about Slendy.

  16. @215, so’s Chuck Norris 😉

    @219, you’ve got that one right. but i think Alek might mistake Slendy at first for a “godless Darwinist abomination”

  17. I think Slendy is German… Lol at least all of the other names for him are. (Der Ritter – The Knight) what I don’t understand is how he looks in windows and eats children without a face. Lol

  18. Hey guys, I know it was a while back that we were talking about songs that describe our life. I didn’t participate in that disscussion because I couldn’t really think of a suiting song for me. BUT I JUST FOUND ONE! So I have to tell you. It’s the Some Nights Intro by Fun. . Not the actual Some Nights song, the intro. I think it works nicely for my life at the moment.

  19. @224 – A song that would describe my life is kind of hard, I guess I’d change it like every two weeks. But right now, it would be Royal Blue, by Cold War Kids. I bought their CD a few weeks ago, and I just can’t stop listening to it!

  20. Haha, yeah. Mine changes weekly. Sometimes by the minute.

    I’ve realized that there is constantly music playing in my head (it’s stuff that’s already been written lol) and if it stops, I’m either extremely bored or completely brain dead. It’s awful and wonderful at the same time.

  21. @227- it’s only annoying when I only know part of the song. And the part doesn’t even rhyme! Or it makes people look at you like you’re crazy while you sing it (saying “We’re not gonna lie, son you just might die, get you on that morphine drip, drip” while attempting to open a locker will get you quite a few looks. Just saying… Not that I would know… Lol)

    See, it helped because I had this über boring class last trimester, and my little mental iPod kicked in everyday. And I still passed the class lol I had an A actually.

  22. @songs: If I had a song for my life it would go: “I’m almoooooost dooone with my hoooomework/Wait, no the teacher assigned ten pages mooooooore/ Too bad I have five tests this weeeeek/ Guess I’ll never finish that booooooook…..” If that even has a tune. XD I don’t think anyone’s written a song like that.

    But, guys, seriously. I haven’t read a book that I actually picked out because I wanted to read it during free time since….The first day of school. At least A Separate Peace was good….

    I have no free time. I have to study for finals over Christmas break! *weeps*

  23. @229- Ugh. Finals. I have to study for them over Christmas, too. And I have this massive project due the day after vacation which I haven’t even started yet…

    As for songs, I always have a song stuck in my head. When I don’t have a song stuck in my head, something is seriously wrong.

  24. @PWH, i love the song Some Nights. it’s really great. i wrote a parody- wait that’s lying. i tweaked the lyrics just a bit, changed a few words here and there and presto! it’s Alek singing about all his inner conflicts and about Deryn. and so now i have a jumbled-up version constantly in my head, flip-flopping between the original lyrics and mine…

    aaargh projects over break get me annoyed. they mean no Westerblog time and no catching up on Anime episodes and work on vacation.

    so, who believes the world’s gonna end? not me! certainly not the teachers.

  25. I don’t think the world will end. It’s still fun to go on Facebook the next day and just post “died when the world ended”. Some kids at my school were saying that they actually started training the military for a zombie apocalypse. I don’t believe that either. Lol

  26. @166. What does it look like? Are old pianos awesome?
    @167. Read The Book Thief. It is amazing by all standards.
    @178. Learning English? You mean, like, when you were a very little child or as a second (or third or whatever) language? Because if you were reading Harry Potter (or having it read to you) when you were young, you are not the only one.
    @192. We went until the 23rd without putting our tree up last year. Bam.
    @194. *laughs hysterically* best super-short embellished story ever. EVER.
    @202. What grades are you guys in? I’ve taken all the Spanish I can so far, and that’s only two years. I can take it for the next two, but I have a feeling you haven’t graduated high school and therefore have more foreign language opportunities then I do. 🙁 Also, you are annoying for being able to speak/even remotely understand more than just English and a bit of some other language.
    @206. Wait. Your mom sweeps your room?
    @209. I know how to say one word in about twenty different languages. “No.” Also, is their multiplication different than ours?
    @214. What’s the video called?
    @217. WWDSD is so much more catchy. It just slides off the tongue 🙂
    @224. I’m officially obsessed with that song, by the way. I love it. You wish your lips could build a castle?
    @226. People often think that I would be having deep, philosophical thoughts while I’m spacing out (or really at any given point in my life), but really I’m just listening to music in my head. Always. I rarely don’t have a song stuck in my head.
    @229. Our finals are before Christmas break :). And I no what you mean. The term “free time” is a distant, happy memory…
    @231. Hah! I do that, but it’s translating the bits I can into Spanish. For example, I cannot think of “The City is Ours” by Big Time Rush or “What Makes You Beautiful” by 1D completely in English anymore. And my Spanish is very limited. *sings* Es qué hace tu belleza… Tenemos el ciudad…

  27. @232, as long as someone in your house cooks there’s no need for military preparation for a Zombie Apocalypse. there’s meat/vegetable knives, heavy frying pans, and cheese graters. i fight guerrilla style!

    @234, you know they’ve come out with the new Mayan Calendars right?
    😀 i’m kidding.

  28. @233 – English is my second language, and I’m learning German as my third.
    I started reading Harry Potter when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I just loved those books! They’re still some of my favorites.
    On my eleventh birthday I wished so hard for my Hogwarts letter to come…:(

    @226 – I hate it when there’s a song in my head and I don’t know which one it is. That’s maddening! But it’s usually one I know, and if it’s not in my head, then I’m listening to it. I just can’t be more than an hour without hearing some music. When it’s all quiet I feel like there’s something missing from my world.

  29. Yes, really old Everett upright grand pianos are awesome! They have the carved cabinets and… Epic.

    I heard that the Myan calendar didn’t count leap years so the world actually ended like four years ago. Lol and I thought it was the 21st, not the 12th that the world would end on? Either way, it won’t lol

  30. First off, the world is not ending. Or not on the 21st anyway.

    Secondly, at 12:12 today my teacher stopped class so we could all take a picture of the clock (cuz you know, the date is 12/12/12 at 12:12)

    And thirdly
    @231 and 233- Yes, I do love Some Nights but have you guys heard the intro to it, cuz that’s what I’m talking about. Also, have you seen pictures of the singer in fun. ? He is VERY attractive. Sorry, that was quite shallow.

  31. @239- I know, it’s just fun to hear people freak out about it.
    And I SO know what you mean, but that’s not shallow at all. If you would have said he was ugly and then you didn’t like the song because if that, that would be shallow.

    So I totally died when the world ended (it’s totally bogus), but now I’m part of the zombie apocalypse! How icy! Haha pretty talk.

  32. @236. I am officially jealous of you. It would be so cool to know several different languages (or even more than one fluently)
    @238. Yes, I have seen the lead singer. He’s not so much attractive to me, but familiar to someone who I can’t quite remember. So you can have him and I’ll just try to figure out who he is. And again I ask: do you really wish that your lips could build a castle?
    @240. As for the business about the world ending, it is supposedly going to happen on the 21st, not today.

  33. @240- I just try not to get caught up in people’s appearances.
    And it has been decided that when the world ends, I will become an undead Vampie; half vampire, half zombie.

  34. @242- I’m just gonna be a zombie, but I’m gonna run around quoting Buffy the Vampire slayer (“I may be dead, but I’m still pretty”) just because I can mwahahahaha!

  35. ~my heart’s breakin’ for my sister
    and the con that she call love
    and when i look into my nephew’s eyes
    man, you won’t believe
    the most amazing things
    that can come fro-o-om
    some terrible lies!~

  36. It’s 12/12/12!
    I don’t know, I just think it’s cool. This sort of date won’t happen for a loooongg time.

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