Thunderbolts and Lightning

Long time, no see. Like, a lot longer than usual.

Turns out I didn’t post for our whole six weeks away in St Louis, Las Vegas, New York and South America. It was a very awesome and exhausting trip. But sorry to leave you hanging.

Luckily, good times were had by all, and were well documented, so there are a ton of cool pictures and videos to share with you. Spoiler alert: Brazilian fans are very awesome.

At this exact moment, however, I’m jetlagged to buggery, and will share with you just this one amazing thing.

On our flight from Rio, Brazil to Santiago, Chile, Justine tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the window. (She is a window sitter and I am an aisle-ist. Is there any more perfect marriage?) Outside, somewhere over Argentina, was a huge anvil of clouds, its structure revealed by the lightning flickering and flailing within.

It was a very big and violent thing to witness, especially from the fragile vantage of a flying machine. But any nerviness was totally outweighed by old-fashioned awe.

My iPad camera I managed to capture a fraction of what it looked like:

Pretty intense, right? But go look at it bigger on YouTube.

More cool stuff soon. Promizes!

162 thoughts on “Thunderbolts and Lightning

  1. @47 hahaha but i had more damage than you! a leaf fell off a tree and my favorite twig snapped. 😉

  2. @50- Thanks! 🙂
    @51-Of course. Be my guest.
    @52- That’s brutal. I hope you’ll make it through this time of hardship and suffering.

  3. The funny thing is that we actually had a snow storm on Friday and the power went out and a couple trees fell lol

  4. Je suis terrifié!
    Une fois, j’étais dans un avion qui s’est frappé par la foudre et renversé mon verre tout sur ??la personne à côté de moi.

  5. Bel orage!
    Une fois, j’étais dans un avion qui a été frappé par la foudre et j’ai renversé mon verre tout sur ??la personne à côté de moi.

  6. @45. A little slow on the uptake, are we? Just kidding! But I’ve wanted it to be a movie since I read them…. almost a year ago. Whoa. The Bonus Chapter came out a year ago yesterday (or something), right?
    @47. Yes. Just, yes.
    @49. I want to see Rise of the Guardians so bad! It’s from the creators of How to Train Your Dragon, which is pretty much the best movie EVER.
    @52. I’m so sorry. Have you received government assistance yet?
    Also, I thought I should let you all know that I’m sick and on the Westerblog. That’s a trend, right? Here, everyone, have some of my germs and get a (computer) virus!

  7. @62- I haven’t seen her since I came back.

    So guess who has no life and looked up the words to another song in German today? THIS GIRL!
    I can now sing La-La-Lie by Jack’s Mannequin in German with only a few timing issues… I’m such a loser lol

  8. @63 you’re not a looser! don’t be so down on yourself! hey, looking up German lyrics is always fun. German anything really.

    who here listens to The Beatles? my science teacher had us write about minerals, so i’m writing a parody to Taxman about diamonds. sadly all Leviathan parodies are on hold.

  9. @64- haha, thanks. I don’t actually have that low of self esteem, it just came out wrong. Lol

    I love the Beatles!

  10. I must say, that is some badass lightning, illuminating the cloudscape like that. I like Scott’s writing here, particularly the line “…from the fragile vantage of a flying machine…”. Reading that, I get the feeling Scott obviously had while filming this, the awesome majesty of the Earth, the sense of danger, the narrative of an isolated observer witnessing something strange and beautiful. Also, the branching burbles of lightning within those enormous puffy clouds is reminiscent of the illustration in Goliath immediately preceding the scene where Deryn and Alek are topside on the Leviathan, you know, the part where they kiss for the first time. Is Scott trying to surreptitiously promote his book? Probably not.

  11. @60: YES. And I wants to see it again, precious. O.O
    Yeah, I think I wrote a REALLY long comment on it and how reviewers need to read the book. And a really long journal entry on dA…. And I saw a huge poster for it today and took pictures. _<

  12. And what just happened to my comment? It got weirdly cut off….
    Trying again:
    @61: Didn’t the Bonus Chapter come out on December 16th? I don’t remember….*strokes chin thoughtfully* I actually wasn’t around for it. I started frequenting this place a few weeks later. I had to hunt it down because I wanted to know why I kept coming across pictures of Alek in a dress with mysterious references to a ‘Bonus Chapter’….XD

  13. Every once in a while, I lay in my bed staring up at the stars and I can’t help but think “Where the heck did my ceiling go?”

  14. THE GUY I KNOW WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE ZANE JUST LEFT MY HOUSE! no one would understand how epic this is unless they had read Uglies. Nonetheless, it’s true. He was sitting at my kitchen table. Lol

  15. @73. I have read Uglies…and Pretties…and Specials…and Extras. Still failing to feel the epicness, though. It would have been cooler if a girl who looked just like Deryn or a guy like Alek or Volger was at your house.
    In my opinion, of course.

  16. @74- but Zane is inhumanely attractive! I could not take my eyes away from him!
    If I got a haircut, I’d look like Deryn. But I love my locks too much. Especially my stupid flippy bangs lol

  17. @ 23: I’ve read Leviathan, Behemoth and Goliath extensively and attentively, but I couldn’t fill in all those blanks, or even one of them. Am I just being stupid? Is this a brief relapse into idiocy? Am I going to look at your comment tomorrow or sometime and understand it completely? I do know many quotes from the Leviathan series; I could probably quote you the last chapter of Goliath almost verbatim, or at least more or less accurately. Just someone give me the chapter and book name, and I’ll have it cracked!

    @ 27: A song that always makes me think of Leviathan is “Adam Raised A Cain” by Bruce Springsteen. It’s darker, yes, and it doesn’t cover all the facets of the Leviathan series, (namely Deryn and Alek’s relationship) but taken metaphorically it fits perfectly, in my opinion. I’ll quote you a lyric from it: (note, these lyrics would from the perspective of Alek.)

    “We” (Alek and his father?) “were prisoners of love,” (quite literally) “a love in chains, he was standing in the door,” (to heaven?) “I was standing in the rain,” (the public’s eye?) “with the same hot blood burnin’ in our veins,

    Adam raised a Cain

    All of the old faces” (the pope?) “ask you why you’re back, fit you with position, and the keys to your daddy’s Cadillac.” (empire?)

    “You’re born into this life payin’ for the sins” (ill-advised love) “of somebody else’s past. Well, daddy worked his whole life for nothing but the pain, now he walks these empty rooms” (purgatory?) “lookin’ for something to blame, but you inherit the sins, you inherit the flames,” (anger?)

    “Adam raised a Cain”

    (especially this line) “Lost but not forgotten, from the dark heart of a dream,

    Adam raised a Cain”

    Lyrics reprinted without permission.

  18. @ 27: Or, if you prefer something sweeter, I recommend “King of Bohemia” by Richard Thompson. This song is, at least to me, reminiscent of the scene towards the end of Leviathan where Deryn comforts Alek after learning of his parent’s death. Here’s a lyric or two:

    “Let me rock you in my arms, and hold you safe and small. A refugee from the Seraphim in your rich girl rags and all.

    Did your dreams die young? Were they too hard won? Did you reach too high and fall? And there is no rest for the ones god blessed, and he blessed you best of all,

    Your eyes seem from a different face, they’ve seen that much, that soon. Your cheek too cold, too pale to shine, like and old and waning moon.

    And there is no peace, no true release, no secret place to crawl. And there is no rest for the ones god blessed, and he blessed you best of all.

    If tears unshed could heal your heart, if words unsaid could sway, then once you melt into the night, adieu, and rue the day.

    Did your dreams die young? Were they too hard won? Did you reach too high and fall? And there is no rest for the ones god blessed, and he blessed you best of all”

    Besides being absolute poetry, this song has a beautiful melody. I believe would work very well for a Leviathan trailer of sorts. Grooveshark these two songs. And even if you don’t use either of these songs, you have to admit they’re pretty damn good. Me, I just love sharing them with people.

  19. Actually, that smiley is just kinda creepy looking. It’s like a perverted smiley face lol. It kinda scares me. I’m gonna go lock my windows….

  20. Nice to see the random chatting here has somewhat rebounded.
    Merry Christmas everyone! There was no snow when I got up this morning, but then it started snowing like mad! 😀 😀

  21. ahh, a white Christmas! as in about 4mm of snow that melted as soon as it reached 11:00 am, but it still was snow.
    snowing like mad… i wish my winter could’ve been like that!

  22. @83: It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s the first snow we’ve had this year that hasn’t melted on contact, and it snowed nearly all day.

  23. We have about three inches of snow, which is strange. Usually at this time we have like two feet of it. But, it was still a white Christmas, so I really couldn’t have asked for much more.

    Did you guys get anything cool?

  24. @85, i would usually have enough snow to need snowshoes by now, but nope. as for cool gifts, i have a gift card to the lego store that i’m saving for if/when they ever make Leviathan legos. beasties and machines!

  25. @85: It snowed quite a bit last night, but it’s 40 degrees now. So no sledding. 🙁 I’m glad it was at least a somewhat white Christmas, though. I got a Wii U for Christmas (if you don’t know what that is, that’s fine.)

    @86: I really hope there are Leviathan Legos sometime in the future!

  26. @86&87- nice! I got like three pairs of shoes, some sock monkey hand warmers and the books “Killing Kennedy” and “Killing Lincoln” by Bill O’Reilly. And a Something Corporate sweatshirt ^-^ it was a good year.

  27. @85- It’s snowing really hard right now! We have like 1 foot already!
    And for Christmas I got 100 dollars in itunes gift cards. I have no idea how I’m going to spend it.

  28. @89- cool! I got a $100 walmart gift card. I never even go to walmart! Lol oh well,
    What kind of music do you like?

  29. @76. *shakes head* That’s one of the most memorable quotes from the books! I can fill in all of them but the first [blank blank].
    I actually had a white Christmas! I was so excited! We didn’t get one last year, and that was just depressing. But there’s been snow on the ground for about a week now!
    @89. Big Time Rush. That’s how you will spend it. Or The Script.
    @90. An interesting gift…
    I got a pillow pet and HtTYD in 3D for Christmas! Oh, and a “*facebook ‘like symbol* a boss” t-shirt and socks. 🙂 It was indeed a good year.

  30. @90- I like a lot of different music. I sort of go through phases. For example, a few weeks ago I was listening to almost nothing but Of Monsters and Men, and right now I’m listening to Fun. mostly.

    And a Walmart gift card… well… you could buy pillows or something with it (they sell pillows at Walmart, right?).

  31. @76 – Thanks for the suggestions, I was thinking on Closer To The Edge, by 30 Seconds To Mars (the music fits for me, not necessarily the lyrics). And Also Take Me As I Am, by David Cook, that one is because of the lyrics.

    @91 – The Script!!!!! Oh, yeah, I’m so glad I found someone who likes them. Nobody at school knows them. I got to see them live for my birthday!

    For Christmas I got a new iPod. My old one is an iPod Video, real old and practically falling apart. I got an iTunes card, a sweater and candy, lots of candy!!

  32. I’ve been missing for 8 days…there’s too many comments to read!!! :<
    Anywaaays, I want Leviathan to be an anime, as in Studio Ghibli ( that's how you spell it, right?) because that would be bloody amazing!

  33. I got a Kindle Fire, two iTunes gift cards, three Amazon gift cards, a check for $50, tons and tons of books (including The Fault in Our Stars…does anyone else here just love John Green? Or am I the only one?), and tons and tons of clothes.

  34. @92- I go through phases too, but I always end up coming back to the same general thing. It’s a lovely combination of rock, alternative rock and punk that I like to call emo piano rock even though its not emo.

  35. @76: I’m so so sorry. Maybe I didn’t make it clear, but the quote is from the Bonus Chapter, published December 16, 2011 on this blog. (And then later in Portuguese so I have the same quote in Portuguese on my door. <3) I believe the blog post title is 'Bonus Goliath Chapter and Art' or something. I had to look it up for my cousin recently.

    And wahhh I wish I could've been on here for Christmas, but my grandma's house doesn't have wifi and her computer is….not great. Did anyone see Les Mis? <3

    @91: quite astounding (I think that's what I blanked out? 'Deryn was [blank blank]', right?)

    @90: I suggest the audio books of the Leviathan trilogy. ^^ And then Les Miserables, 25th anniversary maybe, but I like the 10th anniversary Eponine better. And if you have a problem with Nick Jonas (I tolerate him), then don't get any of the 25th songs with Marius. But I have no Mariuses to suggest, except maybe 10th for their "One Day More"….And then The Phantom of the Opera 2004 movie soundtrack, then The Fray, Coldplay, Onerepublic, and The Script. (A note on The Script: They're song "If You Ever Come Back" is very Malec-y, isn't it? I know not a lot of us like the Mortal Instruments (not even I do), but I like Malec.)

    @94: I think a Studio Ghibli animation would be brilliant, especially since Myazaki (is that how you spell his name?) has a thing for anything that flies. Evidence: Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle, every movie I've seen by Studio Ghilbli….(I love Howl's Moving Castle….*dies* And the books! Anything by Dianna Wynne Jones is good, my fantasy-loving friends!)

    WHO'S EXCITED FOR INTO DARKNESS? Come on Trekkies, don't be shy! Sherlock fans, are YOU excited for Into Darkness? You know who our villain is this time around, right? 😉

  36. @98
    right as i was reading that you know what my kitten did? He attacked my Macbook charger like the charger had just insulted his meow. if he wasnt so adorable i would be a bit pissed, considering my charger currently has several kitten-fang-sized holes in it.

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