Thunderbolts and Lightning

Long time, no see. Like, a lot longer than usual.

Turns out I didn’t post for our whole six weeks away in St Louis, Las Vegas, New York and South America. It was a very awesome and exhausting trip. But sorry to leave you hanging.

Luckily, good times were had by all, and were well documented, so there are a ton of cool pictures and videos to share with you. Spoiler alert: Brazilian fans are very awesome.

At this exact moment, however, I’m jetlagged to buggery, and will share with you just this one amazing thing.

On our flight from Rio, Brazil to Santiago, Chile, Justine tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the window. (She is a window sitter and I am an aisle-ist. Is there any more perfect marriage?) Outside, somewhere over Argentina, was a huge anvil of clouds, its structure revealed by the lightning flickering and flailing within.

It was a very big and violent thing to witness, especially from the fragile vantage of a flying machine. But any nerviness was totally outweighed by old-fashioned awe.

My iPad camera I managed to capture a fraction of what it looked like:

Pretty intense, right? But go look at it bigger on YouTube.

More cool stuff soon. Promizes!

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  1. I’m cool, except for the fact that I have to go to school today, but it’s better than being stuck in the house

  2. Hey everyone!
    That’s a lot of long, deatailed comments so I’m only going to scan through them.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDDY JOE! Or belated birthday. When I turned 13 I was afraid everyone would hate me… I’m not sure why.
    So anyway… How’s it going? 🙂

  3. @149- My name is Frances. It was the most popular name in the country 110 years ago… I’ve never met anyone over 80 with my name. Anyway, how did Penelope beat Isabella? TWILIGHT HAS BEEN OVERTHROWN!!! *Victory Dance*

  4. @149&155, why’s everyone talking about their real names?! my name stays Scorpio-Ferret when on the Internet, that’s that. but you will always be TrueUgly and PWH to me. Internet friends! it’s fun how on email and websites we can have whatever name we want.

  5. @156- I think it’s less of a “hey everyone, this is my real name so think of me with that name” and more of a “hey everybody, the name Penelope was the most popular name in the country this year and it also so happens to be my name. Isn’t that cool?” in TrueUgly’s case. In my case it was more of a “hey TrueUgly, it was cool that your name was most popular this year. I was named after my great grandmother AND IT SUCKS.”

    I can’t speak for TrueUgly, but this is the way I interpret it.

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! so i was sooo stalking your blog and i realised you posted on my birthday!!!! ahhhh you just made my day

  7. Nikola Tesla was probably controling that storm. (See what I did there)

    P.S. Kudos for adding Tazza. I knew about Tazzi Tigers long before I started Leviathan and knew Tazza was one of them as soon as i read the description!

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