Hungarian Behemoth

And another non-US cover, the Hungarian version of Behemoth!


I just love these covers from Hungary. They have the same crazy energy as the propaganda poster in the endpapers of Behemoth, which is so totally from the period. There seems to be a steampunk thing happening in Hungary right now. (As you can see here.)

In case you missed it, I posted about the Hungarian cover for Leviathan last September, but here it is again, for reference:

Can’t wait to see the third one. Who will they choose for giant mechano-posterization?

Klopp? Volger? Barlow? Varlow? BOVRIL WITH MUSTACHE??? We can only wait and see.

As you can see, I am blogging SLIGHTLY more regularly now, despite having already written 994 words of my next novel today. Congratulate me.

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  1. I just came here and was like, “WHOA. Hi, Deryn.”
    Miss her….love her….Going flying for the first time in FIVE YEARS on Monday! The flight is supposed to be 7 hours! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS

    Congratulations, Scott-la!

    ROXANNE! When you get on here, this is a reply to @84 on the last post:

    LOL I’ll give it a chance….Maybe when no one can publicly see me reading it. (I’m sorry, this is going to take a WHILE.)

    NON, NON, NON, NON, NON! You do not Google book endings! We must talk about this. LOL Actually, it’s okay, but I seriously (I’m not kidding) got down on my knees and BEGGED my friend not to do what you just did. She asked me, “Jem or Will?” And I said, “The problem with today’s society is that we believe we can only ever experience true love once.” She didn’t like my answer so she said she would Google it….So happened the situation I have just told you….I play well on people’s guilt. XD She actually couldn’t believe that I got down on my knees and begged….but I couldn’t stand the idea of her not experiencing the whole thing, really understanding. But honestly, if I didn’t have my fire-breathing sister (XD not really), I probably would have done the same thing. And thus have been like, “What in blazes? What kind of ending is that?” And thus not spent hours crying, with my school life being generally ruined by the desire to lie around and mourn, and, worse, hope for City of Heavenly Fire. Because once I got over the initial sobbing mess stage I began to hope that Cassie wasn’t just going to kill off everyone in CoHF. I keep catching myself planning Magnus and Alec’s wedding and IT’S NOT GOOD. I must NOT hope.

    XD I don’t know why the first bit was in French.

    I was laughing very hard near the end, too. Laughing so hard my stomach hurt. And crying through it all. Really, I keep saying that and it must be getting boring, but I was crying like my whole family just died and Nazis burned all my books and Vienna had imploded. Or something….


    I do take Spanish, by the way.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Why, oh why must every other country get covers so much cooler than ours?

  3. 994 words per day doesn’t seem like much… yesterday I got almost 2 thousand on my novel-in-progress. I expect Scott-la knows much more about this though.

  4. @4: WHOA! Explosion of feels! If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t have done it if I was actually reading the series. But I read CA, the first chapter of CP, got bored, and quit the series (but was still curious as to who she chose, of course). I’m not the type to read the last page of a book first. 😉

    EEEK! Only two and half weeks left til we KNOW! I’m so nervous now… My dreams will only be forever crushed if I’m denied.

    But on a better subject: I think I finished chapter 6! WOO HOO! It’s due out on the 1st, so I’m happy. Unfortunately, it’s a solid 1100 words shorter than my previously shortest chapter, and I have to keep reminding myself it’s about QUALITY not quantity.

    Oh, and of course, I agree, Scott, the covers are super-awesome looking!!! Any chance us Americans will be getting any new LBG covers soon?

  5. Very interesting covers. Lots of detail too, especially on Behemoth’s. They’re a little odd, but most fresh ideas seem that way. Why American covers are usually so drab in comparison, I’ll never know.

    @9: He did say “already” 994 words, and the blog said this post was at 7:29 AM (at least for me.) I’ve never written a book, so I wouldn’t know how many words is average.

  6. I’ve tried to write stories. I have a great idea about a robot boy, but I came up with it like three years ago and so far I’ve only written one chapter. Somedays I’m like yeah, today I’ll write and write and write, and then I sit around all day doing nothing, wondering what it is I had thought of doing.

    ANy tips from anyone?

    @4 – You take Spanish? HOla 🙂
    You reminded me of something, the other day I was at this bookstore and saw that Uglies is now translated into Spanish. I leafed through it, and I’m sad to say that the translation’s awful. It’s just so ridiculous to read about “los Especiales”, or stuff like that. But what really got me going were the titles:

    Uglies – Traición
    Pretties – Perfección
    Specials – Especiales

    ANyway, I guess a literal translation of everything would be too weird…

  7. EPICNESS. wow, you’d think the American/Australian/English publishers would take a hint.
    congrats on your novel work! i can’t wait for more news about it!

  8. The cover is pretty cool and looks great with the Hungarian Leviathan.

    Just wanted to remind everyone that you can see all editions, American and foreign, over at the Books of Scott Westerfeld website ( I updated it this morning to include information about the Hungarian Behemoth, and earlier this year added the books with Scott’s shorter works.

    BTW, I’ve also started a Books of Scott Westerfeld Facebook page where I post covers and news a few times a week.

  9. @10: Oh….That makes more sense. Hold on, how did CP start? *think hard, James* Oh! The prologue was with Will! That was when he was still getting all those weird things for Magnus (MAGNUS GAH <3). I remember reading it before the book was published, like how the prologue and first chapter of CP2 were released before the book.

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so nervous, too. It's awful because I really have NO IDEA what will happen. It's 50/50 chance. Most often the worst kind….

    Yay for finishing another chapter! Congratulations! And don't worry about word count; I once wrote a chapter that couldn't have been more that 2000 words. I just got on break now, so I'm planning on FINALLY writing something again. 🙂

    @13: Si. (Anyone know how to get accents?) Yo habia tocando Espanol por siete anos. Ugh, okay stopping. I don't know how to do accents so the words just look SO WRONG. You'd think I'd be fluent by now. Sadly, no. lol, I just said that because the sentence was in French. Ironically, it's much easier for me to speak French than it is for me to speak Spanish. However, I've been told that I speak Spanish like I'm British and French like I'm trying to speak Spanish. lol I don't know anymore….

    You know how I kept saying we were almost to WWI in my APEuro class? Well, now we ARE on WWI. And it's….disturbing to say the least. Because you're learning about the kaiser and all those idiots (okay not really) and all the politics….And watching movies that take you step by step through the assassination of a certain archduke and his beloved wife. Frankly, it's quite horrifying. Especially when your immature class can't stop laughing at failed suicide attempts and hungry assassins. (Princip did give me mixed feelings about sandwiches, though.)

    Once more, even though I can't figure out accents:

    "Je peux voir du sang sur les paves!"

  10. @20- ¡No te preocupes! You’ll get there, I’ve been told Spanish isn’t an easy language to learn.

    @21- ¡wow! Hablas muy bien. Yo soy mexicana, y aprendí Inglés. Desde que tenía 5 años estoy en clases.

  11. Agh! All this Spanish stuff I don’t understand (which is quite embarrassing, considering I’m half Mexican, myself)!

    @20: Well, I read the prologue and the first chapter. But yeah, I wouldn’t spoil myself if I was invested in the series! I can’t imagine, say, reading the last chapter of Goliath before even starting Behemoth. THE SACRILEGE!

    I know, I know. I keep telling myself it doesn’t matter. I suppose it ends up being the shortest chapter in the book, I can call that a win. 🙂
    I hope I don’t end up running into conflicts with my story. All my characters are pretty consistently doing things throughout the book, but I forgot that in two places main characters get injured…so I need to figure out some other things to happen while they “heal.”

  12. @Awesome people who keep speaking Spanish: The awful part is, I CAN understand you, but I don’t have the guts to actually try using it for real. And, yeah, Spanish has 14 verb tenses, I think, so it is harder than most languages, but also very easy because the words are so easily understandable. Apparently French is easier, though they don’t pronounce about half the word. (Evidence: Versailles) I’m just sadly lacking on vocabulary. I can talk about really boring things, but not anything I really want to talk about. For example: Me encanta Deryn Sharp. Ella es muy atrevida y fiel para sus amigos, su familia, y su pais. But that’s really boring and everyone knows that. Also, I’m not sure I said ‘she’s faithful to’ correctly. I can’t say she’s astounding and hilarious and she breaks my heart sometimes. I can’t say she’s daft and I just want to hug her sometimes, or roll my eyes at her. I can ramble on and on about very boring things, but I can’t say what I want to. Whew. That was a bit of a rant.

    @24: SACRILEGE, YES, YES!!!! I guess I’ll let it slide because you’re not invested in the series. But I have to ask, did you know about Jem and Tessa? Because you didn’t finish CP1….

    That would be a win. 🙂 Then there are those thriller books with ridiculously short chapters….

    OHMYGOSH. Don’t even talked to me about injuries. I’m SO bad at them, in acting and in writing. Acting (stage combat, actually) was where I realized that my characters had to carry their injuries. I remembered this the next month (August CampNaNo) when I realized that I was very bad at making Briette carry her injuries. Somehow, Leo remained pretty unscathed while Briette was shot. Three times. Okay, so once it was two bullets at once and she managed to avoid direct impact, BUT STILL. Then I couldn’t remember which side the injuries were on because in one scene, it worked better on the left, but when she was originally shot it glanced off her right arm, or something. I’M SO BAD AT INJURIES.

    (Marie Lu, on the other hand, is amazing. I don’t know if you’ve read Legend, but Day carries a gunshot wound around for almost two books. And it’s realistic. I’M DONE. XD)


    j’ai lu beaucoup de livres en français. c’est l’une des meilleures façons d’apprendre une langue. Je voudrais avoir une copie de Léviathan en français! ce que quelqu’un sait où je peux m’en procurer un?

    that is most likely grammatically incorrect, but i tried.

  14. @25: If we’re thinking the same thing, then yes, I do know about Jem and Tessa. To avoid spoilers for others, though, I can’t be sure we are.
    …I’m pretty sure we are. 😉

    INJURIES! Such a pain. Right now my Leo has a broken left arm and a character named MacAurigus (he’s Scottish) has a gash in one of his legs (don’t remember which one, or if I even specified it…I’ll have to check that). Later on in the novel, Arabella will be stabbed in the left shoulder (of course, her attacker was trying for her heart). I think that’s all of the serious injuries, but I’m not totally organized with my writing, so who knows what might pop up later? lol. Anyway, I don’t know what to do with them while they’re resting in hospital beds. :\

  15. @23- desde que yo tengo 5 años estoy en clases de Inglés. En la escuela nos dan las clases.

    @25- you shouldn’t be afraid to talk in spanish. Wht you said about Deryn was actually really well written. Except maybe i would have used “es fiel CON sus amigos….” but it’s al right. I was translating in my head all that you said you couldn’t say in Spanish and I realized that in spanish there’s no real translation for “roll my eyes at (someone)”. I don’t mean that you can’t translate the words, it’s just that you can’t translate the expression. It’s weird that it took me so long to figure that one out…

  16. I’m in my second year of Spanish and haven’t really learned any fancy stuff yet. I hardly know any French. There’s the extent of my foreign languages. Odd how the subject went from new book covers to foreign language skills.

  17. @32: Yes, there are definitely some expressions in Spanish that make little sense in English, like “tan noble como un perro” or, literally “as noble as a dog” (an example from my textbook.) My Spanish book put lion in for dog to make it more relatable, though.

  18. @31: Okay, then. (About Jem and Tessa.) XD

    Injuries ARE such a pain. And my characters don’t have hospitals….at least not the first time. THAT was the other huge edit I wanted to make! I couldn’t remember….Jeez, I really need to write these things down. Thanks for reminding me!

    @ Thanks….I really couldn’t figure out if I was supposed to use por or para or de or con….I get so confused with that stuff….And lol, really? I mean, I know somethings just translate really weird. My sister always talking about French idioms, like “run like the wind” to us in English is translated to an expression in French that means “run with your knees up to your neck”. And instead of a frog in your throat it’s a cat or something….But I don’t know anything in Spanish like that. 🙁

    @34: LOL I wish my Spanish textbook had a sense of humor….

  19. @35: No prob. Luckily for my characters, they spend most of their time at the palace, where an infirmary is conveniently located. 🙂 Of course, with the broken arm and gashed leg, it did happen while on the road. But they rode horses the whole time, so not even MacA’s limping was a problem.

    By the way, I finished season 1 and nine episodes of the 2nd season of Merlin. So just four more eps of the season! Then I shall be 2/5 done.

    Gosh, I want to talk in a British accent (even though it’s probably horrific). Between writing my book, watching Merlin, and watching Being Human (anyone watch that? I’ve only seen three episodes [not including the pilot, I can’t find it anywhere!]), I’m in a European mood all the time, lol. 🙂

  20. @36: My characters would never come withing ten feet of the Hofburg….or Buckingham, for that matter. Is there a monarchy/palace anywhere in Norway? Sorry, just going through all the cities they go to…. Yeah, Briette could get away with laying around when she was shot the first time, but only because there was a bed in their way of transit. The next time….sort of. But I’m changing that one to a hospital, so it’s all good. And more realistic….

    AHHHHH! Merlin! I miss it so much! Netflix still needs to get Season 5….:(

    I can talk in a British accent sometimes. But the weird thing is, people tell me I have a British accent anyway. They’re always like, “Where’re you from?” or “When did you come here?” And I’m like, “I’ve never left the U.S…..” I think it might be the fact that I grew up with Harry. <3

    Europe is just so much more awesome than here….

  21. @34- you know, I’ve never heard that expression before, and I live in Mexico. The problem with spanish, I think, is that there’s a LOT of slang used everywhere. Every place you go it’s different. For example, to say “cool”. I Mexico City it’s “padre”, and in Monterrey it’s “chido”. You really just keep learning as you go.

  22. @38: WHOA. That’s weird….Sorry. I’m trying to think if we have anything like that in the U.S….. No, I honestly can’t think of anything. I know there’s weird dialects of English in some places, but those are dying out. There’s just too many languages here to even begin….

  23. @39- yeah, sometimes it’s kind of hard to keep track of everything, but it’s cool. You know, there aren’t so many different languages here, or at least, I haven’t met many people who speak other languages. Where I live it’s just Spanish and English. The thing is, there are so many schools that are just in English, that it’s taking over! Now most kids from those schools speak in “Spanglish” and they think they sound so cool but it’s just ridiculous.

  24. @40: Ahhh, Spanglish. How irritating. Weirdly enough, my Spanish teacher sometimes has to use it to make the class understand. Not strictly necessary for me, though. I’m good as long as I don’t have to talk/sometimes write. And when my friends came back from French Camp (where you have to speak all French and why do all my friends take French?), they couldn’t stop speaking French, but they didn’t have enough vocab so they spoke Franglais. SO annoying. But it was also weird because when I talked to one of my French Camp friends in Chemistry, she still hadn’t figured out how to speak English again, so she was just prattling away in French….but I understood her. It’s weird how alike the languages are.

  25. @37: Did you ever tell me what your novel was about? *thinks* I’ll feel really bad if you did, but I can’t seem to remember… I just find myself really intrigued with all the places you mentioned, wondering “What are the characters doing in those places?”
    …and did I tell you about mine? *memory is awful*

    So…close…to…finishing…season 2! Just two more episodes! But my stupid mother (whom I watching it with) is all like “It’s too late to watch more.” Ugh! She doesn’t understand this is MERLIN! (Sorta in love with this show!) I just have to say: ARTHUR AND GWEN ARE SO CUTE!!! I love them (especially him)! And, of course: OH GOD UTHER, WHY WON’T YOU JUST DIE ALREADY?!?
    ^Sorry for any spoilers, anyone who reads this! (Although the original myths kinda spoil everything, technically.)

  26. @42: I only vaguely said what my story was about. It’s futuristic, but I changed the past around so that the central powers weren’t totally knocked out 1914-1945, if you get my meaning. (Actually, they pretty much dominate the world.) On CampNaNo’s website I put the genre as futuristic/biopunk, because adding ‘alternative history’ to that was too long, and the past doesn’t really matter. Anyway, most of the story takes place in Vienna or on the run. And….I suck royally at summaries. The two main characters are Leo and Briette. (They’re names are reoccurring, so obviously.) For most of the plot it’s like Briette going, “I don’t care if your revolution failed. I am getting my family back and YOU ARE HELPING!” But going (back) to Italy (which I didn’t mention) was to hide because Leo would probably be arrested in Vienna, and going to Norway was just a transition to get somewhere else. *rubs chin thoughtfully* And also safe, considering that it’s German and not Austrian territory….*dies* That was SO VAGUE.
    Please tell me about your story! (Unless we’re both disastrously vague people.) I know you talked about the general feel and setting, and character names. 😀 But I don’t quite know what it’s about.

    OMG, I used to feel that way about Uther, too. I won’t say anything, though…. I’ve always hated the Arthur-Gwen-Lancelot triangle because in some stories I absolutely love Arthur and hate Lancelot, or vice versa. Actually, when I started watching Merlin, I was just like, “Arthur and Gwenivere. If that other guy even SHOWS HIS FACE–” But then he did, and he was so NICE. Gah. I, by default, dislike Lancelot still, but he’s not really a problem. 🙂

  27. @37 I watched some Being Human. It kind of gets less awesome as time goes on….Do you watch Sherlock or Doctor Who? There’s a couple episodes where some of the actors look VERY familiar if you’ve seen Being Human.

  28. @41- that would be weird. I have a friend who speaks French, because her mother is from France, I think. Otherwise I think there’s just one boy who takes French classes. Nobody else really bothers with something other than English and Spanish. Most kids hate reading, in any language, so they don’t bother complicating themselves with something other than Spanish books.
    I’m taking German classes. And you know what? The main reason I wanted to take German is Alek 🙂

  29. @43: That sounds cool, if a bit vague. 😉 Okay, I also happen to be AWFUL at summaries also, but let’s see what I can do:
    A king with pay a pretty penny to anyone who can bring him a new wife. So this wizard (known simply as “the wizard”) decides he’s going to MAKE one for him. He makes these two potions of unimaginable physical beauty physically and ridiculously great and caring personality. Then a little voice in his head convinces him that if there were a maiden of the opposite looks and personality, then the pretty one would be doubly desirable in comparison and the king would not be able to refuse. So he makes another two potions with the complete opposite characteristics. Can you guess what happens next? Why, OF COURSE the wizard’s a buffoon and mixes up the potions. So now there’s a drop-dead gorgeous chick who’s evil, and a genuinely nice one who’s “rather plain.” Anywho, they run away from the wizard, meet a prince, and stuff happens.
    That’s basically the summary of chapter one. I guess I’m not too bad at them.

    Yeah, Lancelot’s nice and all, but I hate him on principle too. Arthur and Gwen are just unbelievably adorable together. It makes the hopeless romantic in me all giddy! And I love the way Merlin teases Arthur for it, as well. I just love their “bromance,” as I’ve affectionately labeled it. =D
    But I fear if we keep talking about the show, something spoilery will accidentally slip!

    @44: Yeah, I think the show’s pretty decent, but if we’re being completely honest: I’m basically watching it for the RIDICULOUSLY attractive and amazing Aidan Turner! Every time he comes on screen I swoon. I can’t wait to see him as Kili again in The Hobbit: Pt. 2. (Has anyone noticed that the Hobbit doesn’t have nearly as many hot guys as LotR?) And Luke in CoB!
    No, I haven’t seen them. I really DESPERATELY want to see Sherlock though, so no spoilers, por favor!

  30. @41: My school got rid of German classes. 🙁 Funny thing though; my sister’s English teacher last year was the one who taught them. She knew the history of Germanic language, and tons of cool linguistic things. English is a Germanic language, too, so it’s an easy transition. (or it’s supposed to be….) I have a German-learning app on my phone. People ask me why I don’t I have games and I’m like, “I do have games. They just teach me German.” 😀 Yeah, Alek was my reason, too. Everyone thinks it’s such an angry language, to which I reply with the cutest German words I know. Like “der Schnee” which is “snow”. It’s adorable.

    @46: Wow, that summary makes me feel bad. I really am bad at them…. Does the prince even want to be married, by the way? Because first you said ‘king’, then ‘prince’, so is it the father giving out this reward? Sorry to be confused….I think the idea is really interesting, though. Does he literally create them, or does he make two girls drink the potions? Okay, now I’m just being obnoxious, aren’t I? But my mind is going off in different directions….Funny that both our stories have the idea of ‘creating’ people….But mine is scientific, because I was inspired in biology class….Meanwhile, I’m going to try again at a summary….
    Boy (Leo) living in an Austrian-controlled Italy travels to Vienna to complete his pilot’s training. While in Vienna, he barely escapes an attempted arrest by soldiers who are convinced he is part of an underground rebel group. He’s taken in by a small band of outcast children, who help him disappear. Through them, he meets his look-alike, who in turn introduces him to the actual rebel group. Soon, Leo is in over his head and the revolution begins accidentally. It’s crushed easily, and Leo is forced to flee. With him comes Briette, the leader of the outcast family, who is determined to reunite her broken family. But when Leo’s own family goes missing, he realizes two things. One, that Briette has been lying to him, and that her real past is the key to everything–even his own existence.
    *hides face in shame* Well, can’t go back now….Sorry if that was overly dramatic (or lame), but I didn’t want to say TOO much. Though I feel like I just did….But I come from a family where it takes us four pages to summarize Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, so that was actually pretty good….

    Hehe I love the “bromance” between Merlin and Arthur, too. But I won’t say anything else. 🙂

    Oh. My. God. This is NOT happening. Really? He’s Kili? I LOVE Kili! And he’s….Luke. Luke is one of my expendables for City of Heavenly Fire! Noooooooo! I never like Luke that much….*sob*
    Okay, The Hobbit does not have as many hot guys because there is a shortage of Elves and men. Dwarves are generally just….no. Except Kili. But mostly I love him because he uses a bow. Really, what use is an axe? It’s only short range. I MISS ESTEL. But Legolas is coming back. 😀 Those two are just the sweetest friends….I know there’s more of an emphasis on Gimli and Legolas, but I read the Mellon Chronicles….And sometimes around seventh grade they became canon for me….(The Mellon Chronicles are fanfiction. If you know the movies and/or books well, you’ll remember ‘mellon’ means ‘friend’ in Sindarin (which is the Elvish lanuage most comely spoken at the time of LotR). And omygosh stop me before I start rambling….I’m trying to teach myself Sindarin, but I have a shortage of material to work with….)


  31. @47: Oh, sorry I wasn’t clear on that! The king and prince are from different kingdoms. The king in the south wants a wife for himself. They meet the prince on the road as he’s going home to the kingdom in the east (from the one in the west). And yes, he did literally make them.
    Your story sounds really cool…and more intense than mine. You say you’re bad at summarizing: your summary sounded like the actual blurb you’d read on the back of book!

    AH! Kili is so awesome! Who would of ever imagined a hot dwarf? Kili is like Aragorn and Legolas combined! I found a meme of that somewhere…
    (Aw…I like Luke…)

  32. @47- it’s not such an easy transition, at least, not for me. Some words really sound like English out loud, but written down, it’s absolute gibberish. But it’s really cool. I love the way it sounds.

    Really?? Legolas is coming back? Man, I can’t wait to see that. He’s the greatest elf in fiction.

    I watch Sherlock too! I watched the pilot and immediately went to the computer to download the books. Although I haven’t read them yet…but I watched the series. I can’t wait till season 3

  33. @48: Okay, that makes more sense. It’s awesome that he literally made them….Seeing it now. 🙂 My best wishes to you through writing, editing, and hopefully publishing! 🙂
    Aw….thanks. I tried….I had written it several experimental ways last summer when I was trying to figure it out, so I went back to those for reference….

    I like Kili, but never as much as my Elf and Ranger. And I LOVE you for knowing who Estel is. <3 Usually I have to explain that that's Aragorn's Elven name….

    Okay, I grudgingly like him more now, but he's still expendable. Because who will take up the six open main-character-death spots if it's not him? (Okay, so Cassie said somewhere that six main characters die, and I was like, "NOT MAGNUS AND ALEC." So I filled up those spots to my liking. Technically Jace and Clary are the main characters, but the meaning of 'main character' in TMI is sort of vague now. This is my expendable list: Jace, Clary, Jocelyn, Luke, Jordan, and Maia. Sorry if you like them….)

    @49: Yeah, I know mostly vocabulary still, but I'm trying to teach myself basic verb conjugations. I passed that level on my app, but it took me forever.

    Yeah! He is the prince of Mirkwood, after all. 🙂

    Oh, gosh, I'm sort of scared of Season 3. It's supposed to be the last season, too. *sob* I have a copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Benedict and Martin on the cover. 🙂 Not all the stories, but some of them. And I've read The Hound of the Baskervilles. I love how they play with the titles in the series. Study in Pink, instead of scarlet. Scandal in Belgravia, instead of Bohemia. Hounds of the Baskerville. 🙂

    On a side note, I swear, in this moment, I have never loved Deryn and Alek more. I'm taking notes on WWI right now, and they have so little information on Franz and Sophie that I decided to maul my textbook. (Okay, not really, but I do write in it.) This time, I wrote out the scene where Alek tells Deryn about the pocket watch on the tennis courts and stuck it in there. 🙂 The line, "Aye. Back home I'm always leaving my watch on the tennis courts." has never been so funny. I don't know why….I've been so upset about Malec lately (I think we've established this) but then there was DERYN AND ALEK staring me right in the face and I was so happy again. I'm going flying tomorrow and I will die if my mom says Goliath is too heavy….Love them too much to fly without them.

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