My Interview on the ABC

When I was at Adelaide Writers Week last month, I did an extended interview with Sean Williams, who writes the Trouble Twisters series with Garth Nix. The ABC was kind enough to film the talk and put it online.

I talk about Uglies, Leviathan and the history of illustrations, living with another writer, from whence inspiration comes, my other books, and pretty much everything else writerly. It’s a whole hour long!

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Adelaide Writers Week for having me, to everyone who asked questions, to the ABC, and to Sean for being a great interviewer.

Here is the ABC page where you can download this as audio or video. Click here for the other talks from Adelaide Writers Week.

A few notes:

1) For you USians, note that “the ABC” (Australian Broadcasting Company) is not the same as “ABC” (American Broadcasting Company).

2) At 13:15, I meant to say “Book 2” instead of “Book 3.”

3) Justine, in the audience, is caught tweeting at 26:45.

4) My pronunciation of “manga” is weird sometimes. I’m from Texas.

5) At 36:00 I briefly confuse Miyake with Miyazaki, because I was wearing the former. #humblebrag

132 thoughts on “My Interview on the ABC

  1. …. Didn’t Scott-la declare the bonus chapter 100% canon? Now he’s saying that it’s up to the fans to decide for him/herself. YOU CANNOT RETRACT! It’s canon!

  2. @51 in my opinion, if it’s written by the original author, it’s canon. Of course, there could be exceptions and additiona, but thst’s my basic guideline. Plus, no retractions!

  3. @51: It’s canon! It’s canon! It’s canon! I can’t imagine Deryn and Alek without it….

    @49: You’re making me daydream about Weta picking it up….(Or is it WETA? I never know these things….)

    @47&48: I should do that. Not read the bad ones for books I like, that is. The only thing that makes me mad anymore….lol.
    By the way, Leviathan is number 177 on the list of books 32,000 people voted should be made into movies! (There were like 12,560 books….) (I was just randomly looking at stuff on Goodreads….) (Yay Leviathan!)

  4. @53 canon is (this is my acquired definition, someone correct me if I’m wrong) to original version of a work. The printed book, the aired tv show. The thing all fanfictions, distracted musings, and rambling daydreams are are based off of when they’re related to a published work.

  5. @56 no, I do think the bonus chapter is canon; it was written by Scott. Sorry to be so confusing.

  6. HELLOSSSSSS EVERYBODY I DIDN’T MISS YOU well its not that I didn’t miss you I just haven’t been on here in a while bleh and I didn’t really think about you guys I’M SOOOOOORRY so hiiii

  7. Ok, I’m sorry. Perhaps I’m supposed to but I don’t know what WETA is. Could somebody help me out?

    And I think the Bonus Chapter is half canon and half fan fiction. Except in this case it would be author fiction 🙂

  8. Hey Midshipman K! Guess what? It’s kind of like Alpha is an airship, and we’re both middies on it. So this is pretty neat. You can feed the flechette bats, and I’ll run altitude drills. 🙂

  9. I just drew a picture of Jeff the Killer. I think it turned out good. :3
    Random stuffs.

  10. @64: Just give me the figs. 😉

    @63: Oh, well I found out about WETA through Lord of the Rings bonus features (that I used to know as well as the movies….). They’re like a special effects company of something. >_< Gosh, I don't really know. Someone help me. My understanding is that they got really big from LOTR. I saw their name in the end credits of Avatar….(the one with the blue people. Does anyone remember what that was actually about?)

    Ne parlons pas de l'amour. Parlons de Paris. Je suis a Paris avec la moindre chose que vous faites.

    @65: I'm random too! Just practicing my French….I keep learning random phrases in French that will probably not help me when I do go to France. (Me: awkward Spanish person hanging around with my sister's class. XD) I have been reliably informed that I speak French with a Spanish accent. I can't even speak SPANISH with a Spanish accent. What is wrong with me….?

    I am the random girl who will go to the Concordat and scream, "Je peux voir du sang sur les paves!" XD

    (If I was as half as funny as I thought I was I would be twice as funny as I am.)

    (I steal humor from books.)

  11. Now I see ‘ABC’ and I think of the ABC Cafe. Les Mis is attacking my brain cells….

  12. Weta Workshop isn’t just a effects company, they also do costumes, sets, weapons and just about everything else to make a movie! They’ve done Avatar, District 9, Tintin, LOTR, The Hobbit, Narnia andddddd The Lovely Bones. I actually went to Weta last year and got a tour with one of the artists who works there! Ahhhhhhhh, it was awesome 🙂 and I think Weta would be the right people to make Leviathan!

  13. @68 whoa i didn’t know WETA was so cool! that’s so awesome that you got a tour. what’s it look like?

    i must lament: my school isn’t offering German to my grade next year!!!! 🙁 i was going to walk into class quoting LBG probably. and i actually wanted to take that class! i got Italian. at least it’s pretty-sounding….

  14. @66 & 68- Wow! WETA definetely sounds like they could do Leviathan. I was kinda surprised I hadn’t heard from them, with all the movies they’ve done, but I guess it’s just that I always stop watching when the credits start 🙂

    @66- Avatar! It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but it’s awesome. It’s about humans going to another planet and trying to establish a relation between human and the blue people, so they start making these “avatars” of humans, but that look like those blue people. In the end it turns into a full-blown war, but the story’s cool, and the special effects are really awesome.

  15. @68: Thank you! Though I worship them for LOTR’s sake, I’m sadly ignorant to their true purpose. >__<

  16. I am confused. That comment that was just posted up their was like a twelfth of what I actually said. Sometimes these things get cut off for no apparent reason. I don’t think I was even rambling this time. O_o?

    Okay then.

    Zac-la: YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU GOT A TOUR!!!! I want one…. They must do Leviathan!

    @69: My school doesn’t offer German either. Or Italian. 🙁 We have Spanish, French, ASL (American Sign Language), and Mandarin. And we can’t take two languages at once….Not that we would really have the space for it. My school is messed up and doesn’t have a block schedule so while most of my friends at other schools have like eight class a year, I have six. 🙁

    @70: My family just sits through the credits. Because we’re weird like that. I don’t usually read them, but I do notice WETA, usually. If they’re in the credits. Then I like scream and anyone else it the theater is like, “What in blazes….?”
    Although, sitting through the credits for LOTR Extended Editions is not suggested. You’ll be there for like ten minutes for the fan club alone. My sister and I have done it. Several times. Sometimes it’s cool though, because you see people with the name Faramir or Elrond. 😀 True story.

    Thanks. ^^ I remember liking it, but then it just sort of faded from my mind.

  17. It’s been almost 2 weeks, when are the Pretties pictures going to be released?when I heard that, I almost exploded!

  18. Okay, I know we are long past this subject, but I’ve FINALLY finished season 3 of Merlin. 😀 Just 2 more (although who knows when season 5 will come on Netflix?)!

  19. (\ /)
    ( . .)
    c(“)(“) This is bunny copy and paste bunny to help him gain world domination

  20. And I finally watched this interview! It’s super awesome. I love how much time was spent on Leviathan. 😀

  21. @74 & 76: Yay! But I don’t know when season 5 is coming out on Netflix. I hope it does over the summer, though, because then I could just sit there and watch it. 😀 And at this point I’ll have to wait until the summer to watch the interview. Technically I should not be here right now. I have a ginormous research project to do. I am the queen of procrastination. >_<

  22. We should start a hash tag thing to try and get Scott to show us the photos! How about #PRETTYPICTURES ?
    Could we at least have a time frame Scott-la?! Are they coming out this month or next year or never? 🙁

  23. we want Pretty Pictures! we should totally do this Zac-la i’m with you.

  24. I bought the Pretties graphic novel! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! ITS SO BUBBLY!!!!!!!! 😀

  25. 2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia2P!talia \(^-^)/


    (By the way, why a hashtag? I know they show up when you tag something on tumblr, but I don’t know why they’ve appeared everywhere else. People use them when speaking now….And when did it become a hashtag? I thought it was called a number symbol or a pound symbol. Sorry for the questions, but I have been wondering this forever because I have 0 internet presence. Sort of. I’m just very ignorant….)

  27. I KNO ME TOO I thought # was the number sign and everyone in my class is all like HASHTAG (insert random something here) and I’m like =.= “hash-tag? what is this hash-tag you talk about?” They looked at me like i’d been living under a rock for the past few years…

  28. I have no idea either about this hashtag thing. Usually I see them on the internet, like on Twitter, but I’ve never figured them out. I don’t really know what they’re there for. And also I’ve never heard anyone speak like that, so my ignorance on this just gets bigger 🙂
    You can look at me as if I’ve been living under a rock too

  29. @84&85: At least I’m not the only one. ^^’ I just sort of tolerate it now. Mostly I’m just like, “Leave it for typing, guys.” People around me seem to think it makes any random phrase funny. Especially in P.E., which is just weird. “Hashtag catch the ball!” or something. The one really funny think I heard someone talk about was naming someone Hashtag (cruel, but amusing, when you think about it). Anyway…. >_< XD

    (Why am I on here? I have some much homework.)
    (Haha I'm one here because of muscle memory.)
    (Every time I open the internet, this is the first place I go.)
    (I have mixed feelings about muscle memory.)
    (Especially in ballet class.)

  30. Ok lets leave out the hashtag, PRETTYPICTURES

    Anyone still on here? I’ve been snowed under with schoolwork 🙁

  31. I’m here. Though now I’ve gotta go do math homework. Now for some reason the teacher decided that our work would all be on a website. It’s kind of weird. I need the problems on paper so I can solve them! But whatever, at least it’s not a lot 🙂

  32. @87: haha okay. Didn’t mean to cause a riot. I was just wondering. lol

    “Snowed under.” I like that. 🙂 Is there such thing as being hurricaned under?

  33. YEEEESSSS ALL THE GIRLS IN MY CLASS HAVE NOW JOINED THE UGLIES FANDOM!!!!!! I keep saying “I READ UGLIES BEFORE IT WAS COOL!!!” cuz I read the series when I was in 6th grade and we’re all in 7th now…but better late than never, right?

  34. I went into the IMDB site (or IMBD, I never know) the other day and there was this article about the top 80 YA books to be made into movies, and Uglies was there! It was around the 50th place, and there was nothing about it, but it was there! 🙂

  35. Why is it that every time I need to use the computer for school work I end up on here? D:
    @89 I have no idea haha we don’t get hurricanes in New Zealand! And we don’t even get snow in my city.. 🙁
    @90 Woah 6th grade? Does that mean you were 11 when you read Uglies?
    I actually have no idea how school systems work in other countries! Here for your last three years at high school you do Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Recently I found out that in other countries there’s only two level’s or something o.o

  36. @90 oh and Middy Joe you said all the GIRLS in your class? Am I the only guy that read Uglies…? :l
    I don’t get why most guys only like reading books (if at all) with male protagonists? I actually prefer female protagonists 🙂

  37. @97: Because they consider that unmanly. Female authors, “girly” covers, and female protagonists all constitute “girl books” to most males, and they are either embarrassed to read them or scorn them for being feminine (which, most of the time, they’re not). I just recently read a few interesting articles on this subject.
    Shannon Hale’s excellent post:
    And Maureen Johnson’s Coverfilp challenge (and post that goes with it):
    It’s so true about the covers. I swear I’ve SEEN some of those books in the stores, lol.
    I could’ve sworn there was another article I read, but I can’t remember…hope I helped!

  38. @97: It’s because they think it’s unmanly. Female authors, “girly” covers, female protagonists, all constitute “girl books” to most guys. It makes them embarrassed to read them or scorn them because they’re feminine (though a lot of the time they aren’t). I actually just read some articles on the subject. I could’ve sworn I read four or five, but I can only remember two (oops):
    Shannon Hale’s excellent post:
    And Maureen Johnson’s Coverflip challenge (which is SO accurate, unfortunately):
    It’s all really interesting, and I hope I helped!

  39. I think I know why Scott isn’t posting anything. On the last post he said that he was turning off his internet from May 3 to 10. I was going to write some
    “Scott!! Post something!!” Kind of comment, but no I realize it wouldn’t have been any good 🙂 I am a Dummkopf
    Oh well, let’s hope he posts something soon, anyway

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