Event in Pittsburgh (w/Justine!)

As part of teaching at the Alpha Teen Workshop, I’ll be appearing in Greensburg, PA. Justine will be there with me! Here are the details:

Sunday, July 14

Barnes & Noble Greensburg
5155 Route 30
Greensburg, Pa. 15601

Click here for the store locator.

For those of you not in western PA, here’s another cool Uglies trailer (or really, a title sequence) by Kate Warinsky. It’s not the real thing, even though it looks like it.

Click here for bigger.


132 thoughts on “Event in Pittsburgh (w/Justine!)

    Have you seen what Scott’s been saying about the Uglies movie on Twitter?! Apparently he’s going to Los Angles in a few weeks to discuss the film!

  2. @40: Yup! I used the appendices… I checked again and that’s what I got. Also, him thinking she was Tauriel was very sweet… the whole thing was, really. All 120-122 years of it.

    @48: I just finished Ender’s Game. The only way it’s like Hunger Games is kids fighting other kids, I wouldn’t really say they’re similar. But, people have said Uglies is like Hunger Games, so I’m not sure where the line is.

    @39: I never saw that before. That’s awesome…

    @43: Um… I don’t know… I looked back in the comments and it looks like a response to nothing…

    @51: GHA! I don’t have Twitter…

    There! Now I’m all caught up!

  3. You don’t need Twitter to be able to see what Scott posts! Just click on the link on the side up there… I don’t have Twitter either.

    I think the only reason these reviewers say Uglies is like Hunger Games is because of the dystopian theme… which is complete crap. Why can’t these books just be applauded for being plain awesome instead of being continually compared to other books of a similar genre? Ayway…

    http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/660033639 <— this is my review on one of Scott's older books, So Yesterday. The format/style is kind of strange because it was for an English project but anyway hopefully you enjoy it 🙂 (if you even read it haha)


  4. @48 – well I would have to agree with 53, Ender’s Game is not at all like HG except for the kids fighting, but in this book they’re not really fighting to kill and survive. The comparison might also have something to do with the theme of rebelling against authority, but other than that I don’t really see any connection.

    For some reason everyone’s comparing books to Hunger Games, no matter what book it is. I really don’t see the point of that, cuz every book is different. I guess for many people who don’t like to read, what they read was HG so now they love it and say it’s better than any other book. That has happened to me with some of my friends (which I’m trying to convince to read something else) 🙂

  5. I read Hunger Games before they started making the movie, loved it, recommended it to several people, and then when the movie came out, most of those same people asked me if I had read Hunger Games. Pretty annoying…

    @54: Great review! I love how you started out saying that you would give the book The Nod 🙂

  6. @53: Aragorn thought Arwen was Luthien Tinuviel….

    @HGvsOtherBooks: I agree that books shouldn’t be compared. For the publishers and reviewers, creating similarities helps to market the books or portray genre, I think, but not much more. The reason I asked about Ender’s Game vs The Hunger Games is because even my own mom said it. (She reades a lot of the books I do for her book group.) In Ender’s Game, if they’re not fighting for survival, what are they fighting for?

    @54: I’ll read your review after I post this. I’m doing this on my phone and it’s all very tedious….

  7. @54: That IS a really good review. I can tell what you mean when you say you wrote it as an English project. ^^ But, just wondering, do you not use MLA format in New Zealand? When you were quoting the book, you put it in italics. Is that a personal choice or specifically for formating? I’m just wondering because I think it’s interesting. See, if I’d done that for English class, I’d have had to make separate paragraphs for quotes that long, justified, like the excerpts of Eddie Malone’s articles in LBG, only double-spaced and in Times New Roman font. Maybe it’s Goodreads format? Sorry, I’m asking such a weird question….

    And I applaud you for not writing a scalding, venom-filled review! Not that I thought you would, then post the link here, but I see so many of those on Goodreads….

  8. Ack! It’s gone! Sacre bleu, za smiley iz gone! :O At least for me it is. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
    Goodbye, little smiley, I shall miss you. 🙁
    (Scott, did you remove it now that it’s not a little Easter egg? I’M SORRY FOR BLABBING!)

  9. @57: Yeah, that’s what I meant. Wrong name… Also: training to be soldiers in a war.
    @58: What does LBG stand for?
    @60: It’s still there for me… hmm… very strange…

  10. @61: Yeah, it is…I miss it. 🙁
    And LBG stands for Leviathan Behemoth Goliath, of course!

  11. @Roxanne, it’s still there for me.. 😛 (the face I mean) (Would Scott be that mean to remove it?!)

    I can’t really join in that discussion because I haven’t even read Ender’s Game! I think I’ll watch the film when it comes out but I doubt I’ll read it…

    @56 Thank you!

    @57 Haha I wish my mum read the same books I do.. She read a book once that I’d read and found it too “scary”… hahaha trust me I wasn’t at all scary! So I don’t think she’d handle anything like the Hunger Games (which isn’t scary….)

    @58 Thank you! 🙂 no that’s a good question, well I just did it in Italics and my teacher never made an issue of it? So I just left it like that but it probably would have looked better in a separate paragraph.

    Reviews are hard to write on Goodreads! You have to do stuff like test to make the paragraph in italics, for instance. If this has changed to italics accidentally then I mean <—– that

    Yes a lot of reviews on Goodreads are fuelled with pure hatred, mine included 😛 if you see some of the other books I've reviewed (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Looking for Alaska) they're a lot more negative. Tbh I find it easier to write a angry, negative review rather than a happy one.. anyone else agree?

  12. Woah, a thing just flashed up on the screen and said “you are posting comments too quickly, slow down” :O

    Anyway I didn’t mean for half of my other message to be in italics :O

  13. One more thing, I’m gonna force myself NOT to read for a whole week :'(

    This is our last week of school before the holidays so I’m going to try and work really hard. But mainly it’s because I’ve just got the last Girl with Dragon Tattoo book and I want to enjoy it… undisturbed! so i’ll wait for a week before i start it

  14. @57 ( and anybody else interested in Ender’s Game) – the story is set in the future, when we humans have learned to build starships and go light speed and explore space and all that. Thing is, aliens (called “buggers”) have found Earth and attacked it twice, leaving thousands of people dead. So years after the Second Invasion was driven back, the military are preparing for a Third invasion, convinced the buggers won’t back down, and are working on finding a new, special genius commander to lead their fleets.
    The book rotates around Andrew (Ender) Wiggin, a six year old kid who gets sent to the Battle School, were kids are trained to fight in space and to command armies. He’s a genius, so he’s really good at everything, and te teachers think he might be “the one”. So the book is Ender’s story, and everything he goes through to find if he can be the one to destroy the buggers for good.

    Ok, now I’ve gone and written a review! I hope I didn’t spoil anything 😛
    Anyway it’s a really good book, I really loved it.

    @63- that happened to me too! My mom said she wanted to see what I was reading an ended up saying the authors were crazy and the books were really scary. It was actually kind of funny, she hasn’t read another of my books since I lent her The Maze Runner.

  15. @60: I still have the little smiley face….

    @63: Oh, okay, then. I’m not actually sure if I’m allowed to use italics in MLA….I don’t think so, but I do anyway. Or maybe I can. I don’t care! Ah! But we’re not actually allowed to use contractions…. :'(

    Wait, how did you do that? I know how to do that on DeviantART….I’m gonna try what I do on there and if it doesn’t work, I demand to know the secrets to your magic!


    Did that work?

    @66: lol That’s funny.

    @67: It will be worth it!

    @68: Hmm, okay. But he’s SIX???? WHAT?????

    I have a friend whose mom can’t read Harry Potter….But my mom is anxiously awaiting for me to give her King of Thorns, if that says anything. The Broken Empire books…well. King of Thorns is the second after Prince of Thorns and, well, it was weird when Jorg DIDN’T kill someone withing the first 80 pages. 80 pages!!!! I was really weirded out…. (Jorg is an antihero and you love him despite everything. I have no idea why this works, but I have an extreme fondness for antiheroes….especially Jorg. And it was his 14th birthday when they first book started and you were just like “WHAAAAT???? HE’S FOURTEEN????”)

  16. AHHHH! I’m so excited! My test worked!

    Now look it’s in italics!!!!

    “We save each other,” Deryn whispered. “That’s how it works.”

    “If you’re texting Magnus to say ‘i think u r kewl’, I’ll kill you.”

    I leaped from from my horse. Or, as close as one can get to a leap in full plate armor, which is to say I chose where I fell.

    I hope that all worked….

  17. @63: You should read it. It’s an amazing book.

    @68: You forgot the sub-plot with Peter and Valentine! 😉

    @69: Yeah, at he beginning he’s six. But mentally, he’s really mature for his age, so it’s not weird. It actually makes is better, how young he is.

    @italics: How do you do italics? [i]Is it like this, like how it is on the forum?[/i]

  18. Wait but I put spaces! And it italicized anyway…. But yeah. The same thing you did but with these

  19. It went away! What is going on???? The arrow thingies we use for doing this!


  20. @72- Oh, right! I completely forgot that. Dummkopf me 🙂
    You know, sometimes I forgot he was so young in the book, he sounds so grown up. But still you’re right, it sort of makes it better.

    @70 – where’s that last quote from? It sound familiar, but I’m not sure where I’ve read it.

  21. @79: The last quote was from Prince of Thorns. I’m not sure if it’s totally right….

    @82: You have to put an i in between, like [i] and [/i] when you want it to stop. @72: Thanks for that. I hope it won’t disappear if I’m not using the arrow things. Usually putting spaces makes it just a bunch of random characters, but not this time it seems….

  22. It went away… that’s not helpful >-< It's the letter i between the arrow things, and the arrows are pointing out from the i. I don't know if I'm being helpful…

  23. @89: You’re being helpful. ^^


  24. Well you guys are all still on italics I’m on bold 😉

    ugh I’m have non-reading withdrawls I’m having a good day…

    I couldn’t read a book about a six year old… I wasn’t even sure about reading Chaos Walking because the protagonist was 12 (actually he’s like 15?). Asa Butterfield is much older than six though… are they having big differences in the film compared to the book?

  25. @91 – actually you kinda don’t even notice he’s six, I went like “wha…??” every time it mentioned his age, cause he’s a kid, but the way he thinks and acts and talks is very mature and all. It still is a very good story, you should really read it 🙂

    And in Chaos Walking he is supposed to be 12 but is actually older, about 14 I think. They had weird years or something, I can’t really remember.

  26. I think Todd WAS 12 in their years but since they were further away (or closer) to the sun it meant they were different? Longer or something? So then according to our way of time keeping he would have been 14 like Viola.

  27. @93: Exactly. They mentioned that he was only six and I was like whaaaa…? But it’s a great book that everyone should read 🙂

    @91: Judging by the trailer, Ender is much older than he should be. There’s a thread on the forum about the movie called ‘Ender’s Game movie?’…

  28. So bold and italics work but underlines don’t? That makes zero sense. And apparently crossed-out doesn’t either?

    More testing…

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