Uglies Trailer — Official!

Back in the sepia-toned days of early 2005—before Twitter, T-Pain, or even Twilight—I published a book called Uglies. Of course, back in those days, we didn’t call them books. We called them codexes, but it was much the same object: a quantity of papyrus that told a story.

Anyway, back then, book trailers weren’t really a thing. Trailers were for movies (which we called flicker-shows) or sometimes for videogames (which were collectively known as Pong). So Uglies was unleashed into the world with only the whispers of a few score Simon & Schuster sales reps (or bookmongers, as we knew them) to guide its passage.

By the time my next big series, Leviathan, hit bookstores in 2009, trailers were all the rage. So this beautiful example was created, and has since been viewed over half a million times. And yet Uglies remained untrailered.

Many of you sought to correct this imbalance by creating your own Uglies trailers, like this one, this one, this one, or this one. All of which are pretty (heh) cool.

But the time has come for Uglies to have its own official trailer!

So here it is at last: Uglies, the trailer!

If you know any other unofficial Uglies trailers, please link to them in the comments!

157 thoughts on “Uglies Trailer — Official!

  1. ahhh this actually happened! uglies trailer! eeeeee so aweosme! happy day!!! now…movie news please? we are eagerly awaiting!

  2. Very cool idea and well executed, but that is NOT Tally. That girl’s got huge lips and… just not Tally.

  3. WHOA. What is WITH trailers today? That was one of the best book trailers I’ve ever seen (but nothing can beat Leviathan). It’s sufficiently disturbing. 🙂

    Also, speaking of trailers….
    Has anyone seen a certain teaser trailer….
    ….that got released….
    ….that maybe involves a dragon….
    ….and me crawling over the counter to see my sister’s phone screen….
    ….and maybe there’s Dwarves too….
    …..and me hurling things across the backyard…..
    ….and perhaps some Elves that do freakish things that shouldn’t be physically possible but are still beautiful….
    ….and maybe me screaming/laughing/sobbing into my pillow….
    ….because of a certain Hobbit an his continued adventures….
    Desolation of Smaug, anyone?

  4. When I saw the title of this blog post I thought it was referring to a movie trailer and nearly fainted! Still it’s pretty cool!

    @Midshipman K, how amazing is that trailer?!?!?!?! I loved every single bit of it apart from two things:
    One, the white orc is back? I really hope they don’t continue the whole Thorin/White Orc motif throughout Desolation of Smaug like they did with the first movie! It was really good in The Hobbit but it’ll be very dull to watch it in another movie.

    Two, Smaug didn’t look very… amazing? I had really expected him to look like woah! Lets hope he looks better in the actual film, huh?

  5. When I read the title I thought it meant movie trailer and I almost cried. Hollywood has ruined about 98% of my books. PLEASE do not degrade your book to that.

  6. well….. that woman’s voice was weird. was she supposed to be a special? hopefully I’m reading too far into this trailer. I’m just glad it’s not the official one for the movie. The pretty version of the girl was all wrong.
    Scott-la, kindly fix this crime committed against your book by giving us movie news.

  7. Well, that was creepy. Props to the actress. Her creepy smirk made the trailer just that more disturbing.

  8. Scott-la! Are you freaking kidding me?! The trailer thinger is pretty kickin’ BUT I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN UPDATE FOR THE UGLIES MOVIE! Now imma cry tears of hopeless desires T_T And I’m still not a big fan of the new Uglies covers, the only reason I even picked up Uglies and Pretties at my school Scholastic Books sale is BECAUSE of the original US covers — which to this day the Uglies series is still my absolute favorite! I desperately wanna read them again but my friend has my copies of Pretties, Specials and Extras and I’m too stubborn to go buy a third round of copy for these bubbly and icy books because of the covers :I (my first copies got so tattered from me carrying them around everywhere like a descendant of Jesus would carry the Bible).

  9. if only this were the trailer to the MOVIE and not the book… alas. anyway i loved it!
    @Midshipman K i saw the Desolation of Smaug trailer too and want to see the movie. now. tickets.

  10. I think that Uglies would best be visually displayed in animation form since this book is so heavily concerned with looks and appearance. I think that this would be the best way to not offend a lot of the loyal, and healthily-obsessed fans and also better express how the Author truly envisioned his characters. 🙂 Plus, depending on the animation form, it would give viewers some really cool-looking characters.

  11. @Ecclesia M. I agree with you! I think that when they become pretties and specials their faces should be made to look exactly like pretties (all the same pretty faces) and specials (really scary, but beautiful) by using CGI. This girl in the trailer really did nothing for me.
    What does everybody else think about this??

  12. eeee Hobbit trailer! excited!!! anyone else just super stoked to see Evangeline lily? whole time I’m just like KATIE KATIE! back to kick some butt!

  13. First of all, this had nothing to do about the movie The Hobbit so leave your comments about that crap off of here.
    Second, did everyone forget that this is a saga NOT a trilogy? Extras was book number four making it a saga!
    Finally, this makes me want to read it all again 🙂

  14. @Christine:
    Kristina-la is the queen of the WesterForum, no need to be rude! She commented as number 3 on Scott’s post and was relevant!
    However, Uglies IS a trilogy as Extras was just that, extra. It didn’t revolve around Tally and what happened immediately following the collapse of Cable’s reign. It was still a good read, don’t get me wrong, but Tally’s story ended pretty much with Specials, even tho she did show up in Extras in Aya’s city — she still wasn’t the focus and Extras was really not part of the original three. I too wanna read them again! 🙂

  15. Wow, that trailer is creepy and awesome! I really need to read these books, but currently I have a stack of 13 on my nightstand, so they’ll have to wait a bit.

    @Whoever cares (MidK?): I finally saw Into Darkness! It was awesome, and I just have to say: I LOVE MCCOY SO MUCH. He’s just…aw, I love him. 😀 And yes, MidK, THAT SCENE was just…no words. But I totally guessed that what happened would happen. I need to watch all the original Star Trek stuff!

    @Hobbit discussion: I saw the trailer, and it looks awesome! Too bad Kili wasn’t in it though. 😛 Anyway, I have two questions (forgive me, I haven’t read it): a) Is Legolas even IN the book? And if he is, it looks as though they’re giving him a WAY bigger part than he had in the book, right?
    And b) Is “Smaug” the name of the dragon or the Dwarf town/city/kingdom/land/whatever? I thought it was the latter, but then I could’ve sworn someone said it was the former…

    (Man, summer’s already seeming to disappear…so much to do!)

  16. @Roxanne: No, Legolas is not in The Hobbit. And even if he were, the wood elves are the bad guys in The Hobbit, so I’m not sure why they’d put him in.

  17. I got really excited when I saw the title and thought it was for the film, but it’s still really awesome, Scott-la!
    Any updates on the film..?

  18. 30 comments already!! I’ll have to read them all carefully, but anyway. I thought the trailer was for a movie!!! Kind of sad it wasn’t but it’s still a pretty awesome book trailer. When will we hear movie news, Scott??

    @10- i saw it too!! Just plain awesomeness, I’m probably going to go crazy waiting for the movie to come out!! Legolas is back! I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s gonna be so cool. He’s my favorite elf 🙂
    And Smaug looks great! I want to hear him speak.

    @27- I loved Benedict in that movie too, he’s so badass. I liked Kirk too, and McCoy, and Chekov, and Scotty. But Spock beats them all, for me.

  19. @Kate @29 that was so awesome!! DId you edit that last shot with the creepy looking actress? What editing software do you use?

  20. @ 22 I agree!!!!!!!We need a movie!!! But I think there should only be 3; not 4. That would be to many. In the movie there should be the songs Paradise by Coldplay and maybe also Viva la Vida, also by Coldplay! For some reason I think they go perfectly with what happens in the books!!! But what actress would be good to play Tally!? There aren’t many that look like how Tally looks in the graphic novels. Unless Tally in the movie looks nothing like the Tally in the book!

  21. @ Middy Me: That happens a lot to me, too. No reason to feel apologetic; it’s an honest mistake.

  22. Not sure who said it, but I agree with the folks saying the movie’d be better in some animated form 🙂

  23. Hi,

    I just wanted to say this is great! The uglies series are my favourite books by far! I have read them more than twice and they are always just as good as the first time i read them years ago! I have always wanted to see a film made it would be amazing! 🙂

  24. WOW. gave me the goosebumps and makes me want to reread them for the third time !!!!! gah i love the colors. im really hoping this gets turned into a movie series itd be amazing to see instead of just imagining. I LOVE YOUR WORK.

  25. I feel like the girl in that trailer didn’t do Tally-wa justice. My Aunt gave me the first book in the series and after that i was hooked. It took me so long to get the other books that I just finished Specials. IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING ENDING I HAVE EVER READ!!!! i couldn’t let go of my book for ten minuets! Now I’m afraid to read Extras because it doesn’t revolve around Tally and i dont feel it could live up to the others… i need help guys! is Extras bubbly and icy enough to read after that?!

  26. Extras was good, but definitely my least favorite. I think I would rather have kept to the books revolving around Tally. But what the heck, it was by Scott Westerfeld and it was good so… 😉 but definitely not as icy as the first three. And Uglies is still my fave!

  27. Apparently, the creators messed up
    Tan, too high forehead, small eyes,
    Thin lips, messy hair, pudgy, too tall,
    Get it right, people!!!!

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