Uglies Trailer — Official!

Back in the sepia-toned days of early 2005—before Twitter, T-Pain, or even Twilight—I published a book called Uglies. Of course, back in those days, we didn’t call them books. We called them codexes, but it was much the same object: a quantity of papyrus that told a story.

Anyway, back then, book trailers weren’t really a thing. Trailers were for movies (which we called flicker-shows) or sometimes for videogames (which were collectively known as Pong). So Uglies was unleashed into the world with only the whispers of a few score Simon & Schuster sales reps (or bookmongers, as we knew them) to guide its passage.

By the time my next big series, Leviathan, hit bookstores in 2009, trailers were all the rage. So this beautiful example was created, and has since been viewed over half a million times. And yet Uglies remained untrailered.

Many of you sought to correct this imbalance by creating your own Uglies trailers, like this one, this one, this one, or this one. All of which are pretty (heh) cool.

But the time has come for Uglies to have its own official trailer!

So here it is at last: Uglies, the trailer!

If you know any other unofficial Uglies trailers, please link to them in the comments!

183 thoughts on “Uglies Trailer — Official!

  1. Hate your books now because of you our School is forcing us to do a Summer assignment Thanks ugly. Ohh and im guessing you wrote the Uglies inspired by you.

  2. Will there ever be a movie on the books. i have read all the books in the uglies series and wanted to see if there was ever a movie for the books

  3. I have read these books each three times and have been wanting to read them again.
    I can say that they are amazing and if given to me in school as an assignment I would have jumped for joy.
    They are absolutely AMAZING!!

  4. My name is Callie , I’m loved your books . There’s been rumors about the movies and still has never happened . I’m somewhat upset about this . Please if anything if the movies do come out could I be a cast in the movie . I adore the books please get back to me .

  5. I’ve loved these books so much. I’ve heard rumors about it becoming a movie, and I so dearly hope so! All the movies out now aren’t so great as this book, this is way better then the twilight saga, I can assure you that this movie will sell out the theatre. May be even better than the hunger games. This book is like nothing I’ve read before and I’m glad you are such an amazing writer to come up with an amazing book and the series. Please Mr. Scott Westerfeld make this into a movie! I’m begging to see this in its glory.
    Much love,
    Monique Lara
    San Diego Ca.

  6. Hi i love ur books i can play a great shay she somehow like me ugly now but pretty in a few years ur books Inspired me to be myself plz make a movie ill love to act in it luv yr work ur biggest fan Gladine.Txt me in facebook my email might not work if u want to get back to me

  7. I find it difficult to understand why all of the charecters in most dystopian movies happen to be, white. If you think about this, the young people that are reading these books come from different walks of life. They are from: Mexico, South and Central America,the Middle East, Europe and everywhere. As proof, I work with English Learners at Bonita Vista High School from South San Diego, California. Can you imagine a real revolution here in the United States? It would not just be white people. Hopefully you will change this by making sure that there will be Ethnic Divercity in your movies.Don’t let your readers down by not representing them, Know that we want to be part of your success after all we buy books and movie tickets too.

  8. This book series is amazing, and I like other readers would love to see it turned Into a movie. If you wouldn’t want to do that with this particular series however, I understand. I mean, just look at how divergent went. Total letdown,

  9. I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!! They’re so action packed, and you use such descriptive words and I can visualize the characters. I cant wait to see this become a movie! I hope its as good a the books and I bet it will be!???

  10. I am an editor of a blog at my school and would really love to see this series be made into a movie(s). PLEASE!!!!

  11. This book is pretty interesting so far. It tells you about friendship, and what would happen if your not pretty. (You lose your friends) So far, so good.

  12. When are you going to do a fifth book? I really enjoy your series.
    I know how at the end of Uglies the last word was “pretty”. The last word in Pretties was “special”. And the last word in Specials was “ugly”. So there’s a pattern. And in Extras the last word was “cake”. So what I want to know is, when are you going to write Cakes? I’d really appreciate it if you reply.

  13. I think there should DEFFINETLY be a movie for Uglies!!?? I WOULD DIE!! And watch everyone like 20 times each.???? GO FOR THE MOVIE!!!

  14. I love your books I am actually on the last one! My friend showed the series to me and I’m like I want to read that so she got me the book and I passed her up with the series. I really love all of them but the second one would be my favorite if I had to choose.

  15. Honestly, this trailer is not a good trailer to portray this book. this was a better trailer that actually kind of explained the book and i really liked this trailer. I would love to see the book transformed into a movie but with the trailer you have im not sure it would be a good one.

  16. I loveeee yur books read them all and got hooked still wishing there was a fith and wanting to know how everyone reacted to the pink cake bom and if tally ever like married david. Also ava and frizz since they are only in one book you cant really relate but they have such cool personalities like the honesty surge that was hilarious. Well thanks so much for creating such wonderful books.

  17. I loved the book Uglies and I am wanting to purchase the rest of the trilogy. I would like to know if a movie series will be made for these books, but I can’t seem to find an answer.

  18. First of all Djennifer, you do NOT know what your missing about the books. But anyways even though I only read the 1st and 2nd books, they have become my favorite series. They beat The Selection Series. (Ask my librarian how much I loved that series he would be like “She would not stop asking for the books!”) I still have to read Specials and Extras, I haven’t yet because the STEM library and the rest of the middle school library someone else checked it out. BUT I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! (I’m also mad at Shay right now for making Tally become a special, but Specials SHOULD make me feel better. 🙂

  19. I LOVE the Uglies Series so much!!!! They’re all awesome and fun to read! There are no boring chapters in these books like you would find in other books. It’s just AWSOME!!!

  20. My Name is shay and i am an experienced actor. I would love to the play the part of Shay if a movie ever comes out.

  21. This book has inspired me so much. Bringing it do the big screen would certainly do it justice.

  22. Hey i <3 your books so much i hate reading but yout books are different they are so engaging i couldnt stop reading them i want more than anything for their to be a movie I hope u can manage too make that happen i really love your books and style of writing u are the only artist i have ever recognized so i hope u know for me I dont do this often plz make a movie ….. From- Michael 😀

  23. Hi Scott! I absolutely LOVE this series. I’ve read it in its entirety five times, and I’ve listened to the audiobooks multiple times as well. Both the characters and the plot are so well-rounded you just get lost in Tally’s world. I’m definitely crossing fingers and toes that this series is turned into a movie franchise. Also, I would LOVE to read a “prequel” about a younger Dr. Cable, and David’s parents’ harrowing escape from the City!

  24. Your books are good but sometimes in the story it gets past like in the first book uglies David kisses Tally and that’s were the gross part comes

  25. I read these in high school when they first came out. I’m 26 and I still haven’t gotten a movie. (Boo!) I remember IMDB stating it was going to come out in like 2010 but it never did. Really disappointing. Jennifer Lawrence would make a great Squint, I think haha.

  26. I am 23 years old and have graduated from college. I read this book back freshmen year of highschool and to this day i love it so much. I even reread specials recently for fun! It HAS to be made into a movie. We’ve all waited so long and will still wait for #UgliestheMovie

  27. I’m 14 years old and I had to read this book for the Summer Book report that my school had assigned. Let me just say, this is by far the best book I’ve ever read. I can’t explain it to you how much it moved me when I got to the final pages of the story. I really hope that the movie will be at least like the novel. #UgliesTheMovie

  28. I love this book<3!! I just started reading the series and it just got so interesting, I can't wait to read all the books. I also look forward to the movie as I've heard.

  29. I read the wonderful series of the Uglies while I was in middle school. I loved these books. Now in 2017, I see the world just like the books. With all the plastic surgery, self-mutilation(“changing gender”), wanting to enhance things on ourselves(other than our appearance) within today’s society, I wanted to reread these books. I didn’t even know a movies was trying to get made in 2013. Looks like it won’t be happening though 🙁 I really think it would do good as a movie because it actually isn’t quite like the other futuristic, totalitarian, new world order movies. These types of movies are being made left and right. It’s a bit different in the sense of everyone physically and mechanically enhancing themselves to be excepted into society. I mean if trash like the ghost busters remake can get made, I don’t see how this series couldn’t!!

  30. I really hope that this series would made it to cinemas! I just can imagine how awesome it could be with all the visual effects, CGI’s, etc. This is one of the best series I’ve ever read and I would really watch it if this would turn into movies!

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