Melbourne and Brisbane Festivals

First of all, thanks to everyone who came to the Mortal Instruments viewing last night here in Sydney. It was a gas, and the screams were many. So. Many. Screams. Also, I got to sign someone’s Chicken McNuggets box, because global capitalism is global.

I have some cool Leviathan VR pictures to show you, but first here’s a post about my next two weeks. I’ll be at the Melbourne and Brisbane Writers Festivals, and hope that some of you will be too.

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Tuesday, 27 August
12:30 PM – 1:15 PM

ACMI Cinema 2
Federation Square
Corner Flinders and Swanston Streets
Participants: Scott Westerfeld
Chairperson: Rob James
Scott Westerfeld grew up surrounded by science and technology. It’s no wonder that his books – including Uglies, Leviathan, Midnighters and Peeps – are shaped by science. Find out what makes his stories tick, and how science can be a novelist’s best friend.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Deakin Edge, Fed Square Federation Square
Corner Flinders and Swanston Streets
The Steampunk World of Leviathan
Participants: Scott Westerfeld, Naomi O’Brien-D’Ambra
The Leviathan trilogy is set in a steampunk World War I. The books even look like they were published in 1914, when almost all books were illustrated, even books for adults. Tour this extraordinarily rich world with the perfect guide, author Scott Westerfeld.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
12:30 PM – 1:15 PM

ACMI Cinema 2
Federation Square
Corner Flinders and Swanston Streets
Science Fiction, Science Fact
Participants: Scott Westerfeld, Michael Pryor
Chairperson: Andrew McDonald
Scott Westerfeld and Michael Pryor talk about the inventions and ideas first put forward in fiction, later proved to be fact – or wildly off the mark. Who is the better guide: scientist or novelist? Or does the future rely on both?

I’m also teaching a YA Writing masterclass, but that is sold out.

Again, click here to buy tickets.

Click here for tickets.

Friday Sept 6th

Maiwar Green, State Library of Queensland
Featuring Kevin Kwan, Clementine Ford, Scott Westerfeld, Justine Larbalestier, Kimberley Freeman (Kim Wilkins), Stuart MacBride and Benjamin Law reading work they scribbled in their youth. A special ‘Juvenilia’ mixed tape set by Simon Reynolds will wrap up the night.
No ticket required.

Saturday Sept 7th
Sat 11:30AM–12:30PM

State Library of Queensland
Scott Westerfeld and Max Barry talk with Marianne de Pierres about dystopias, being a teenager in a world that wants to kill you and our fascination with broken futures.
TICKETS $12-$16

Justine and I are teaching a YA class here too. Also sold out.

And I’m also doing two sessions in the kids section, but I think those are limited to schools. If I’m wrong about that, go here and check them out.

Also, you should check out Justine’s blog for her schedule for both festivals.

73 thoughts on “Melbourne and Brisbane Festivals

  1. no comments?

    this shall be my first first comment in the Westerfeld universe! yay! do I win a prize?

  2. Boo, why don’t you ever do anything in Texas? :\

    @1: Congrats! You can have a cookie (if, you know, you have cookies). 🙂

  3. @3: I wish I could GO. 😛 ^^

    I really do though. Sigh….I wish I was at that premiere too.

    But I went to the TMI midnight premiere here! It. Was. Amazing.

    From the last thread, ROXANNE! I will cry with you over Merlin and fangirl for TMI! I am here! I am ready! I am so excited! No, but Merlin is sad…. *sobs*



    Alec was my favorite part.

    I wish they spent more time at Magnus’s, but they’d already sped it up a lot (although the San Francisco Chronicle’s review said it was too slow….but whenever they don’t like a movie it means it’s good, so….). I do love how seemingly dismissive Magnus was, too, but then when it really mattered, like when Clary saw all the paintings, there were those tiny little glimpses of what he doesn’t want people to see.

    (“You’re kind and funny and all those great things, but what you aren’t is forthcoming, sweet pea.”)

    (I will not quote later books.)

    (But wait you haven’t read City of Lost Souls, have you?)

    Okay link okay bye I’m done just this just that face okay bye I need to cry


  4. Those events all look awesome. Especially the science/steampunk ones. 😉 I’ll patiently await the Leviathan pictures!

  5. I saw this post and nearly had a heart attack. I thought it was the promised news of what happened in the meeting in LA. On July 30, Scott said that he would be blogging more about his trip in a week. It has now been over 3 weeks. I know I sound really impatient right now, but… I. Must. Know. What. Happened. I really hope the Uglies and Leviathan movies actually happen! Of course, this is all really cool and all, but unfortunately I live in Florida, so I can’t go. *cries* Anyway, can’t wait for the Levi pics (although what does VR mean?)

    @1: This is my first post too, if you don’t count the Westerforum. I shall now reward myself with a cookie. And I cant help but ask, did you get the name Nerezza from the Gone series?

  6. @6:
    OK, we’ll have cookie party.
    Yeah, Nerezza is from Gone, so sadly, I can’t claim originality for it.

  7. @MidK & Roxanne – it’s so cool that you already got to see TMI!!!! I want to go so bad and yet here it doesn’t come out until Friday or Saturday… 🙁
    Unfortunately I don’t have time to go to the movies…9th grade is SO MUCH WORK!!!! I hope the teacher will go easy on us soon, cause I’m already really stressed out.
    You guys cheer me up, though 🙂

  8. @10: Ah, that’s funny because I would give anything to go back to 9th grade. Or 8th. I had so much less homework. Ah, APs….I had one last year (and nearly died but it was AP European History so the notes were boring but at least the class was interesting). This year I have three. ^^’ Yay 11th grade. But my school starts on Wednesday.

    (I spammed my APEuro textbook with Leviathan quotes, like on sticky notes and stuff. Like stuff about Pancho Villa, the alliance dominoes that started WWI, and a whole bunch of info about Franz and Sophie because the textbook decided her name wasn’t important enough for it. *seethes*)

    (I maybe sort of kinda adore Alek’s parents.)

  9. I desperately wanted to go to the dystopia event at Brisbane writers festival, but I have an exam at the same time 🙁 Worst of all it’s just on the other side of the bridge! I’ve been checking this blog for an appearance this close to home since I first read the ‘Midnighters’ series six years ago


    My Friend: Who?

    Me: The heir to the Austrian throne.

    My Friend: What does that have to do with anything?


    My Friend: Whose assassination?

    Me: Franz Ferdinand.

    My Friend: Who is that?


    My Friend: *strokes my face* Shoooooosh. Shoosh now. *pap pap pap*

    Why is it that I can teach her about my many fandoms but I can’t teach her about WW1??? D:

  11. Hello, all! I am back after three internet-less days. :O I am now in Colorado and it is BEAUTIFUL (not to mention cool, because as some of you know I hate heat)!

    @Merlin discussion: IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. PERIOD. NO. JUST NO.
    Seriously though, I was totally dissatisfied with the ending.
    *SPOILERS ABOUND* The whole show was so different from the original mythology (true, they made it match up somewhat as it progressed, but still) why couldn’t they change him dying? Also, the whole show has been about Merlin fulfilling his destiny: helping Arthur unite Albien and be the greatest king ever known, and let magic and the old religion rule once more. AND THEN HE DIES?!?!? It just completely contradicts EVERYTHING! Arthur ruled for only 3-4 years, and certainly didn’t unite Albien. I’m so upset right now. 🙁
    And other minor rants: Morgana’s death was SUPER anticlimactic! Merlin just stabs her and that’s it? Why was Agravaine evil anyway? They went through all the trouble of making Gwen NOT actually be unfaithful, and then they NEVER FIND OUT ABOUT THE ENCHANTMENT?!? Why didn’t the other dragon take care of Aithusa? Why did Aithusa turn all evil and help Morgana? GWAIN! 🙁
    And one final comment: I love Muscles! Was anyone else in hysterics when he LITERALLY RIPPED THE ROPES?!?!? 😀

    Given, I don’t actually remember the details of the book that much, but as far as I could tell, it was a very faithful and AWESOME adaptation! The only REAL problem I had with it was Magnus. 🙁 Why is Godfrey Gao such a terrible actor? It broke my heart. Magnus is so flamboyant and OUT THERE, and yet Godfrey delivered all his lines so bluntly. I always imagined Magnus as having a kinda sassy and nonchalant way of saying things.
    But besides that, AMAZING!!!! 😀

  12. I haven’t read The Mortal Instruments, nor have I watched Merlin. 🙁 Not my fandoms. Am I really missing out on that much?
    I do, on the other hand, read Homestuck and watch BBC Sherlock. A Rant: THERE ARE MORE FREAKING LETTERS IN THE WORD SHERLOCK THAN THERE ARE FREAKING EPISODES.


    I’m sorry for my fangirl posts that have nothing to do with Scott Westerfeld I’m sorry I’m sooorrrrrryyy

  13. Oh I’m using my Quizilla username by accident again I’m actually Middy Joe not like anybody cares but yeah it’s me

  14. @13: My brother is the same. He recognized the Uglies reference when I wrapped a scarf around my arm, despite having not read the books, but he thought Hitler was a cyborg…
    @15: I miss out on a lot of fandoms too. And most of my fandoms are pretty obscure.

    Also: I got a shirt with ‘Crashing a Bash’ printed on it. It is awesomeness incarnate for me.

  15. @17 what’s the Uglies reference with a scarf wrapped around your arm?

    @Roxanne I would love to discuss all those opinions with you but I haven’t read/watched any of those… :/ HOWEVER, I was reading a in-depth review on TMI movie and how it compared to the book. The person writing the review had actually met that guy Godfrey Gao and commented on the exact same thing you did. They said he sounded really different in real life and they wondered whether his lines had been added into the film during editing and maybe spoken by someone else.


    They post any news about books-to-movies. The person who runs it used to run an Uglies fan website years ago 😛

  16. @18: When Zane and Tally had the interface cuffs on, they wrapped them in scarves so their voices couldn’t be picked up. So, subtle reference.

  17. @18: Oh, I hope not! That would just suck, to be dubbed over, especially if your performance was way better than the dubber!
    And I’ll check it out!

    @MidK: Hey, for some reason, now that I am in Colorado and away from my usual internet connection, I can’t send any E-mails. If you wouldn’t mind telling the others, because I’m itching to respond to the TMI and Merlin posts! 🙁

  18. This blog has got a bit lonely :/ anyone still out there?

    I want to share some of my story ideas with you guys but I’ll wait to see if anyone is even going to see them 😛

  19. I am so sorry for not checking up on here more often, school has been like, an avalanche of homework this whole week! The teacher’s got us doing these whole-group proyects, and it’s total insanity! 30 kids in one room, with no teacher and a proyect to present the next day…….well I’ve started rambling now, don’t pay attention to me…. 😛

    @Zac-la – sure! Say your ideas! What are you writing about? 🙂

  20. To anyone who is still checking this post!

    I’ve got something cool to show you guys soon! By soon I mean a few days … or weeks … (I have exams coming up!)

    HINT The thing is LBG Alek/Deryn related and is a kind of art I guess you could say.

    DOUBLE HINT The Sims 3 (those who know what that is will probably be able to guess what this thing is going to be)


    …@28 that was so cool 😀

  22. I started reading Fullmetal Alchemist the other day…it’s really good ^w^

    I’m just saying this ‘cuz I recall many of Mr. Westerfeld’s fans also being FMA fans


  23. @31: I love FMA! I’ve seen the anime, and the next version of the anime, and I’m going to read the manga ASAP. It keeps reminding me of Leviathan though, what with Ed’s limbs and chimeras and all.

  24. Does anyone else have this message at the bottom of the reply box “Comments will be closed on September 17, 2014”??

    Anyway, who on here has read the Midnighters series? Is it any good? How does it rate against LBG and Uglies? Also, what about Peeps?

    Does anyone else wonder about the models on the original covers of Uglies? Is it the same girl on Uglies, Pretties, Specials? And is she still a model? How old was she? Scott should do a post about this!

    Lastly (to people who have read Uglies) does anyone remember what hairstyles the Specials (Tally/Shay) had? Was it actually described somewhere that Tally had short hair or was that just something random for the cover? I guess short hair would make sense if you’re flying around with super-human speed finding Uglies…

  25. Yes, I have that too. Except mine says the twentieth…

    YES. BOTH AMAZING. READ THEM. 🙂 No pressure…

    I don’t think it described their hair anywhere, but short hair would probably make the most sense. Why?

  26. @Zac-la – I got “Comments will be closed on September 21, 2014″……??

    I can’t really help you with Midnighters because I’ve only read the first one, dunno why. I still really liked it, but I haven’t read the whole series.
    On the other hand, I have read both Peeps and The Last Days. They’re both amazing, really cool and interesting and weird and funny. I wouldn’t know how to compare them to Uglies or LBG, because I love all of them, but you should definitely read them! 🙂

    You know, I’ve never wondered about the models on the books before, I guess because I just imagined the characters completely different than the pictures, so I didn’t really pay attention to the covers. But it would be interesting to know about them. What I wonder is, who picks the models? Does the author have anything to do with it, or is it just the editor (or publisher, or whoever does the covers)? Scott??

    Man, it feels good to ramble here again:) School has literally been drowning me with homework (which I’m supposed to be doing right now), but I’ve really missed coming on here, and besides, I hate that the posts get sort of abandoned after a while…

    On another matter, check out what I found! It’s like something straight out of Pretties!

    (I wrote the link instead of pasting it, cause sometimes pasting links here doesn’t work, so you’ll probably have to copy and paste it into your browser)

  27. why the “comments will be closed” notice…?
    @Middy Me THAT LOOKS SO EPIC and i want one. i want to find the person with the original idea for the ORB and personally congratulate them. and then hand them a copy of Pretties.

  28. @39: I got the 21st, too. I wonder why… Scott? What is so significant about today next year?

    Keeping in mind that I love LBG but didn’t even finish Uglies the book: I read the first two Midnighters but for some reason never read the third. From what I remember, I liked them. Peeps is AMAZING! I’ve only read it once, but I LOVED IT! Read it, now. (The Last Days, however…let’s just say I didn’t like it…)

    I’ve officially listened to Leviathan on audiobook, and it is great! Alan Cumming is fabulous! 🙂 I can’t wait to listen to Behemoth and Goliath! But it is true that it’s not the same without pictures! (I was forced to not bring my hard copies because there was no room. 🙁 )

    And I now have 11 chapters completed! My manuscript is now 62,000 words! That’s nearly the same length as Thirteen Reasons Why!!! 😀 (I super excited, in case you couldn’t tell.)

  29. Oops, “Peeps is AMAZING! I’ve only read it once, but I LOVED IT! Read it, now” wasn’t supposed to be italicized…

  30. @Scorpio-Ferret – I know, right? I couldn’t believe it when I found it, my head just went “Pretties! That’s from Pretties!”
    And I want one too 😛

  31. @Middy Me, do you think they make a version with an armored shell? i want one so much but i would probably crush it by accident 🙁

  32. @Scorpio-Ferret – Dunno, though they do have to be resistant, I would say. THough most likely I’d lose it, so for me it would be better with a tracker 😛

  33. @Middy Me we should totally contact the people making these and give them our suggestions. if they use our ideas then we could have bragging rights and maybe a tiny bit of the patent somewhere in the legal jungle 😀

    @Panzercrappitastica it’s so sad… but don’t worry Scott always comes back eventually…

  34. Succession! Midnighters! Leviathan! Uglies! All by Scott Westerfeld!
    Aside from Scott: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan; Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling; Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien…
    Okay, some you’re less likely to have already read: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White; Magnificent Devices by Shelly Adina; and Chronicles of Vladmir Tod/ Slayer Chronicles by Heather Brewer.
    Did this help? 🙂

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