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I’ll be blogging more about my trip soon, but first a note about the opening of the City of Bones movie next week. Justine and I will be hosting a first-night screening here in Sydney, which is put together by Kinokuniya Bookstore. There will also be a special greeting from Cassie herself, using some sort of magic. (Or possibly recording devices.)

So if you live in Sydney, and enjoy seeing movies on the first night with a screaming, rambunctious, has-read-the-book-several-times crowd, I suggest coming along.

Also, there’s a costume contest!

Here’s the event page on FB, so you can do all that FaceBooky stuff with it. And here are the details for non-FB types:

WHEN: Thursday, 22nd August at 6:30pm

WHERE: Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney

DRESS: Prizes for best costume

COST: $18.50

Tickets are on sale now and are strictly limited. Purchases can be made in-store (at the cashier counter) or over the phone: 02 9262-7996.

Be there or be truant.


There’s an iTunes sale on the Levithan series audiobooks. From now until August 27, you can buy any of the three for $5.95. (I assume this is US iTunes store only.)

Download LEVIATHAN here.
Download BEHEMOTH here.
Download GOLIATH here.

These are really good, because Alan Cumming rocks.

47 thoughts on “TMI Premier (updated!)

  1. Like most, I am sure to be a complainer of, “MAAANNN, WHY CAN’T I LIVE IN SYDNEY?” Well, congratulations you lucky residents of an awesome city. Today is not a day to complain.

    I haven’t even heard of the book. *gets shot*

  2. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this book/series. Since I trust everyone here’s judgment (since you too, are Westerfeld fans) can someone tell if it’s actually worth reading?

  3. If only I lived in Sydney…
    It’s kind of funny, though. I check Cassandra Clare’s website regularly too, so I saw this and I was like “Wait a minute, this isn’t the right blog for this,” lol.

    @Nerezza-la: One does not simply ask if TMI is good. It’s a big ordeal. But, in my personal opinion, the first three books are FREAKING AWESOME you should read them they’re amazing, but next three cop-outs she wrote after that never happened (of course, I’ve never read them, so I can’t honestly say they suck, but I refuse to read them!). As for TID: I only read a book and a chapter before quitting, but others swear it becomes amazing (mostly I quit because Will was a carbon copy of Jace and that annoyed me to no end, though).
    That goes for you, too, Audrey Bird: you should read CoB, CoA, and CoG!


    @Nerezza-la & Roxanne: Roxanne knows this (and a lot of the regulars here do too), but I am one of those people who have resigned myself to the second half of TMI and agree that TID got infinitely better. But it must be said that when Seth (at Alpha) asked me if I’d ever broken up with a book/book series I had to say yes because of, well, every Cassie Clare book in print. But I got over that. I still have issues with TMI and my sister will gladly scream firely wrath at me for “just reading it for the romance” which is actually not romance any longer…. Long story short, I want to know what happens to Magnus and Alec. But for some reason the movie also made me more loyal to all the characters too? Maybe because I’m afraid of any diversions from the book that could give movie fans the wrong impression of the book? Yes, that’s definitely it. Like some magazine said that Simon was gay? But I’m pretty sure that they mixed up Clary and Jace’s best friends…. I mean, the media make huge mistakes all the time. Not that I would mind another gay character, just that I didn’t want Alec’s character to walk in the shadow of that. Because he is one of my priorities. I should shut up now.

    OH WAIT NO. You know the guy who plays Alec? Kevin Zegers? Well, I was really into American Girl when I was little (does anyone know what that is anymore?) and they made some movies for the dolls right? So for some reason Ben Davidson’s face flashed into my head two days ago and I was like, “Huh, why does he look so fami–” Then I realized: HE’S PLAYED BY KEVIN ZEGERS. So I went on Kevin’s IMDb page to check, and I was right and then I looked at all his other movies and GUYS I HAVE BEEN WATCHING ALEC LIGHTWOOD GROW UP FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW.

    (This is where the me who super freakishly over-identifies with Alec starts flipping out and spewing yackum about destiny (that I learned from another Alek ;P).)

  5. Well I have only read her books until City of Glass. And in Spainsh, so I don’t know if I’ll understand the movie so well (cause all the names change), but I’ll still watch it. It looks really awesome!
    I wish I could go to Sydney too!

  6. I’d agree the TMI are both amazing and an ordeal, because they are emotionally very intense. The fourth book of TMI is a little too short, but the fifth is amazing, there is nothing cop-outish about the series continuing, and the villain of the second half of the series is way better than the villain of the first three. And everyone loves Sizzy which you only get in the later 3 books.

    The Infernal Devices are generally regarded as the the best and most literary of the Shadowhunter books though I think that TMI are just as good in a different way. TID are probably the best love triangle I have read. Will is a relative of Jace’s but other than a few surface things they’re nothing alike and Jem is MAGICAL and an awesome example of one of the few nonwhite main love interests in YA.

    No idea how the film will be but sounds like an awesome event!

  7. I’m so excited to see the movie! Hopefully I’ll be able to go before I leave!

    @Galena: I don’t really want to start a debate about this series, but I will just say that I actually don’t like the idea of Sizzy at all. Of course, I haven’t actually seen it, but I don’t like the idea of it.
    Also, I’ve heard from various people who have read the other three that Jace and Clary both get really annoying and angsty, especially him. What are your thoughts on that?

  8. @Galena: See, I don’t really care about Sizzy. (Oh God here she goes. ….sorry.) It’s canon; I don’t see why people worry about those ships any more (Clace, Sizzy, Maia/Jordan). They don’t have any issues anymore and I’m more than a bit fed up with Clace angst. But I shall not be nasty….to the main protagonists. The other problem is actually the new villain. To me he’s just bothersome because I thought he was dead. So his body disappeared? That’s what happens to demons. But he is more interesting than Valentine, I guess, but having yet another guy going after Clary (although attempted rape is much more worrisome than anything Jace or Simon tried) is….meh. (My main problem with the series is Clary.)

    But I’m leaving now because I feel like if I continue I’ll be needlessly bitter. Remember, I broke up with this series. 😛 But Magnus and Alec are enough to make me stay.

    Magnus and Alec….MY BABIES. *dies*


    I just realized that Clary and Simon could go away and I wouldn’t really care. Am I a bad person?

    (I do love Lily and Robbie though. Just not so much Clary and Simon.)

  10. @12: I never really liked Simon much either. I did like Clary though (of course, that could just be because of Clace…I’ll have to reread these books).
    But Robbie’s the shizzle!

  11. @13: I used to like Clary. I really did. I don’t know what happened.

    (But now I really do hold how she treated Alec initially against her, but that was FIVE BOOKS AGO and I’m just being bitter, but the thought of trying to forgive her makes me nauseous, but I really hope that Lily will have as much success as Jamie did in changing my opinion. I really do, because 1) I feel guilty for resenting the protagonist and 2) I’m going to have to deal with her quite a bit in the last book. But maybe Cassie will do that thing where she shows the situation from an outsiders’ POV (like Cecily in TID) and thus makes the reader extremely loyal to the other characters because this new character knows NOTHING AND SHOULD REALLY JUST GO AWAY SHE’S SO ANNOYING. But I liked her in the end….Plus, she’s Alec’s great-great-great-gradmother (I think that’s how many greats there were) and she’s where he got his black hair and blue eyes. Yay. 🙂

    ….everything comes back to Alec and Magnus for me. >_<)

  12. I’m just going to awkwardly interrupt your TMI discussion because I haven’t read the books. . .

    @14 @MidK I totally agree with you with feeling guilty for resenting the protagonist! I dunno if you read The Maze Runner? I HATED the protagonist in that series! He was alright in the first book but after that he became so selfish and hurtful towards his love interest from the previous books that I couldn’t justify his actions. Anyone read Maze Runner?

    And has anyone read the Gone series by Michael Grant? I read a bit of the first book several years ago but it was a library copy and someone had mutilated the book :'( pages were ripped and missing left, right and centre so I couldn’t really finish it… but I can’t remember whether I liked it or not? Anyone?

  13. @14: I’ve learned that. 😉

    @15: The Maze Runner is on my extremely long list of books to read. I’ve been hearing more and more about, and am dying to read it, but haven’t unfortunately.
    I read, like a third or maybe half of Gone (the book, not the series). It was okay, but just didn’t really captivate me for some reason. It think because they started adding too much. The concept of everyone over the age of 15 disappearing and most technology doesn’t work was a cool concept, but then they added the dome, and superpowers, and weird mutant animals…it just sort of lost me.

    Also, Gone reminded me of this: does it annoy anyone else when the name of a series is the name of the first book? [No offense, Scott! Love your books (LBG <3)!]

  14. I don’t happen to live in Sydney, but thank you for accommodating people who don’t use FaceBook! I appreciate it. 😉 I’ve never heard “be there or be truant” before. I like it!

  15. @16(Last Part): It just seems natural to me, I guess, since I’ve seen it so many times. It doesn’t make much sense sometimes, but I’ve never given it any thought.

  16. @18: Yeah, it’s pretty common now. It’s just a personal pet peeve of mine. That’s one of the more trivial things I like about TMI.
    *shrug* At least we can call the Leviathan series LBG.

  17. Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to say “Be there AND be truant”? Ya know, since that’s what you’d be doing…

  18. @15 – well I have read both the Maze Runner and GONE, and I just loved both series. GONE was awesome, I’ve read all 6 books and I really recommend them. Roxanne kinda has a point in that maybe they added too many things, but after a while you sort of just go with it. Without most of that stuff (dome, mutants, etc) there wouldn’t be a story 🙂

    And the Maze Runner is really cool too! The whole concept for the series is interesting, and the characters are great too. I don’t hate Thomas (I have never hated any protagonist in a book, I think, dunno why), but I do get your point of how he acts like a jerk towards Theresa all the second book, he did get a bit annoying, but then again, her actions weren’t exactly all that understandable for me……I don’t really remember their relationship in the third book, though. Was he so bad there too?

    And I finally got my brother to read one of Scott-la’s books!! Whoo!!
    At first I wanted him to read Uglies, but after a day he came back to me with the book and said the “way it’s written” is too weird and he didn’t like it.
    So I just handed him Leviathan, and now he’s halfway through it!
    I feel happy 🙂

  19. @15: I have read The Maze Runner. I didn’t really connect with the characters at all, but the idea was interesting. But I never read past the first book since I couldn’t find it and I didn’t want to read it enough to buy it.

    Has anyone here read Poison though? I didn’t quite dislike the main character (she was actually pretty cool and I was enamored with her name which was, in fact, Poison), but she wasn’t the reason I finished the book. I was in it for Aelthar, the Faery King, who was the main villain of the book, because I thought maybe he actually wasn’t bad or something…. But yeah. Has anyone read a book for the villain?

  20. @22: I sorta did the same thing with Uglies. I got about halfway through it, but, like GONE, it just didn’t have that spark. I plan on giving it another try though, because it’s Scott’s most well-known series and I really WANT to love it like I do LBG.
    I’m sure he’ll love Leviathan, though. 😀

    @23: With such a general name like Poison you should really give the author’s name, MidK. But I’m assuming you mean Chris Wooding’s novel? Never heard of it until now, but judging by the Goodreads description, I’ll definitely check it out! …ya know, at some point…

  21. I’ve never heard of these books before! 🙁 I really need to start more adventurous reading

  22. @16 I’ll reply properly in a sec but what my question would be is does anyone else get annoyed with signs like “If you loved Twilight you must read this” or “Before the Hunger Games there was …” are plastered on the cover of new books? The newest Uglies covers actually have that written on them… -_- why can’t books just be good without having to be compared to other ‘similar’ books? I don’t know, it kind of cheapens the book for me… dunno what you guys think

  23. @26: I think it’s rather strange when that’s done. I agree that its best to judge books on their own, instead of comparing them to other ones that are usually quite different.

  24. To all Uglies fans: User Based Casting is holding an online voting cycle to try and score someone an audition when the movie producers start casting. Watch the clips and vote for your favorite unknown actor to play Tally and Shay.

  25. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I knew about the movie. And, i mean, i’ve been looking forward to it for forever!!! But i didn’t know about the thing in Sydney! i wish i didn’t live in Colorado…

  26. @24: Yes! That one. I couldn’t remember the author’s name.

    @26: Yes. But they have to draw people in somehow. It’s just for marketing and it’s annoying, but I’ve learned to deal with it. I used to boycott any book that said it was “the next Harry Potter” though because I didn’t want anything to take Harry’s place. Silly me. Nothing can.

  27. @27 – I agree. I’ve always liked it better when they give a book a review just of that book, because comparing it to another feels like they’re reviewing both books, which seems pretty ridiculous.
    Still, I never really go by the reviews, I prefer to read the back cover and make my own opinions 🙂

    On another matter, I start school on Tuesday!! And I don’t want to go!!
    Seems weird how at the beginning of vacations you’re all bored and the days seem really long and then near the end time just flies by so fast….

  28. @16 @Roxanne YES! That is exactly what I thought while reading it. I didn’t even get to mutant animals but I remember this girl who could create fire or something? Anyway, the supernatural powers just didn’t seem to fit in the book in my opinion.

    @22 @Middy Me *SPOILERS ALERT* (for those who haven’t read TMR 😛 ) Thomas started liking that girl Brenda and began ignoring Theresa in the last book. And then when *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* Theresa died it didn’t even seem like Thomas cared… I really liked Theresa so that’s why I started hating Thomas :/

    @Roxanne :O you’re shocking! You HAVE to read Uglies! And So Yesterday! After rereading Uglies several times I decided that (no offence Scott) Tally was kind of an unlikable character and maybe this influences peoples opinions on the series? I liked her more in Specials and Extras but she was pretty immature and bratty in Uglies – I think Scott intended her to be like that.

    I would have really liked to read a short story (or an entire book) from the POV of David or someone else from the Smoke.

  29. @33 – oh…right….now I remember. Brenda! You know, when she first appeared I thought she was going to be one of the bad guys, so I never really liked her, although she got a bit better towards the third book.
    Still, I kind of understood how Thomas felt, like he couldn’t be sure of Theresa’s feelings for him because of all she did in the second book.
    I don’t hate him or anything, but yeah I agree with you, I didn’t like him ending up with Brenda either.

  30. @7: We lost our sanity a while ago 😉
    @26: Really? Uglies does not need that. Why would it compare itself with an inferior novel? (Note: I loved HG, I really did, it just pales in comparison to Uglies). Also: there’s new Uglies covers? When did this happen?
    @30: Percy Jackson did that, which drove me completely crazy.

    Um… Opinions on the audiobooks? I haven’t had time to listen to more than the first chapter of each, but I’ve loved what I’ve heard.

  31. @36: I’ve listened to the first chapters of all three and about half of Goliath. I really like them (It’s LBG of course I do :D). Some voices aren’t quite as I imagined them, but you get used to it and it doesn’t affect the voice you had in your head, not really. I must say though, Eddie Malone’s voice is AMAZING. I was so surprised. I was like, “Did they get someone else….?” I don’t like the character much (annoying American reporter come on), but the way he’s read in the audiobook is amazing.

  32. Really? I didn’t think To Kill a Mockingbird was that amazing. I like the court scene though. Have you ever read Animal Farm? Now that’s an interesting one

  33. Okay so I watched three things in the past couple of days!

    1. I finished watching Merlin and I can’t even right now.

    2. I saw Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Sea of Monsters. I thought it was really good! Of course, I haven’t read the book and haven’t seen the first movie in forever, but it was good! And it had Uther (Merlin) and Glimmer (THG)!

    3. I saw TMI:CoB last night and it was flipping AMAZING!!!! I need someone to fangirl with right now!!! 😀
    TMI and THG have done such awesome and faithful adaptations, it makes me so happy! 🙂 I can only hope it continues in the next four of their movies.

  34. I can’t remember if any of you have read Divergent but … HAS ANYONE SEEN THE NEW CLIPS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *fainting*

  35. I started reader TMI but I didn’t like it. It was good at first but it got really boring after a while. :\

    Forever alone…

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