Afterworlds Trailer on io9

The trailer for my next book, Afterworlds, will premier on io9 sometime today! (When, exactly? That’s a secret!) It will appear right here later tonight.

Update: Click here to see it on io9.

My two events at BEA today (Friday, May 30) are:

The Craft of Writing Panel
Me with Brandon Mull, Kiera Cass, and Amy Ewing.
Uptown Stage, Javits Center
2:00 – 2:30PM

Afterworlds Signing
S&S booth #2638-9, Level 3
3:45 – whenever 150 copies are gone.

Hope you guys like the trailer! In the meantime, check out my HUGE BANNER at BEA:


10 thoughts on “Afterworlds Trailer on io9

  1. Fantastic. Now I’m stuck obsessively tapping the refresh button every few minutes until the trailer shows up.

  2. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! That cleared pretty much nothing up but I want to read it even more now O.O

  3. Okay, I’m guessing that there shouldn’t be just a black screen with sound, so I’m going to have to check again on an actual computer when I can. Can’t wait though!

  4. Interesting catchphrase “Darcy writes the words. Lizzie lives them”. I wonder if Scott made that up or the publisher?

    Trailer: WOW that was a pretty awesome book trailer! Although the problem I have with most book trailers is that they show nothing, or at least are so vague in plot details that you really don’t get anything from them.

    This trailer, however, complemented my knowledge of the book so I enjoyed it!

  5. WHO NOTICED THE LAST SHOT?! So that ‘building’ was just a set! In Scott’s previous post he showed a behind-the-scenes photo and it was of a partly constructed brick wall and window inside a studio – and that last shot was the wall and window! Then I’m guessing they added the light reflections in post-production.

    I’m perceptive, right? 😉

  6. Awesome! I can’t wait! 😀

    @6: A more accurate word would be “tagline,” not “catchphrase.”

  7. That trailer though. It was so fantastic and a little creepy and now I’m so beyond excited to read Afterworlds. The only thing is that the tagline is a little awkwardly literal, but the awesome blurbs on the other version make up for that, I think.

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