Uglies Exclusive Edition/Gen Con

Below is my Gen Con schedule, but first some interesting news:

Early this year I returned to the Uglies universe to write a short story called “How David Got His Scar.”

David, of course, has a scar through one eyebrow, the origin of which is the subject of much discussion. In the novels, Tally asks him about it, and he says, “I’ll tell you how I got it one day.” But he never does. Because he and I are perverse that way.

In the Shay’s Story graphic novels, he STARTS to talk about it once, but only says something about being chased by a bear. Still perversely uninformative.

But now, dear readers, you can discover the unvarnished truth in this Barnes and Noble Exclusive edition of Uglies! Just look for this black sticker at B&N stores:


That’s right, you can pay money for a book you already own for the sole purpose of reading 4,000 new words! (Not even 4,000. Like, 3914 words.) You could also go into a store and just stand there and read it. (But you would never do that. You are a TRUE fan. Have I mentioned how great your hair looks today?)

You can also order this exclusive edition online right here.

The story is set in the time before David has met Tally, but after Shay’s runaway friends, Croy and Astrix, have reached the Smoke. It was fun writing in that world again, particularly from a new viewpoint, and it was weirdly easy too. (Read NOTHING into this statement. Unless you want to.)

Also, because someone is bound to ask, I hereby declare this story CANONICAL.

Anyway, here’s my Gen Con schedule. See some of you in Indianapolis!

Thursday, August 14
Writer’s Craft: Creating Story Arcs
Room 243

The Art of Leviathan
Room 243

Friday, August 15
Dealers’ room

Q&A with me
Room 244

Business of Writing: Selling Your Stories
Room 243

Saturday, August 16
Dealers’ room

Pushing the YA Envelope
Room 243

Impact of Reader Gender on Your Writing
Room 243

9 thoughts on “Uglies Exclusive Edition/Gen Con

  1. Oooh, finally the truth will be uncovered! Too bad we don’t have Barnes and Noble here… If anyone manages to read this short story please let me know!

    And Scott, maybe you should just post the short story online… PLZ. Do it for the fans. Then again, it’s probably more economically attractive for you if we have to buy a whole book just for the story…

    I never had a chance to comment on the previous post but I want to share my thoughts… does anyone else think that Alek looks slightly too childish and feminine on those covers? I actually mistook Alek as Deryn until I realised the hair colour was wrong! In my opinion, he looks like a little elven child, one that perhaps is female… My thoughts anyway.

  2. @3: Well, Alek is only fifteen in the books. A lot of fifteen-year-old boys look childish, and even more “feminine.”

  3. @3: I didn’t have that impression, but art is in the eye of the beholder I guess. I also agree with Roxanne. Also, we’re not supposed to be able to look at Deryn and see that she’s girl, so….I don’t know. It’s not weird that they look similar? Gender shouldn’t be assumed based on looks? Something along those lines. I think maybe it’s partly our perceptions, since we’re used to the illustrations, too.

  4. I’m pretty excited to learn where David got his scar. And maybe since it was so easy to revisit that world, we’ll get Shay’s Story part three sometime soon, eh? Anyone else still dying for that book even though it’s been ages? Well, the specials always were my faves.

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