Afterworlds Paperback Cover

Behold, the cover for the Afterworlds paperback! We figured we would go for a change.

I really like the background, to go with the gray afterworld in Darcy’s book, and how it contrasts with that splash of color that is NYC. And, as with the first cover, the teardrop is a great symbol for the novel as a whole.

Check it out:


6 thoughts on “Afterworlds Paperback Cover

  1. Neat. I like the colour contrast, but I can’t say that I’m a fan of the tagline. “You thought your way here” just doesn’t sound terribly interesting, and I wouldn’t say that it is a good summary of the book as a whole.

  2. First of all, love the book! I don’t know where else to tell you this, but I’ve noticed several grammar mistakes in the book. On page 235, Sagan is talking about a Ferrari’s safety it says “quiet” instead of “quite safe”. On page 175 it says “a smiled curled” instead of “a smile curled” on Imogen’s face. Earlier in the book (no page number, sorry) it says someone is wearing a “sliver ring” instead of “silver”. That’s as far as I am in the book as of now, but I thought it should be pointed out. Love the book so much!

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