Zeroes Cover—Australian!

A quick reminder: Justine and I will be at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY this Sunday! (May 10, 4PM) Click here for more details.

And now, here’s the Australian version of the Zeroes cover!



I think it’s pretty cool. The authors’ names are more balanced (Deb and Margo are Australian, after all) and it’s a little jazzier and less gritty than the US one. (Shown here for comparison.)

The UK cover will be revealed soon!

What do you guys think?

5 thoughts on “Zeroes Cover—Australian!

  1. What’s the thing behind the Ø? Since it’s a letter and the was you pronounce it is not similar to 0 or o…

  2. Hey! I can’t wait to read this!!!!! I am DIEING to read “Uglies” and more of your books. Lots of my friends have read your books and they think they are incredible and awesome.

    Keep Writing!
    – Paige

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