Four New Uglies Novels

The video does not lie. I am returning to the world of Uglies with four new novels. The first is called Impostors, and IS OUT NOW.

You can get it in your local bookstore, or order it on IndieBound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Apple, and Google Play.

Perhaps you have some questions?

More of a comment than a question . . .


. . . watching that trailer, I thought it was a TV show or a movie!

Lol. Got you.

These are books. Four novels. We still like novels, right?

Sure. But will there be a movie?

Today’s news is about FOUR NEW NOVELS.

Okay. Are you writing them?

Of course!

I know, I’ve been doing collaborations to stretch myself lately—the Spill Zone graphic novels with Alex (read them online!) and the Zeroes series with Margo and Deb—but this is a solo project.

Where are these books set? Same world? Same time frame?

They take place in the Uglies future, after Tally’s revolution has changed everything. As she once said, “Freedom has a way of destroying things.” The Imposters series is about dealing with the consequences of ending the Pretty Regime. The story starts in a city where things did not work out well. Bad people are in charge.


Correct. But we also will travel to other cities where things aren’t all bad. This new series is about all the expressions of human nature that’ve popped up after more than ten years of social upheaval.

More than ten years! Is Tally in these books? (Wouldn’t she be, like, super old?)

Lol. She’s, like, THIRTY.

Yes, she is a character in the world. But she’s not a point-of-view character (in the first book, anyway). She’s more like a famous person in the background.

What’s Impostors about then?

A girl named Frey, who’s been raised from birth to pretend to be someone else. She’s a body double. A bodyguard. An impostor!

It’s about the roles that our parents and society force upon us, and how we fight to create our own identities, to invent selves that really belongs to us.

Is that Frey in the trailer?

Not really. This was more of a “Remember Uglies? There’s more!” reveal. There will be another trailer this summer that goes into the plot and characters of Impostors.

Where’s the cover?

Coming soon. It’s lovely.



Also lots of other cool new tech, never seen before in the Uglies universe.


Spy dust, suborbitals, lupine surgery, cyranos.

What do those words mean???

Read the book.

Why did you go back to the Uglies world after all this time?

The real world was, like, “Dude. Even stable-seeming democracies are built on seriously rickety underpinnings. Do you really think a bunch of recently awoken bubbleheads are going to make good choices?”

And I was, like, “Dude . . . ”


Yeah. Also I had a bunch of science fictional ideas kicking around in my head, and once I came up with Frey’s story, they all started to click.

But you said four books. What are the other three about?

This series mostly follow the adventures of Frey. But later on in the series, Tally (and some other familiar characters) will play a bigger role. The new Uglies world will get bigger and bigger.

There will be one book a year. A book every September till 2021!

Important question here: Is there any romance in Impostors?

There is! But the Love Interest doesn’t know who Frey really is, of course, because she’s an impostor—like in the title! So everything is very tricky, and also our pair are from different sides politically.

Hang on. A guy doesn’t really know who the heroine really is, and they’re on opposite sides? Isn’t that kind of like Leviathan?

Um, Frey isn’t pretending to be a boy. But yes, I do like to play with hidden identities and complicated politics and secrets. Romeo and Juliet is a Thing for a Reason!

Also, unlike with Alek and Deryn, this guy won’t take three frickin’ books to figure it out.



Wait. You’re writing both sides of this dialog. So this is just you laughing at your own joke.

I slay me.

Any other questions about Impostors?

Why isn’t it call Cakes?

It’s true. “Pretty” is the last word in Uglies, “special” is the last word in Pretties, “ugly” is the last word in Specials, and “cake” is the last word in Extras. So it should be called Cakes.

But the cake is a lie.

Why do you keep spelling it “Impostors” instead of “Imposters”?

Because an “imposter” is someone who works in an impost office. DO YOU WANT TO READ YA BOOKS ABOUT CUSTOMS OFFICIALS? (If you do, there’s probably fan fic.)

Okay. One last question . . . um, IS there ever going to an Uglies movie or TV show?


I mean, who knows with Hollywood? But maybe if Impostors is a HUGE bestseller . . .

If you have any more questions, put them in the comments below.

155 thoughts on “Four New Uglies Novels

  1. Hey,
    Love the books, but I have a question. Will the book covers follow a similar them of the face book covers? I have ocd and would appreciate a flowing them on the covers.

  2. Omg I’m so excited!!!!!! I’m about to cry tears of joy at work like an idiot! Lol (I’m on lunch so it’s ok to be on my phone). But this is amazingly fawesome!!

  3. I will never forget the horribly obnoxious teenage moment where I stood in a conference and asked Scott Westerfeld a pretentious question about Midnighters whilst poorly dressed as a Pretty. I may never relinquish my embarrassment over that moment, but I’ll also never be able to get over HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THESE, so it kind of all balances out in the end.

  4. 4 books!? I . Cannot. I am literally in tears!! Yessssss!
    I was looking forward to the year in total but now I wish it was already a September!! ???
    Best news ever!

  5. I remember reading these books in middle school and being absolutely OBSESSED! I can’t wait for the new ones!!!! ?

  6. I’m so excited for this! I loved the uglies series so much, I can’t wait for these new novels!

  7. Awesome news! I mean, a TV show/movie would be great but… 4 more books? Sooo much better. Can’t wait to read them!

    (Love this “Q&A” btw)

  8. Hear me out.
    Uglies Netflix show. One Season per book.
    Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Cable.
    Only request.

  9. OMFG. I WANT TO HUG SCOTT RIGHT NOW. When I finished this series so many years ago, I cried. Then cried some more. I cried, not because I was sad at the ending, but sad because it HAD ended. This series spoke to me so much and it made me rethink some things even though its “fictional”. It felt so real to me. Now after all these years he just had some ideas running through his head and I think deciding to continue the story with new characters is phenomenal. I cant wait until September! Thanks Scott, for revisiting a series that means so much to me. I doubt you’ll ever see this comment but just know that you have a special place in my heart man.

  10. This is so exciting!! I love the Uglies series! ?When will the cover be revealed? Will we see characters from Extras in the new books?

  11. YESSS <3 Omg! I've been waiting for a movie for like EVERRRRRRR. If I could just get into the cinemaphotography scene, I'd totally go after this book! <3

  12. So excited!! I’ve loved these books for years and am glad to see them coming back. Will there finally be LGBT+ representation? Even if not the main couple, I would love to see some diversity there.

  13. I’ve been waiting over 10 years so sad that is wasn’t a movie or TV show but super excited about more novels!!! Even more than the twilight saga honestly. I loved the uglies novels because the books let me escape into another world and I know you wont disappoint with the new ones. You have amazing work and soon enough Hollywood will realize that too and everyone will know who the amazing Scott Westerfeld!

  14. Freaking out!! I love this series so much I recommend it to everyone! Now I get to experience the uglie series once more. We are not worthy!!

  15. Thanks to everyone for saying hi! Especially those of you who haven’t been here in a while. (Lizzy-wa! Moonie! Amy!) I’m glad you’re all still exited about BOOKS.

    Still planning on the How to Write YA book, Mike. A lot is already done, but I’ve been working on other stuff. It might be a podcast first . . .

  16. I’m a relatively new fan of the Uglies series (i’m just finishing Pretties – still have to read Specials and Extras) but I couldn’t be more excited! I still hope that they come out with an Uglies movie though. 🙂

  17. The cake is not a lie. Don’t think we missed that reference.

    But in reality, this is my first post because THERE’S A NEW UGLIES BOOK COMING OUT!

  18. Please don’t ever let Hollywood make a show or movie off your books. THEY WILL RUIN THEM. And I absolutely can’t wait, I read the Uglies series in middle school and bought all the books. I’M SUPER STOKED FOR THE NEW ONES. And to read about Tally again 🙂

  19. These books were my childhood! Super excited about this AMAZING news. Still need to get my brother to read the books so we can fangirl about this together…

  20. I mean… You want the romance in these books to be completely superficial with no depth? Because that is the ‘romance’ of Romeo and Juliet.

    While I will probably read them (in 5 years when they are all released because I have no patience for year long gaps between books), this plot is suspiciously similar to an anime that released a body double twist with the main character being an imposter….

  21. Caboom! ?
    and with those 4 books… again a chance that maybe some clever movie maker would pick them up and finally turn the first 4 into a set of movies…. what I would give to work on set!!
    Got my pee order come your way.
    can’t wait ist been 13 years since I started to read the uglies.
    now 38 and just as excited as I was after starting book one.
    Good on you Scott!!

  22. I’m not *not* excited here, but if you really want to make me happy, announce 4 more Midnighters books 🙂

  23. Aaaa, so excited about this !!! Been craving more from the Uglies world for years and years and years, and I’m SO happy ! So much better than a movie adaptation, as others have already said !

    This makes me so happy~

    And yes. Those planted thoughts of ‘wait aftermath is going to be something totally different’ are… persistent. heheh. Thankfully~
    Four more books!! Wow! I know what to put on my wish list.

    Okay. Congrats!! And thank you for your continued efforts!!
    So exciting.

  25. I admit, in the first book, Tally was my absolute hated character. Then I realized that it was the plot of deception. Plots like that are too emotional for me to handle and I poured all of my tension out on Tally, poor thing. That being said, in the second two books, Tally has grown a lot on me and in Specials she’s my favorite, my beautiful angel. I’m SUPER SUPER EXCITED FOR THE NEW SERIES.

  26. Omg! Uglies has always been my all-time favorite series, so the fact that you’re continuing on to it is just so monumental! Whenever asked, “What’s your favorite book/series,” I would always shout, “Uglies!” So out of the many places I’ve traveled to, like Italy and Japan, there are many fans there too who are just as equally excited for your book to come out! I can’t wait for September to come!

  27. Scott.

    I love you and your books. But seriously. I could have a baby in the time it’ll take to get these in my hands! How am I meant to keep still?! I read Uglies in 2006! Come on, friend. (Also, I’ve yet to get my hands on a copy with How David Got His Scar.)

  28. Ok, so I was stoked on a movie, I almost cried. But 4 books is awesome, and even though I’m almost 30 now, I’m sure they’ll still be interesting to read. Back in high school I loved all of your books, and all of your SciFi ideas. I’m excited to see what you come up with this time.

  29. Oh man this series got me into dystopian novels growing up as a teenager. I am beyond stoked.
    I can’t wait to dive in again with a new character. I’m glad Tally is a more of a background character at first. I feel like she had closure and it’s time to move on to how everyone else was affected.
    So exciting to see where you take it! After the revolution. After happily ever after. After freedom.

  30. OMG SCOTTTT this is the best news ever. You’re amazing and this was by far my favorite book series growing up. I am so so excited that you’re revisiting this world and can’t wait to see what you come up with for it 🙂

  31. Hey!! So excited for this!! But just wondering if you’ll have the third part ( shays perspective of what happens in specials) of the uglies graphic novels?

  32. I’m very excited about this. I’ve read, re-read, and listened to the Uglies series several times over. While I am not necessarily the target demographic being OLD (47) your stories really touched and engaged me on a deeply personal level. They’ve also had a huge impact on my day to day life believe it or not. I work on a telephone and online chat crisis line. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a caller, teen or otherwise, expressing pretty intense emotional situations, and I’ve had to consciously work to NOT say, “I can see how that can feel so very angry making!” or similar emotional expressions from your series. Sometimes though it does slip through and my callers don’t seem to notice the word choices, just the acknowledgement and validation of their feelings. Just wanted to share that little tidbit. 🙂

  33. I am so, so happy to hear this. I cannot wait for the books to come out! Thank you so much, Scott, for giving us more to look forward to!

  34. Not a question, just a general statement that my brain is “!!!!!!!!!!!!” after reading this post.

  35. Is Tally going to be the age that she would be (according to our time as you said thirty) or do you plan on messing with her age so that it fits better?

  36. Are you ever going to be delving back into The Midnighters series. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely stoked for the new Uglies additions but all your other work is just so amazing and I crave it!

  37. So excited!!!!!

    As a teen, I went through all the books in a frenzy for I was loving it so much, the universe, the creativity, the questions they addressed.
    Then, my mother and all of my friends read the books too (I was constantly with one and talking non stop about it) and I realised “this story works for every one no matter the age and experience and I realised it was universal and I felt so glad.

    These books have grown up with me (or the reverse, I grew up with them? Probs both) and I cannot wait to jump right back in.

    My mother too and it is truly great that we can share this world…

    It will be hard to wait until September and in the meantime I will re-read the whole series!

    Yay! Thanks Mr Westerfeld for bringing this back into my life!

  38. These books are what got me into reading! I’m 26 and still read them all the time! Can’t wait for new stories in the ugly world! Have you ever thought of writing a book for us older “kids” about tally and David? Growing up with them it would be neat to see where they are at our age, different maturity level since they are adults now! Did they ever have kids? How would that work in the world they are living in now? And so on.. adult tally and David perspectives would be great! Their relationship/romance has been a favourite of mine. Of course new stories will still be amazing! But something meant for our age would be great too!!

  39. Scott, why did you kill of Zane?? He was my absolute favorite character and I wanted Tally to end up with him! Then he dies and Tally moves on so quickly to David =( Also my favorite books were with Tally’s point of view. Why did you change that? Could you somehow bring Zane back instead of David? You could have the inhumans take Zane and heal him, I mean there’s so many weird new technologies in the Uglies series, and Hiro said some Crumblies had immortality. So brining Zane back wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. Pretty please?? I loved Zane and Tally together and their last kiss was so sad! If he comes back, things could be together and have a do-over! I do absolutely love your books, I just got upset once I read Extras. Please have some sort of book with the original characters from the books up until Extras. Pretty please? The Uglies series are my favorite books that I’ve ever read! You are a great author! You’re amazing!

  40. AAHHHHHHHH!!! Words cannot contain my excitement right now!! I have loved (and repeatedly reread, on at least an annual basis) the Uglies series since I was in middle school, back when the books first came out. The news that there will be more content for that universe has just made my entire YEAR, and it’s only February! And honestly, that sort of setting and story couldn’t possibly be more timely. I hope it sparks a whole new generation of middle schoolers and high schoolers to read the whole series. (These Gen Z kids are already a force to be reckoned with, politically speaking, so politically-underpinned dystopian sci-fi should be right up their alley.)

    So, Frey is basically Keira Knightley in the Phantom Menace, yes? A body double/decoy for someone politically important? Ooo, that will be an interesting perspective to read from! To take a character who is intended to basically appear from the outside as a cardboard cutout of someone else, and get to see their upbringing and inner thoughts and motivations, and how they actually interact with the world as themselves and/or the person they protect… sounds fascinating, honestly! I can’t wait!!

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