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Post by: SWadmin on March 22, 2010, 03:34:13 PM
Rules and Guidelines for the Scott Westerfeld Forum

Basic Rules

Be courteous and respectful to your fellow members at all times. Use your best judgment as to what being courteous and respectful means in a given situation.

Make sure that when you start a new thread you do so on the proper board. If you're new to the forum, look through all the different boards to make sure you know what the categories are. If you're posting a thread that might fit under multiple boards, use your best judgment and pick one or the other.

Don't create multiple threads on the same topic. Check to be sure that what you want to post about doesn't already have a thread.

Try not to double or triple post. If you forgot to add something to a post you just made, use the editing function to change it.

Regarding AIMspeak or text messaging lingo, there are no hard and fast rules, but it's recommended that you use correct spelling and grammar for the most part. Occasional uses of expressions or abbreviations like "LOL" or "ROFL" are fine, but don't go overboard. If your posts are difficult to read, people will most likely skip them.

Don't spam the boards with promotions of any kind, whether for your own stuff or someone else's. If you want to promote fan fiction, fan forums, fan sites, or anything else, you must do so in the "Links, Promotions, Etc." board.

Spoiler Policy

Since most of Scott's books have been out for a while now, and nearly every thread has some kind of spoiler in it at this point, you should assume that you might be spoiled by reading them. If you want to have a spoiler-free discussion about a book, please put the words "NO SPOILERS" in all capital letters at the beginning of the thread's title. For example, if you want to talk about Leviathan without spoilers, you might call the thread "NO SPOILERS - Leviathan" or something like that.

Conflict Resolution

Note from Administrator: I doubt that there will be a need to go through the following procedures very often, as you are all AWESOME. Just know that if they ever do become necessary, they are here.

If you do have a disagreement or problem with another member, you can either discuss it with that member or you can PM a moderator for ideas on how to handle it. If you opt to discuss your problem with that member first, do it in a respectful manner. "In a respectful manner" always means via Private Message. Don't gang up on people or bully someone or publicly humiliate anyone (i.e. by starting an argument in a thread that everyone can see), etc. Just use your common sense--we all have a good idea of what's polite and what isn't. There is no need for public arguments.

Alternatively, you can PM the moderator first if you're having a problem with another member and need some help dealing with it. If it becomes necessary to involve a moderator in a disagreement in any way, do so via Private Message. The moderator will then decide how to handle the situation and may or may not involve the administrator.

Once you have worked with a moderator to resolve the problem, you can send a private message to the administrator if you still feel that your disagreement is unresolved. The administrator may ask to see the previous correspondence between you and the other member, and between you and the moderator.

Mod/Admin Powers

Moderators and the administrator have the final say in resolving any problems, disagreements, etc. that come up. Moderators and the administrator also have the right to give warnings, ban members, move threads and posts, rename threads and posts, and delete threads and posts at any time.

Becoming a Moderator

Currently, we don't have any openings for new moderators. However, if that changes, we will post a notice on the news board and members can apply for mod positions.
Post by: SWadmin on July 28, 2011, 04:32:31 AM
Hey guys,

Just for future reference, please don't create topics whose sole purpose is to allow you to up your post count. This clutters up the forum and isn't fair to other users. The whole point of displaying your post count is to show that you've contributed meaningfully to the discussions on this forum. Creating threads only to up your post count and posting in them is kind of like cheating, or pretending you've contributed when you haven't. It may seem like a small thing, but in the future, these types of topics and posts won't be allowed.