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Could anyone explain some lose ends for me?

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(warning: minor spoilers for the LEVIATHAN trilogy)
In the last book, the Leviathan had to make a stop at a Mexican output because it's fuel was inefficient.
Those at the output had stated that they would help the crew, in exchange for some sugar for their beasties.
Now, earlier in the story, The crew had found contraband (parts to a machine gun and film) in a barrel of sugar,
which is exactly the supplies that the output sported. I thought that later in the story this would get cleared up,
But I read the full book and never was this topic brought up again (at least I think so, This is all from memory)
I was hoping If someone could explain or clarify this situation for me.

thanks In advance,

Chairlegs 2.0:
The leviathan did actually pass off the weapons in the sugar to the Mexicans
Mainly because a certain man *Cough* William Randolph Hearst *Cough* asked them to go in a certain direction
where a conveniently timed malfunction of the engines occurred, and a convenient squadron of Mexicans happened to be flying by.
So there you go. That and the whole thing with the bandages and the doctors and the whatnot kinda pulled the plot in a different direction.

- Chairlegs

Thanks for the clarification, now I'm just hoping I didn't skip a page!


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