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Author Topic: 'Mirror's Edge' Discussion **SPOILER ZONE**  (Read 635 times)


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'Mirror's Edge' Discussion **SPOILER ZONE**
« on: April 16, 2021, 05:49:30 PM »

Hey guys,

What were your thoughts on Mirror's Edge? Honestly, I felt a little bit let down because it felt like nothing really important happened until the last few chapters when they stormed the building.

And I was sooo hoping for Tally to properly show up in this book, but that's not really what I consider an objective flaw in the book.

Also, Col. I'm so sad!! I still haven't forgiven Scott for Zane lol. Even though I have to admit I definitely love Zane more.

What are your guys' thoughts?


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Re: 'Mirror's Edge' Discussion **SPOILER ZONE**
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2021, 11:16:45 AM »


okay, two things I kinda expected:
1) Col dying (don't get me wrong, I am still mad, but he had "expendable" written ALL over him
2) Tally showing up at the very end. The perfect cliffhanger, even if predictable :P

My next prediction is Frey/Riggs being endgame.

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Re: 'Mirror's Edge' Discussion **SPOILER ZONE**
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2021, 01:06:13 AM »

I FINISHED THIS WHEN THE FORUM WAS DOWN. Read it in like 5 hours lol.

1) As I'm trying to come up with things to say, I'm realizing that I don't remember the specific events of the book? One thing that I think the Impostors series is significantly worse at compared to Uglies is having distinctive plots for each book. In Uglies they were uglies, etc... and Extras was an 'extra' companion sequel. Because the circumstances in each book were so different, they're each very memorable, and each book was able to stand on its own with its own 3 act structure. In Mirror's Edge, they kind of...waffled around preparing for the invasion, traveling different places, and then the climax (what we'd been waiting for the whole book) happened relatively quickly. Even the title is indicative of this issue. Shatter City is Paz and the Impostors are obviously the sisters, but what's the mirror's edge???

2) I wish we got to spend more time in Rafi's head. Both sisters are interesting and I don't want the series to cast Frey to the wayside, but Rafia is such an fascinating person and I'd love to get an insider's look at her thoughts. We're told about all this cool stuff she does but we don't get to see it! I wanna see Rafi being a literal #girlboss. Also, I need more content with the girl Rafi has a thing with. That relationship has got to be LOADED and I WANT MORE. (Also love Scott's character arc from saying Shally could be canon when a fan asks to writing a sapphic couple in each of the YA properties he's released in the past 7 years_

3) On the topic of Rafia, I'm a little stunned that this rebel crew would let this city slicker 16 year old with virtually no experience take over their crew. I guess Uglies has a similar but less extreme sort of thing with Cable choosing 16-year-olds to lead her gang, but in that case the whole point was that they were young? This was a youth uprising specifically restricted to the subset of society that are about to turn or recently turned 16, and giving them important roles was a way to get them away from the rebellion and also get people who had insider knowledge, which older adults didn't have. But in Impostors, the rebellion is relevant to adults, maybe even moreso than kids because they remember how things were before authoritarian crackdowns. Making her a leader just like that didn't track for me. It would have worked just as well if Frey and Rafi were more like Katniss in Mockingjay, important assets especially for symbolic reasons, but they're all very aware that she isn't gonna be commanding troops anytime soon and Katniss herself even scoffs at the idea because it's so ridiculous. Not to compare every YA dystopia to THG, just an example

4) I'm sure a lot of people were devastated at the twist at the end where Col died, and not saying it didn't catch me off guard or make me emotional, because it did. But I'm...glad it happened, almost, because I think setting up Rafi as the antagonist (not the villain, just the person Frey opposes) is a fun and compelling narrative choice. Rafi didn' anything wrong, necessarily. I don't think she could have done anything better unless she wanted to kill Frey, which was obviously not on the table. But she was forced to take an action that sent her over the edge and seem to be making her more unstable, so she's sliding from a victim of circumstance to someone who's genuinely making wrong choices of her own volition. I love that. I want Rafi to realize that she's abusing her power and reconcile with Frey but I'm loving this character conflict and how it's intersecting with the political conflict that's been overshadowing everything. That being said...Scott loves to kill Uglies franchise protag love interests lmao

5) TALLY. YES. I'M SO HYPE. I WANT TALLY TO BE A MIDDLE AGED LADY REBEL. Hoping for a reference to Dr. Cable or at least an oblique one, like Tally vaguely saying how she understands the mindsets of the people who were trying to keep everyone pretty minded now that she's older. That's probably too much to ask for but I can dream lol