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Author Topic: Leviathan TV series  (Read 37556 times)


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Re: Leviathan TV series
« Reply #150 on: April 06, 2012, 03:01:08 AM »

Im sure TV series would mess things up, the graphics and all could be easily achieved through modern day CG, but it just feels better reading a book and using your imagination than let someone else define all the details for you. I would however, support a movie. Not an altered storyline, but close to 95% accurate to the book  :)
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Re: Leviathan TV series
« Reply #151 on: December 17, 2018, 09:51:58 PM »

I will always prefer shows over movies because I like to watch it for a longer time and this is the reason I am planning to start watching shows by Andy Yeatman. I saw an episode at my uncle’s place. He was watching it with his grandchildren and I liked that there was so much to teach to the kids.


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Re: Leviathan TV series
« Reply #152 on: April 12, 2020, 01:46:00 PM »

I believe a TV Show would be a great idea, when compared to a movie. Not only would the TV show be more practical I think it'd be more enjoyable.

(Keep in mind that in this post, the movie would be live action and the show animated. I don't feel like it would even be worth watching if it was the other way around)

Why a Movie is a bad Idea

Now I imagine a live-action Leviathan movie would be great and have fantastic visuals but there are a few things that won't really work. For one, having CGI animals is actually really difficult and expensive, and while I believe the HMS Leviathan itself won't be too much of a challenge, literally half the series revolves around fictional animals. Plus with CGI these days, I feel like it'd all be underwhelming. (Have you seen The Hobbit's CGI?)

For the movie to work, it can't just be one movie. I feel like basically the entire fandom would just want the whole trilogy, and the only way thats happening is if the first movie is a rousing success. With the recent box office failure of Mortal Engines, I feel like a new, out-of-the-blue Steampunk movie series wouldn't get enough traction. I'm going to use Mortal Engines as an example here. Mortal Engines was a pretty good book series (I like the Leviathan series better) and the movie wasn't half bad. The problem was that, unfortunately, nobody really wanted to see it. It had tons of money pumped into it and it was hyped into being "the next big universe", like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but the movie lost over 100 million dollars. Now of course, one could say it was because of bad timing, as it was released with Into the Spiderverse and the next Fantastic Beasts movie. But I and many others believe it was simply that not enough people really had any interest.

Not to mention, it would be short. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want a combined 6 or 7 hours of the Leviathan Series split among 3 movies. I feel like a show spends more time with those little moments from the books that everybody enjoys. Movies these days have VERY difficult competition, especially with Disney. To make new movie these days, or to be specific, a new universe for moviegoers to experience, is becoming more and more risky. It basically has to be overkill with action and big name actors to even get people interested.

Also, the characters. Now I may not be a director, but I feel like it'd be a real challenge to get some of these actors. I know its possible, it definitely is, but I never really visioned an actor for a girl pretending to be a guy, and for it to be convincing enough that even the audience has to agree its reasonable that she has managed to fool every crew member on the Leviathan and of course, basically every other character.

Another very large factor, and in my opinion, the most important one, the movie would change things. There is no way things would not be changed, pretty sure there hasn't been a movie based on a book that's come out and it doesn't have stuff screwed up. This is simply because movies need to keep things interesting. Stuff is added or removed to deal with the type of audience. Mortal Engines, for example changed the ending completely, and that, in turn, actually screwed up the plot line for every other book (or sequel film, but I doubt there will be a sequel any time soon) If you saw the movie, you know what I'm talking about, its a pretty huge difference from the book. So i'd rather not see the series get ruined, as its inevitable when it comes to movies.

Why a show would be a good idea
Now a show, that would work better and for a few reasons. For one of the more obvious reasons, its longer and has MUCH more time to set up backstory and character. It could even have an opening, similar to the Last Airbender, that explains the war and Scott Westerfield's world. The show could actually go into those little details and monologue the characters had, something a movie could only do maybe once or twice.

Now as for budget, a show is definitely more costly then a movie, but it could also make more money then a movie, far more.

Another thing, the show wouldn't need rubbery, expensive and difficult CGI. While of course, it is difficult to animate mechs and beasts, I feel like that would be far lass difficult then the alternative.

What kind of show would it be
The show I'd like is an animated Manga or Anime style show. Not straight-up anime though, that would be overkill, but similiar to the animation style of the Last Airbender. It wasn't too cheap and it wasn't too fancy, and it worked great.

I feel like, however, I would not enjoy the show unless if used the same art style as Keith Thompson's illustrations. I love the way he has portrayed every character, vehicle, and beast and by the time you finish the books it feels like they shouldn't look like anyone else (especially whoever is on the covers, I don't get why Scott didn't want Keith to make the covers).

It should NOT be a show that jumps the shark, and should stay short with an ending in sight. It should not have something like 8 seasons, but maybe 3 (one for each book). IDK about the episode count, If we're talking 22 minute episodes then maybe 8, 10, or even 12 per season? Stuff would obviously need to be cut out, but at least a show could cover every and if not, most of the moments in the books.

It definitely won't be a kids show, but not an adult show either. The Leviathan Series itself is not that gory, but having on-screen violence in a show about WW1 should be an absolute necessity, how else would you portray the horrors of war? I feel like the show shouldn't be that bright and colorful either, not going to go into detail there.

I will definitely be updating this post when I remember other points I had

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