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Author Topic: Meet-Up #1 of 2012!  (Read 166749 times)


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Re: Meet-Up #1 of 2012!
« Reply #630 on: April 14, 2012, 01:39:01 AM »

Is it Tsingtao or is it supposed to be Qing Dao?

I think in IB they told us there are two ways for Americans to translate Chinese - like Kuomintang vs Gua Min Dang or Mao Zedong or Tse Tsung. Maybe it's that.
Yes, it is the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese (different dialects of Chinese). Before, Cantonese was more popular, back when the Kuomintang was in power but now, Mandarin is


Hmm... you people are trying to learn Mandarin?  ??? I'm forced to learn it as i'm in Asia, and i don't see why anyone would ever want to learn it... Unless, you are planning on going to China to work. Seriously, the characters are barking hard to remember and i've been learning it even since i was born.
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