If you need a large photograph of me for press purposes, feel free to use one of the following in print or online. The top two are the most recent, and can be clicked for bigger versions. I bestow all rights to everyone to use these photos in all media forever.

But please credit the photographers.

photo by Anna Fischer, 2014

photo by Niki Bern, 2013

photo by Samantha Jones, 2002

photo by Samantha Jones, 2002

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  1. I love your works so much, especially the Uglies series! Currently reading them for the second/third time. It really should be made into a movie. Thank you for writing such great stories!

  2. I have to admit, I love books with romance! The Uglies and Leviathan series are amazing! If I tried to write a book with romance it would end up super unrealistic and awkward, but you have amazing skill. The Leviathan series is the onlt science fictiob series ive read that i have enjoyed. Anyway you can probably tell that I’m obsessed with your books, and you might not read this since there’s… 154 comments!

  3. The Leviathan series is a good series!!! I dont know if it would be a good movie if anything it would have to be on masterpiece or something as a 3 episode series with 90min each episode lol, like a mini series such as BBC SHERLOCK or something lol, either way I love the Leviathan series lol

  4. Some of your books Scott, are really futuristic. But you’re the one who helped compell me to LOVE books with romance. It was just so upsetting to hear Zane just die. How does he even come up with these ideas! I was recently introduced to your books starting with the UGLIES series (love the love) and finished Sp Yesterday recently (loved the love). BEST WRITER EVER!!!!!!!!

  5. You guys are so stupid, This website is about his books and Scott not for you to play around on! You stupid ass kids.

  6. I hope you (Scott) actually read these. I am a huge fan, although you probably get that a lot, and it would be the coolest thing in the world if you could contact me. Thanks!

  7. In Soviet Russia we blame it on lag. We hate noobs and we execute noobs also. They annoy us because they spawnkill with lag switches and troll us to much! This is the gaming life of Soviet Russia.

  8. scott-sama! I am a die hard fan of your writing, I think i’ve read them all. Uglies is my fave. The only problem is, you have never come anywhere where I could meet you! you are huge in Canada AB, and it would be absolutely life changing if you came to Edmonten or Calgary, so please consider it. I would love to have you read my novel that I will be publishing sometime in the future, and all my friends would make me like, their queen if i got you to come. pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeeee? ;D

  9. you sir, are the coolest author ever!!!! i read your books when i was 7yrs old and i am still reading them now! 😀

  10. I loveeeee the uglies series. if you made more to the sequel or wrote similar to them it would be amazeballs

  11. I absolutely love the Leviathan trilogy. I can clearly picture it as a movie. I know some books that are made into movies don’t really follow the book all that well, but this series is so unique and original, it seems like it would be hard to stray from the story line. I don’t know anything about the movie business or what it takes to get it there, but i would love to see it happen <3
    Your writing is amazing. You've inspired me so much.

    -Just another fan who thinks she could help-

  12. Just finished Uglies and Pretties. Love them so much!!!!! I’m reading Specials, and it’ just TOO hard to put down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi you are an amazing writer! I have read the WHOLE ugly series and i have to say it is such good writing! you are the author that made me know that science fiction is my favorite genre of book!!! thanks so much for your talent!


  14. I LOVE your Leviathan series!!!! Have you ever considered making it into a movie? I know that those aren’t always as good as the books, but I have a whole load of friends who would love to go see it!!!! Also, are there any plans for making a follow-up series? What happens after!? I wanna know!!!

  15. scott i love your books i just got done with the ” UGLIES” and it was really good im gona read the pretties next!!! im reading more because of you and my teacher is sayin that im improving on reading so thank you for haveing such a good imagination!!!:)

  16. 2 things

    when is Pretties: Shay’s story coming out

    and make the ugly series a movie!!!!!! 😉

  17. and the uglies books were amazing couldn’t put them down but extras wasn’t the best of them all

  18. and pppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeee come to the U.S pennslyvania or new jersey

  19. Scott-la, you should make a prequel series describing Dr Cables ascent into becoming Special. Maybe she started the cure? Or maybe she had the plan to absolutely bring down New Pretty Town….

  20. I love your books and hate to say this but do you just not care anymore? your going ahead and telling everything in advance so you dont have to deal with us it seems like the way you said we can use the media forever look your wonderful but are you really being this way? and how come you havent replyed to at least one comment? why would you leave a spot for comments if you werent going to read them? please know i am saying this with all respect and absolutely no meaness I just dont understand i am so sorry 🙁

  21. You have a fan in Canada! Congratulation. The Leviathan trilogy is the best series i have read !!! I love it sooo much. Continuing to do what you do.

  22. I know you may hear this a lot, but you have another fan from the US! I know it doesn’t mean much but I wanted you to know you have lots of fans behind you 🙂

  23. Hi, I’m from Russia. And often re-read all the books. And looking forward to the film based on the trilogy “The Ugly.”

  24. @12 just because you couldn’t write a book to save your life doesn’t mean no one else can you petty scummer

  25. just found these book….. have read the first 2 over the last 5 days. i’m so getting the next two, these books are so happy-making :D.

  26. PLEASE MAKE THE UGLIES MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM BEGGING U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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