If you need a large photograph of me for press purposes, feel free to use one of the following in print or online. The top two are the most recent, and can be clicked for bigger versions. I bestow all rights to everyone to use these photos in all media forever.

But please credit the photographers.

photo by Anna Fischer, 2014

photo by Niki Bern, 2013

photo by Samantha Jones, 2002

photo by Samantha Jones, 2002

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  1. Ok the ugliest trilogy has to become a movie. Three movies anyway. I honestly think they might be better that the hunger games just saying. This is me favorite series!! ( I read a lot, maybe too much so I have read a lot of other series) if this series does happen to become a movie be sure to help with the production, especially the script. That’s why the hunger games movies are so good, they actually follow the script because Suzan Collins was there to help write it. She also helped design the clothing and the set so the movie is how she pictured it when she was writing the book. Anyway, amazing books, just finished reading the specials for the second time. I was disappointed tho I when to the website that has the alternative ending but it was taken down 🙁 kinda bummed about that but it’s cool haha

  2. Hey Scott I just finished the Leviathan series and it was great I loved the illustrations especially in Behemoth of the Behemoth fighting the German ships in the ottoman harbor. Though I was not so happy with the “Cliff-Hanger” in Goliath that is sooo not cool man you need to do more with the series or at least like a second series that like branches off of the first.. But PLEASE do like at least one or two more books in the Leviathan series?? Please?? For me??

  3. Yayyyyyy it’s taken me ages to get to your site but I’m here!
    Huge fan! I saw you at a convention earlier this year… It was cool…

  4. Me again! Sorry I forgot to say that Leviathan must be a movie! Just wait a few years until special effects get better, then it will look epic! 🙂
    You probably wouldn’t remember me from the convention, it was that MELBOURNE writers festival. I was the blonde 1 who asked lots of questions all at once at spoke too fast 🙂

  5. I am a thirty five year old woman (whoah . . .really?) and I simply love your work .It is refreshing, invigorating, and simply addictive. Thank you.

  6. I just finished Goliath . . . after finishing Behemoth last night . . . after finishing Leviathan the day before . . . after starting it in school the day before.
    . . . X) Suffice to say, my family’s a bit annoyed at me for spending the first bit of our Christmas Break “hiding away” in my room doing “nothing”. Nothing! Yeah, right! NO!
    I’m the kind of person that replies with “eh, I like a lot of books” when people ask me what my favorites are, but that just got thrown out the window. The Leviathan Trilogy! How have I never heard of these before?! You, sir, are an absolute wizard with words and characters (and history and action and tension and humor and perfection!!!! And everything else!!).
    I need to go reread them now. XD
    Thank you ever so much for writing these, sir! I haven’t read such good books in so long; I think I was losing my faith in my school library (and fiction in general these days) and then I read these and BOOM: “FAITH RESTORED MUST READ MORE”. Also, you’ve inspired me to try my hand at writing again; since starting school this year I’ve worked myself into a huge slump where I feel like I hardly have any time or motivation for writing and it’s been killing me inside (no joke). That, and whatever writing I //have// been able to do has been engulfed by idiotic fanfictions and unfinished works that are getting me nowhere.
    I can never thank you enough!
    Now I should probably get off your blog and the internet and go make good on my newfound will to write (because though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve found so far on here, spending time reading it and gathering inspiration and optimism is useless if I don’t stop and do something with it) so, I’ll bid you farewell now. Again, thank you!
    Fare thee well (and a Happy New Year, too!):
    PS> I’ve started reading Leviathan aloud to my little sister. I think you’ll be happy to hear that she, too, shares my enthusiasm for the book so far. =)

  7. i think that the series of uglies pretties and specials should be filmed into a movie, i would defidently watch it

  8. Dear Mr Westerfeld
    I am what you might say a fan and have read your books numerous times, sometimes in the same week. You have only one minor flaw in your series. You have not continued… I have had the disappointment of reading your books and then finishing to a news report by Eddie Malone. One that does explain clearly the end of the story, but left me with the hunger of a reader. I was one of the students in the audience in the Brisbane Writers Festival. As soon as your presentation was over, I was in need of Leviathan the book. That weekend I purchased the book and had it shipped to me from London. (Accidental Irony) I read the book six times in the same week. I think your work is amazing to make me do that!

    A Devoted Reader

  9. I just finished Uglies and I am currently reading Pretties. Your work is amazing. I am wondering if there is a movie for any of your books, I tried to find some but I only found trailers. I hope there is one out there somewhere or in the process!

  10. Hello,
    I’m doing a project for my Language Arts class and I wanted to now if there is any way that I can comunicate with you for some questions from your book?
    Thank you very much,

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