Afterworlds is a wonderful book for any young person with an interest in growing up to be a writer.”
New York Times

“Get plenty; this one won’t stay on the shelves.”
Booklist, starred review

“An ambitious concept, well executed.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Afterworlds is a young adult tour de force, a ghost story par excellence . . . a thick book that reads like a thin book because of how fast readers will turn the pages.”
VOYA, starred review

“What is Afterworlds? Not a satire, not a roman à clef, but a veteran writer reaching out through a fictional frame to his younger peers. That’s a pretty fabulous intent.”

Afterworlds is my latest novel, and it is out now! You can buy it in a variety of formats, including e-book and audio. (Scroll to the bottom of this page for a host of buy buttons for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.)

That’s the US/Australian cover on the left, and the British on the right:


Afterworlds about a Darcy Patel, a young writer who bangs out a novel in her senior year of high school, has it published for a ton of money, and moves to New York City to revise it, write a sequel, and hang out with the NYC YA crowd.

Interspersed with Darcy’s story is the entirety of her novel, also called Afterworlds, about Lizzie Scofield, a young girl who escapes a terrorist attack by playing dead, but then discovers that she has played too well . . .

Confused? Just watch the trailer:

Or check out this sample of the audiobook:

You can listen to me talking about Afterworlds here on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Some more lovely reviews:

“It’s a fabulous conceit and a masterful accomplishment. Unmistakably Westerfeld in full command of a prodigious talent, doing something complicated and difficult and making it look easy, even as it grabs you and drags you through its dark streets, laughing and crying along with both Darcy and Lizzie.”
—Cory Doctorow,

“I recognize nothing of myself or any of my friends in this book. Well, except for the true parts, of course. And the parts that aren’t true certainly COULD’VE happened. But no, no. It’s all lies.”
—John Green

“I don’t know what Westerfeld means to say in his depiction of the people who write YA novels, but we don’t drink together, kibbitz on one another’s novels, pontificate on narratology, or share dirty secrets. Ever. No characters in this book are based on any famous writers I know. Really. Stop looking at me that way.”
—E. Lockhart

“My lawyers have advised me not to comment on this book.”
—Maureen Johnson

“Who the **** is Scott Westerfeld?”
—Shannon Hale

“I love it. I love it because I love YA (the books and the people, even when both categories border on the absurd), and I love the inside of a writer’s head (all the ego and creativity and power), and because Scott Westerfeld does, too. In Afterworlds, Scott has brilliantly woven together the life of a prodigious young talent with the novel that has set her life in an all new direction. I’ve never read anything quite like this, it’s new and it’s novel . . . and isn’t the whole point and purpose of a novel? I have what can only be the infinitely sprawling imagination of Scott Westerfeld to thank for that experience.”
—Maggie Tokuda-Hall, Books, Inc.

“While it’s an amazing book just to read for the sake of reading, it’s going to be especially fun to sell it to teens who want to become authors themselves. Afterworlds is the tangible answer to ‘What advice would you give to a new author?'”
—Brandi Stewart, Changing Hands Bookstore

“I was fascinated by Afterworlds. Lizzie’s and Darcy’s emerging worlds captivated me, and I found myself inhabiting them in my dreams. Fresh and clever and oh-so-well written, as always… and I’m not sure which is more bizarre – the world of death gods or publishing.”
—Patty Norman, Copperfield’s Books

“A gift, a book certain of its place on my favorites shelf in the library of YA heaven. It has everything – both realistic journey and paranormal romance, inside jokes and aha moments, humor, suspense, family drama, publishing insight, and so much bookish talk. I lingered when I wanted to race, not wanting to leave either world, determined to bask in the jewel that is Afterworlds. I will admit that every book I now read, every author I host takes me back to Afterworlds. Color me obsessed.”
—Angela Mann, Kepler’s Books

Translation rights for Afterworlds have been sold in France, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey, and for complex Chinese.

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