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I am not currently scheduling appearances. Please do not email me with appearance requests. It’s not that I don’t love you all, it’s just that you outnumber me.

I get a lot of requests for biographical information, mostly from students writing reports about me. This is flattering indeed, but answering the same questions dozens of times has gotten old. So without further introduction, here is the Scott Facts page:

For a list of all novels written, go here.

Born: May 5, 1963
Dallas, Texas, USA

Family: Pamela, mother, from West, Texas
Lloyd, father, from Crawford, Texas (the same town where George W. Bush bought his fake ranch in 2000)
Wendy and Jackie, sisters (both older)

Married writer Justine Larbalestier in 2001.
No kids; no plans for kids.

We split our time between Sydney, Australia and New York City. (Summers only, thank you.)

Grew up in Texas, California, Connecticut
My dad was a computer programmer in the 1960s-70s, when computers were as big as a house and came with a bunch of people to make them do stuff. He worked for Univac in its various forms, and we lived in Houston for the Apollo missions, in California for Boeing, and Connecticut for submarines, etc.

Education: Arts Magnet High School, Dallas, Texas
Vassar Philosophy BA in 1985
New York University, graduate work in Performance Studies 1987-8

Writer: Samuel R. Delany
Book: I don’t know, okay? There are millions of them, you know.
But as a kid: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
Movie: Not as many as books, but I still don’t know. I think these kinds of questions are silly.

Jobs held
factory worker (making lead soldiers!)
substitute teacher
textbook editor
software designer
ghost writer

Six Interesting Facts
1. I just bought a telescope (80mm primary)
2. I am a vegetarian (for family reasons, mostly)
3. My book So Yesterday has been translated into Slovene.
4. Languages studied: Japanese, Spanish, and Latin. Languages fluent in: English.
5. Justine and I are bisummeral, moving between the hemispheres to avoid the deadly scourge of winter.
6. I never wear jeans. Never!

Basketball—we have season tickets to the WNBA’s Liberty, second row
Cricket—newly discovered in Australia
Tennis—played semi-competently , but not often enough

Mexican and Thai are my favorite
Italian is also quite excellent
Tetsuya’s is my favorite restaurant in Sydney, indeed, in the world
Otto is my current fave in NYC
Favorite meal: breakfast
Breakfast places of note
Sydney: Hopscotch, Single Origin
Dunedin: Bean Scene
New York: La Palapa, Counter
San Miguel de Allende: Nirvana

This page is just getting started. Use the comment thread to ask more questions!
(I will delete comments as the questions are answered.)

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  1. I am almost an English teacher for 9-12th grades. I love reading and critiquing YA books for my students (used to be a YA librarian). Your books are great. I have two questions:
    1. Do cats really see ghosts?
    2. Have you ever seen a ghost? (reading “Afterworlds” at the moment).

  2. Mr. Westerfeld,
    What was childhood like? Education? What inspired you to write?
    Your sixth-grade fan,

  3. Are you a christian? If it’s to personal don’t answer…but I’d LOVE it if you do!???????

  4. you seem like a jerk

    your website says that you might kill me….. PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!!!!!


  5. Mr. Westerfeld,

    I am an 8th grade student at a school called CLC. Every year we are required to make an end of the year project (EOYP) that we then have to present to the class. Which -honestly- isn’t that bad, but for us 8th graders there’s a catch;

    8th grade EOYP’s not only have to consist of a PowerPoint, but also a homemade video, prop, and this time we have to present our particular subject to the entire school. It sounds quite insubstantial, our school being a tiny one of only 100 total students, but it’s a big deal for us -which brings me to the whole point of this message;

    Would you like to be my subject? And if so, would it be possible to do a phone, Skype, or possibly (though unlikely) face to face videoed interview with you for the movie portion of the presentation?

    Please contact me at the email address above with your answer. As for the possible face to face interview I’ll be visiting the Bookthon this May.

    A curious fan,
    Tory Abbott

    (I am sincerely sorry for the poor writing of this comment)

  6. what made you want to start writing? also why don’t you ever answer anyone’s questions. you remind me of the grumpy mean author from the fault in our stars…… if you want me to continue reading ANY of your books it would be nice if you could email me also you should really think of responding to some of the other people too. they really seem to look up to you. you should be much more generous to your fans.
    sincerely- not really a fan anymore

  7. Hi, for a project in my school called Independent Study, which I’m sure you’re familiar with being from Texas, I decided to do the topic of writing and publishing. Funny enough, your book Afterworlds inspired me to choose this topic. I have found much useful information, but I thought it would be a good source, and an amazing experience, to get some feedback and answers from a writer who is in the process, or has been, of writing and publishing a book. I have read through your Scott Facts, and it did help, but some of my questions have more to do with the process of publishing and many opinion based questions.

    Some questions I have go along the lines of; Do you think publishers can be biased about rewrites? Have you ever experienced anything you’ve written about? If so did it help your writing? I also would like to go more in depth as to the community and society you mainly grew up in.

    If you could get back to me then that would be fantastic! I’m fine with emails and most means of communication as long as it’s fine with you. If you could please get back to me soon that would help me out a lot, but take all the time you need. Thank you for reading and, hopefully, helping me out with this project.

    An Equal

  8. Hello! I was wondering if Uglies is going to be made into a tv show or movie and when production could possibly start on that? Best of luck! x

  9. Hi, I am doing a report on you and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions…

    1. What got you into becoming a writer?
    2. In life, when was your biggest turning point?
    3. What was the highest point in life for you?

  10. Mr. Westerfeld, I’m a big fan. I would like to know if you have any pets.
    Thanks, Some guy

  11. Greetings! I am a high school librarian, and we have many fans of your work, especially the Leviathan series, in our rural Alaskan school. I’m wondering if you would be willing to do a brief Skype chat, question & answer discussion with our students? I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask, and technology is helping us make great things happen for our students. Thank you.

  12. Hello Mr. Westerfeld,
    I’m Natalie Another Faceless Fan.
    I’d Like To Tell You I Have Binge Read Your Books!
    My Favorite By Far Is Specials.
    What Did You Have In Mind When You Created The “Cutters” I Found It A Metaphor For Life.
    “Tally” Said That She Needed To Cut To Feel Icy. I’ve Found When I Have Spoken To Others Dealing With Self Harm Such As This They Have Said That They Don’t Feel Anything Until They Hurt. Was That The Effect You Were Going For? Also In Which That Was Indeed What You Were Going For Then Would That Mean Being Bubbly Would Be… Well I Don’t Know. How Would You Describe It? Listen To Be Babbling On… I’m Sorry. I Have A Few Questions Though. Why Is It When She Kissed Zane She Remembered David? Also, At The End Of Specials She Sends Out The Message To Peris, Shay-la, And Maddy. What Happens With Her And David? Finally Why Did You Make Extras A Beginning Of A New Story, I’d Much Rather Have Read The End To Tally’s. Sorry I Didn’t Mean To Offend You. Thank You For Taking The Time To Read My Silly Questions. These Books Helped Me Realize Society Is Cruel And I Needent Worry What Anyone Else Thinks About My Looks. Thank You For Writing. I’m Beginning Afterworlds (: You Have High Standers To Meet!
    – A Lonely Little Bubble-head, Natalie L.

  13. I have only read two of your books (Uglies and Pretties) hopefully I am getting more but I am already in love with your writing. It would be a massive favour if you answered a these questions as I am doing a presentation about you at school, thanks!
    :What inspired you to write Uglies?
    :Do you have any specific religion?

  14. Hi I love the uglies series but, I just wanted to know why you changed the cover? I really dis-like the new one and
    I feel the older one was better. Sorry if this was rude.
    Please answer.
    From, Me the book worm

  15. how does your ovel “the uglies” tie into your own life?
    -being used for a project due friday.

  16. Hi…I just finished Afterworlds and I loved it. I read the whole uglies series and did a project on them, so basically i love your books. I want to be an author but I see how hard that can be. Did you begin your writing career in NY, inspiring you to write About Darcy’s experience? I know you probably won’t answer my question, but thanks for being an amazing author and an inspiration to us all.
    -random fan 🙂

  17. I loved the Uglies series, and I think you are a very talented writer. I figured it’d be hard to make a better book than Uglies, but you did it.
    Your fan,

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